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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

722. xymonau7 July 2011, 11:28 GMT +02:00

Oo-ah! Izzee really? He tole me he wazza young feller.

723. micromoth7 July 2011, 13:14 GMT +02:00

You rude lot! I is not nekkid, but I is still yung at heart. And yep, Dez...ahem... you is older than me! I chekked!

724. happyture7 July 2011, 13:18 GMT +02:00

Yeah but Kevin, dont bee fooled buy counting candulls on her berfday cake cuz she eats half of um same as the crayons..

725. xymonau7 July 2011, 13:55 GMT +02:00

Big fibber! I oney ate a couple. I know I is older than you, Kevin, an' I would appreciate it if you would cover up your uncovered bits - you know, the "skin" you was askin' if I liked? Have respeck for a older woman. I could be yer granny!

726. micromoth7 July 2011, 14:12 GMT +02:00

@724 Yeah, I know about the candles thing, Mikey. Sumfin about fire insurance premiums 'cos of the quantity. Lol!
@725 Dez! Wot scurrilouse rumers! You is no more my granny than Granny Weatherwax. There's no physiono... physignomey... likeness. Just not the same mothology.

727. xymonau7 July 2011, 14:55 GMT +02:00

Yes there is! I gottem in me wallet!

728. happyture7 July 2011, 16:42 GMT +02:00

Moffs in ya wallet !Is you saying yoo iz as tight as a ducks bottom, cuz thats water tight??

729. xymonau7 July 2011, 17:11 GMT +02:00

How on erf would you know this, Michael? Just how?!

730. micromoth7 July 2011, 21:33 GMT +02:00

@728 Hmmm....yes, Michael, how? (but please, no unnecessary detail!)

731. happyture7 July 2011, 23:29 GMT +02:00

Easy,,I've never seen a duck sink cuz its bum let in water,,,Have you?

732. xymonau8 July 2011, 3:20 GMT +02:00

I wouldn't like to say. It's not ladylike.

733. micromoth8 July 2011, 6:38 GMT +02:00

Erm... how do you know it's not ladylike unless you've tried?

734. happyture8 July 2011, 7:13 GMT +02:00

Zactly, yoo dont know nuffink untill yoo tri, I mean, I did knot know i wood be gable to use spell checker huntill i tryed .

735. xymonau8 July 2011, 8:52 GMT +02:00

Here, macromouth. Drink this poison. How do you know it's poison unless you've tried? BECAUSE YER SMART ENOUGH TO LISTEN TO SENSIBLE PEOPLE, HEY?

Sorry for shouting, Mikey. I know how delicate yer nerves is.

736. happyture8 July 2011, 9:08 GMT +02:00

T'iz me ear Dezzie, see wot yoo dun naw, i cant hear a thing wot yoo iz saying, I'll have two lip reed, naw say it slow Dezzie,,,..

737. xymonau9 July 2011, 9:56 GMT +02:00

738. xymonau9 July 2011, 9:57 GMT +02:00

What do you mean, you can't hear me?

739. happyture9 July 2011, 10:38 GMT +02:00

See the lamp over there in the corner? its bugged, Bloody marvellous BT are you knows, nothings too much for um :O)

740. xymonau9 July 2011, 10:55 GMT +02:00

An' this is because...?

741. happyture9 July 2011, 11:09 GMT +02:00

Unlicensed soop manufacturing, i am the governor of the international soop production team, and we are having a clamp down on soop trafficking...

742. xymonau9 July 2011, 11:34 GMT +02:00

You flippin' two faced flippin'...WELSHMAN! Right! *aims pointy stick at vulnerable soft bit* Have at thee, varlet! (D'ya like that? I speaks Pomgolian!)

743. happyture9 July 2011, 17:08 GMT +02:00

Well, you have to be as slimey as a greased banananana, i practise slimeyness oh yes i does...

744. xymonau10 July 2011, 0:35 GMT +02:00

Slime was the old fashined word for tar. You want some feathers to go with that?

745. happyture10 July 2011, 6:47 GMT +02:00

A kind offer indeed, but i must recline, feathers just wouldn't look right for a Sunday morning, Its 5.45am here, the birds are singing, i have just picked my youngest daughter up from a all night party, Ahh what to do today? shall i go take some photographs? I think i shall have a early morning stroll down the river :O)

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