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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

938. xymonau18 August 2011, 10:43 GMT +02:00

It's a Shetland pony, but I guess that's close.

939. happyture18 August 2011, 21:41 GMT +02:00

Its a camel, a humpadrummy ...

940. xymonau20 August 2011, 11:16 GMT +02:00

Make up your mind, Welshman! No such thing as a camelphant.

941. happyture20 August 2011, 14:17 GMT +02:00

As long as its not a hedgehogadrommy !!

942. xymonau20 August 2011, 14:20 GMT +02:00

Nah - more like a hedgerat.

943. happyture20 August 2011, 16:51 GMT +02:00

Ha, i seen on the news this morning that scientists have managed to cross a Alsation with a giraffe, the resulting offspring will make ideal guard dogs for the second floor..

944. micromoth20 August 2011, 23:06 GMT +02:00

Hmm... sounds like they'll need jolly big kennels though. :-(

945. happyture21 August 2011, 0:11 GMT +02:00

Yeah and a long lead :O)

946. xymonau21 August 2011, 1:27 GMT +02:00


This is fluffy. All your talk of cross breeding inspired me. She's very popular at pool parties.

And I managed to find an old photo of you, Mikey. I was shocked, but I began to understand your obsession with welcoming woodland creatures to reside in your person.


947. happyture21 August 2011, 9:17 GMT +02:00

Just what a smile that cats got :O)

Hey,,,,,thats my friend hoss, Do you know Dezzie, that all started with a ingrowing hair on his bum, spooky but true !

948. xymonau21 August 2011, 10:44 GMT +02:00

Don't lie. It's you. Looks kerzackly like you, right down to the fetlocks. An' the ony ingrowing hare was the rat in your head.

949. micromoth21 August 2011, 10:54 GMT +02:00

Gee Mike, I'm shocked! I had always thought you were black and white dappled.

950. happyture21 August 2011, 12:20 GMT +02:00

Moffy i iz like a olive coloured skin, with a piebald coat :O) h'an blue eyes ..

951. xymonau21 August 2011, 13:23 GMT +02:00

Well, let's face it - everything's blue now. An' bald as a badger.

The moff is seeing spots before his eyes again. But I do like the word, "dappled". Like sunlight an shadders on yer skin.

952. happyture21 August 2011, 14:35 GMT +02:00

I got a head like a billiard ball Dezzie, i dont think me highbrows go with the rest of me head though,,,what do yoo think Dezzie?

953. xymonau21 August 2011, 14:41 GMT +02:00

Well, I can't see very well, an' I can only make out one highbrow. Didja shave tha other one off by mikstake?

954. happyture21 August 2011, 14:53 GMT +02:00

Eye can sea two highbrows, planelee two, what yoo want two doo his disolve sum see sult in warm water and bath yoor eyes init, only one teespoon in a litre of water will help you see nice an clear, lets bee honest ere, you aint never seen a fish with glasses av ya..

955. xymonau21 August 2011, 14:55 GMT +02:00

Yes I have.


956. happyture21 August 2011, 15:09 GMT +02:00

Thats a seption to the rules, im being seriarse here, sea salt is good for your eyes, and wen you have finished with it you can use it to tin your fish, salmon in brine mmm...

957. xymonau21 August 2011, 15:10 GMT +02:00

An' your sheep's eyeballs. let's not forget those.

958. happyture21 August 2011, 15:13 GMT +02:00

NO,,NO,NO,NO, Told you, them is in pickle, you'll spoil um in brine, phffff, you Oztralians i dunno ?

959. xymonau21 August 2011, 15:18 GMT +02:00

We prefers to leave 'em inna sheep. It's easier to get 'em frew the dip. You hever tried musterin' a few thousand BLIND sheeps?? Well, maybe in the Welsh valleys hit's a tradition or sumfink. Like hyestedfodds.

960. happyture21 August 2011, 15:27 GMT +02:00

Oh you've heard bout them have you, bloody great they is, peaples from all over the world come to Wales to sing their hearts out,,magic it is tell you really great :O)

961. xymonau21 August 2011, 15:33 GMT +02:00

We has them here, too.

But hyme goin' to write a letter of complaint to the sheep breeders association in your town an' arst them if you had permission to remove the heyeballs of the sheeps for picklin'. Hat least they shoulda been given glass heyes has a temporary measure!

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