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Uploading problem?

1. ColinBrough9 October 2016, 23:14 GMT +02:00

Having successfully uploaded a few images earlier today, I tried again just now to upload, this time a single image. Selected it OK, uploading seemed to go OK, then it never opened up the bit of page where you can fill in image title, keywords, etc, but got stuck with this:


Will maybe keep trying, in case its just a glitch, but any idea what is happening?

2. ColinBrough9 October 2016, 23:22 GMT +02:00

Sorry, false alarm, it was my browser - killing it and starting again worked....!

3. xymonau11 October 2016, 14:02 GMT +02:00

I had a hiccough on here today as well. Must be something in the air, Colin. LOL

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