About Rgbstock.com

Rgbstock.com is a great source of free stock photos, perfect for those who are looking to fill their website or project with quality images. With over 120,000 photos available, there is no shortage of high-resolution stock photos to choose from. Whether you need a still shot of a beach sunset or a close up of a person's face, rgbstock.com has it all and more. Plus, the process of searching and downloading photos is simple and free!

Rgbstock.com is created by a group of enthusiastic photographers and graphic artists. Our vision is to build the best free stock image site on the web. We are dedicated to making high quality images available to those who cannot afford to pay for them.

Our Terms of Use and Image Licence are generous. We have been involved in photography, graphics and other creative formats for many years, with a common background on other free and commercial image sites.

People from all over the world were involved in the planning and encouraging stages, and they continue to help with advice and opinions on design improvements, to monitor site functions and usability, and to promote and publicise Rgbstock.com. A core leadership team evolved as the site developed and people offered to help with specific tasks.

Meet the team:
Jay (jazza) - site development and design  - Netherlands
Lennie (lennie) - database development and server maintenance - Netherlands
Lynne (weirdvis) - image approvals - Great Britain
Steve (woodsy) - image approvals - Great Britain
Marja (Zela) - image approvals - Netherlands
Cris (crisderaud) - public relations - USA
Dez (xymonau) - scribe, general helper - Australia
Dave (dlritter) - general helper - USA
Gesine (Gesinek) - Translations - Germany
Michal (Mzacha) - Translations  - Poland
Miguel (Saavem) - Translations  - Spain

We are not in partnership with any commercial agency or product, and it is our intention to remain independent and voluntary. Our servers are located in the Netherlands, the United States and in Asia. Our sources of income are from Google ads and other aafiliate programs, and this will be used for future maintenance and upgrades.

Rgbstock.com went "live" on January 4 2010, and experienced rapid growth. RGBStock.com is a friendly and fun home for image enthusiasts. We invite everyone with a passion for photography and graphic design to join us.