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Site Progress Report

1. crisderaud5 February 2010, 0:20 GMT +01:00

Up to date news on what our developers are working on and where they are at.

146. fishmonk23 May 2010, 20:56 GMT +02:00

I've not been around much.

Love the random link! Thanks, guys...

147. crisderaud27 May 2010, 15:33 GMT +02:00

Our Alexa World rank dipped just below the 200,000 mark today!


Once we get below 100,000, then they start recording historical data on us because under 100,000 we are in the elite group of being "special"!

148. Ayla8728 May 2010, 6:22 GMT +02:00

In my opinion we are already more than special :-)

149. crisderaud31 May 2010, 13:18 GMT +02:00


List of the 10 top countries who visit rgbstock and a map of the 122 countries who do.

150. jazza31 May 2010, 22:26 GMT +02:00

We changed some small things in the forum code. We now support non ASCII characters for Polish, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian and other languages. New messages will be displayed correct.

151. mzacha1 June 2010, 8:22 GMT +02:00

Kość ódała się na spoczynek...

Really? :P

Works fine for me!

152. crisderaud8 June 2010, 16:54 GMT +02:00

Yesterday, June 7, was the busiest day in our short history.

Looks like today is going to be equally good!

153. decar6611 June 2010, 10:04 GMT +02:00

We lack French participants in rgbstock, both visitors and collaborators

154. jazza11 June 2010, 18:18 GMT +02:00

@153 Yes you are right; we do not have many French people. I don't know why. Maybe they do not like the English language. But again, I don't know. We have quite a lot visitors from Paris, but for the rest of France almost nothing.

155. lusi8 July 2010, 9:50 GMT +02:00

I have been following the RGB site progress on Alexa and noticed that people come, but often stop returning to the site. I think one of the reasons are limited search options. I know that there have already been forum discussions about that, but even so, I want to repeat my opinion that there should be the possibility to search by date uploaded, size, most downloaded, etc. Working as editor in a magazine, I often need the same kind of images (for example people eating something) and on the free stocksites I have signed in, I always look up the newest uploaded for these keywords (the others I have checked when I first came and picked the ones I thought could be useful). I presume that many webdesigners do the same searching for backrounds, patterns, etc. There is no point in checking all the new uploaded photos if they need only grass pattern or something like that. Do not forget that people are often short of time…
I dont know if it is a big problem to implement such search options, but I think that they would help to keep people coming again.

156. lennie9 July 2010, 9:48 GMT +02:00

Jay is moving house right now (he bought a new house and it needs some work before it is ready), so our progress is a little slower.

We noticed we were not very visible in Google. It almost seemed we were less visible. So I stopped the work I was doing on other parts of the site and needed to work on that and it seems Google now knows our site better and shows us a lot more in search-results. And the number of visits from Google has increased.

We also noticed we've never been picked up by Google Images, we made a change for that too, we don't know if that worked yet, I read somewhere it takes a few months to get in that index.

So I can continue where I left off and that is with extra search options, I thought I needed some design from Jay, as I have some things ready, but that's not much of an option right now, so I'll have to use my own judgement.

We also now have a contact with http://www.veezzle.com/about.html who would like to put our site in their index.

Cris suggested we should change part of the layout of the frontpage to better get our ideas across. But it's a little bit on the backburner right now as Jay our design-person is doing other things.

There are some smaller ideas for the frontpage, but they somehow hadn't materialized yet. I guess partly because the computer of Cris failed and he needed to get a new parts.

Ordering the search by date is first on my list right now, I almost have all the pieces.

157. fishmonk11 July 2010, 12:06 GMT +02:00

Getting indexed by google images should make a big difference in traffic. Cris, hope you are up & running soon... though, er, just thought... if you can read this you already are, so "glad you're back with us"

158. crisderaud12 July 2010, 3:03 GMT +02:00

Thanks Dan. I do have access on another computer so I was not completely cut off.

Strange glitchy problems slowly crept their way into my system. Startup became hit and miss. USB devices were glitching. The computer started to freeze with no particular pattern then was hard to reboot. I ordered parts and the unit finally gave out on the day the parts arrived. (I got lucky!)

I put in an AMD Phenom II 965 4 core processor, an ASUS motherboard and a set of dual channel G.Skill DDR3 4GB ram. I put the parts in and had it running that night. All the problems disappeared (even the mystery ones) and now I have the best running computer I have ever used.

159. krayker18 July 2010, 18:30 GMT +02:00

yeah, if our images were indexed in the google search, there will undoubtedly be a huge boost in number of visits coming from google in future!

160. krayker18 July 2010, 18:34 GMT +02:00

http://www.veezzle.com looks like a nice idea. have some of my images coming off from other places where I have a gallery. hopefully, soon rgbstock will be listed, and the number of linkbacks will increase.

161. jazza21 July 2010, 21:11 GMT +02:00

We contacted veezzle.com the other day and they are going to index our site.

162. lennie31 July 2010, 13:17 GMT +02:00

Ok, I added sorting by downloads. :-)

The only thing is, the download numbers are only updated ones a day. :-(

But I guess that's not too bad.

You might however sometimes see a strange anomaly, I couldn't find a better way which was simple.

Just is I needed it for an other change I'm doing.

163. crisderaud6 August 2010, 14:40 GMT +02:00

Yesterday, 5 Aug 2010, was certainly the busiest day of our short history. The amount of visits and the amount of visitors yesterday were more than double the norm for a busy day! Google Analytics had to redraw our charts!

Many of the new visitors joined and become members. I expect many more of them to return and join our community.

All the stats had a strong upward spike yesterday including our beloved download numbers. I expect to see higher 'norms' in our statistics through the end of this month and well into the future.

164. krayker6 August 2010, 19:23 GMT +02:00

great news! I was anticipating this day!

165. GerbenVanErkelens6 August 2010, 20:50 GMT +02:00

I saw it too, got some downloads in one day that normally would take months. And the site was a bit slower here (still fast thoug!)

166. krayker13 August 2010, 14:14 GMT +02:00

I have one request, could we have folders to organize the photos, its slowly getting a bit harder to search through our own photos. This would be for photographers/ up-loaders to organize their own stuff.

167. xymonau14 August 2010, 11:27 GMT +02:00

Yes, I agree about the folders. Perhaps they could be visible to downloaders, too. It's impossible to remember all your images, and it would be great to be able to put all the people and all the flowers, etc, together.

168. krayker14 August 2010, 19:05 GMT +02:00

we could have a gmail like solution too - like labels, works pretty much like folders. just a thought.

169. lennie16 August 2010, 23:53 GMT +02:00

Well, we already have the keywords. Maybe search by keyword in the own gallery would be helpfull ?

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