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Wonder if the other site was gone dead

1. johnnyberg5 August 2013, 16:31 GMT +02:00

For several days scx has been "out of order" due to maintance, they said. But I wonder if the last image has been downloaded from there....... what do you think?

26. weirdvis10 August 2013, 15:50 GMT +02:00

I used to care passionately about the "other place" but I couldn't give a kipper's dangly bits what happens to it now.

27. debsch11 August 2013, 6:54 GMT +02:00

" kipper's dangly bits" ... not heard that one before!

28. weirdvis11 August 2013, 12:19 GMT +02:00

I prefer that version to the original colloquialism. I used to say it, should something crop up in conversation, when my young son was around so if he asked what kippers dangly bits were I could say fins...


29. crisderaud13 August 2013, 18:06 GMT +02:00

They are closed again!!

Currently closed for maintenance while we implement some exciting improvements to our website!

We apologize for any inconvenience and ask that you try back shortly.

At least there is some sort of explanation this time.

30. weirdvis14 August 2013, 0:32 GMT +02:00

They're back. Apparently they've lost the side navigation bar and increased the size of the search bar.

I'm so excited I could yawn...

31. crisderaud14 August 2013, 2:44 GMT +02:00

Well, they were able to do it all in one day this time.

I wonder if they improved it or messed it up.

32. Ayla8714 August 2013, 7:06 GMT +02:00

Seems they disabled the comments on the photos. At least there is no display anymore of the list of new comments you have received. Very fitting to their attitude...

33. crisderaud14 August 2013, 16:22 GMT +02:00

I see no "New Images" pages anywhere on the site.

They have made it a 'search only' site.
The categories work and the randomizer works, but those are the only browse pages I see.

There is no way to view and compare the new images and the amount of downloads or comments.

That ruins the fun. Hardly what they call "some exciting design changes.."
More like disappointing design changes.

Every member is isolated from the other except for on the stats pages.

34. Ayla8715 August 2013, 6:48 GMT +02:00

Obviously that is what they call exciting... (Their site news announcement has dissapeared, maybe they are not too sure about the excitement anymore)

35. Ayla8716 August 2013, 13:37 GMT +02:00

I've just found out that the old listing of comments still exists for the moment:
...if you know where to find it...
(works only if you are logged in into your account)
and it is terrific, because it doesn't tell you anymore which photos are commented on. You have to use the rss feed offered on that page to see which comment belongs to which photo. What a wonderful service to keep contributors busy and tremendously happy. ;-)

36. crisderaud16 August 2013, 16:30 GMT +02:00

It would help to know which photo the comment was on. Especially if you have a large gallery there.

37. weirdvis16 August 2013, 16:49 GMT +02:00

It's up to contributors whether or not they want to put up with that. I chose not to, as did all other admins and many top contributors.

Unfortunately there was no real alternative place to go so a few of us got together and created one and here were are.


38. micromoth17 August 2013, 23:21 GMT +02:00

I got out from the other place fast when I saw what was happening. I wasn't at all convinced that I would still retain control or even access to my own images. So glad that you guys got together to start up RGB Stock!

39. crisderaud18 August 2013, 2:03 GMT +02:00

I was locked out of my gallery suddenly and without notice or warning.

I discovered I didn't have proper backup copies of all the images in my gallery. I lost hundreds of good, popular images. No getting them back.

My name still remains in their statistics page.

40. weirdvis18 August 2013, 8:36 GMT +02:00

I pulled my gallery before I started calling BS every time they contradicted themselves or each other which was so often it was embarrassing. They couldn't ban me for telling the truth and poking holes in their sermons, edicts and faulty logic so they pulled the plug over something so ridiculous it made them look petty and stupid. I told their most avid, ad hominem hurling supporter to get a life - in Latin.

Their act of vindictiveness, the first of many as they proceeded to cancel the accounts of top contributors who dared to protest, became the catalyst for the formation of RGBStock. While I play my part in the day to day running of the site, as do several others who work hard in their roles, we wouldn't have RGBStock but for the hard work and creativity of the site's talented designers and programmers, Jay and Lennie.

We owe them a great debt of gratitude for building, improving and maintaining our wonderful new home.

Out of the ashes of our old home a phoenix arose. One that grows exponentially with time. One that has become a success. One that isn't shackled by draconian corporatism.

Don'tcha just love it when a plan comes together?

41. ColinBrough21 August 2013, 16:16 GMT +02:00

Not strictly on-topic, but thought folks might be interested/amused to note that access to sxc.hu from the on-board free wifi on a Scotrail train today (Scottish rail company) is blocked, "Photo sharing, Business Services". But RGBStock.com is just fine :-)

42. xymonau24 August 2013, 2:43 GMT +02:00

Ah, our pure hearts won out! ;OP

43. wolliballa2 September 2013, 22:08 GMT +02:00

Just to mention that sxcs thumbnail preview has come back to the comments page...........and the thumbnails again have been linked back to the original pictures..........

44. crisderaud4 September 2013, 15:22 GMT +02:00

It's been a month now since they posted new photos.

If they did post them, there is currently no page to view them.

45. ColinBrough4 September 2013, 17:58 GMT +02:00

They certainly aren't posting many new photos - 1500+ in the queue.... http://www.sxc.hu/category/0 is where new photos appear, and there is one there from 17th August. Navigation is still possible, but more awkward, round the site since the recent change.

46. jazza27 November 2013, 9:13 GMT +01:00

sxc.hu is not working again. Please help to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites that there is a great alternative to sxc: www.rgbstock.com!

Try www.rgbstock.com as an alternative to sxc.hu. More then 90,000 free stock photos online.

Thank you :)

47. lusi27 November 2013, 17:00 GMT +01:00

it seems it has gone forever because when you search for www.sxc.hu, the istockphoto site opens

48. micromoth27 November 2013, 20:03 GMT +01:00

That's very odd - I just checked it and it's still live. I tried doing a search and it returned 11 pages of results on the site itself, as well as the links to iStock. I'm using the latest incarnation of Firefox as my browser - maybe that makes a difference?

49. crisderaud27 November 2013, 20:42 GMT +01:00

It seems to be working normally for me without any changes or improvements.

There doesn't appear to be many people using it as it looks quietly abandoned.

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