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Do I or Don't I?

1. Gramps23 March 2010, 13:48 GMT +01:00

Just got this is my email:


hi,i am ******** from IRAN
to be honest ...i wanted to know what should i do if iwant to print the images of your gallery

i dont want to for example do something that the owner doesnt know,so i ask for your permission

,so please tell me what shoulld i do ,i am young and i need money to afford my expences...people like digital prints in my country ...but i want to make money in a way that doesnt hurt some one else,,,so if you let me to print your artwork,that would help me so much


Hmmm. I know what the rules state. I know I should say no.

1. I say yes and I'm ripped off as some of my graphics appear on the web in the form of posters/canvas/bookmarks etc.

2. I say no and it happens anyway.

3. I say yes (with restrictions) and someone in need gets to eat.

Comments ??????

26. weirdvis24 March 2010, 21:21 GMT +01:00

Nima replied with a small list of images she wanted to use. I gave permission. She could have just taken but didn't. She comes across as sincere so I've given her the benefit of the doubt.

27. crisderaud24 March 2010, 23:01 GMT +01:00

I did a Google search of "i am nima from IRAN"

Use the quotes when you do the search.

On page 2 of the results Nima says she is a guy and asks for disgusting things.

She is really in many different places at the moment in different posts. One includes Senegal.

She asks for sexy naked pictures in another post.

She is a microbiologist and a scientist and speaks many languages.

She is all over the place in these posts and all different things.

Nima gets around.

28. weirdvis24 March 2010, 23:33 GMT +01:00

Popular girl! :)

29. xymonau25 March 2010, 3:17 GMT +01:00

I received a reply. Re the asking - whenever someone asks generally if they can use "your images", and you agree, you have handed them your entire gallery for ever. That's fine if you don't want to retain any control of your images. As for being friendly, well, I have never met a nasty con-man. They are all very likeable, and it's only after they start getting what they want that you realise you have been manipulated. Anyone who sends out multiple requests like this is a spammer, as far as I'm concerned. Would you write to all those people asking to use their galleries if you only wanted a handful of images? It doesn't sit right. And if it's the same Nima as Cris found - and I believe it is highly likely - there is your answer.

30. weirdvis25 March 2010, 13:15 GMT +01:00

Nima seems to be a popular name. At least this one is polite. She wrote back and said thank you. :)

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