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1. decar6617 January 2010, 22:35 GMT +00:00

Did anyone got in touch with the big blogs like Lifehacker, makeuseof, mashable, slashdot, smashing magazine, Web Developer's Handbook, wired, bla, bla bla in order to get more visitors in rgbstock?

What about SEO stuff? I search for stock images and I can't see rgbstock.com

26. decar669 February 2010, 18:14 GMT +01:00

Updated... Alexa rank 1,494,722

27. crisderaud11 February 2010, 14:51 GMT +01:00

Updated... Alexa rank 1,296,582

28. lennie11 February 2010, 18:56 GMT +01:00

Yesterday most visitors and most pageviews ever. :-)

29. decar6610 March 2010, 17:58 GMT +01:00

Updated... Alexa rank 696,939

30. decar6610 March 2010, 18:05 GMT +01:00

We need more Backlinks, this is crucial........
Backlinks from .gov and .edu domains have stronger SEO impact.

Does anyone know the Staff/Personel manager in the White house?

31. mzacha10 March 2010, 21:11 GMT +01:00

Check this:


32. jonfletch11 March 2010, 11:29 GMT +01:00

Whilst I don't really understand SEO, it seems that the more people you have putting links on facebook (and similar sites) and generally getting rgbstock's name out there, the higher it will appear on the search engines.

Is it worth putting a request out to rgb's users to help with this. It seems that a lot of the users don't read the forums, so they might not even know about this issue. Can a request be added to the user's profile pages or something similar? It would be helpful if the request was put in simple terms so that the less technically minded among us could understand what we have to do.

33. crisderaud11 March 2010, 14:00 GMT +01:00

We welcome all contributors and anyone who leaves a comment on a blog or article. There is often a box to put your website. Pasting our url in the box works well for spreading our name.

I don't want to make a formal request that members promote us when possible, but that sure would benefit us all if they volunteered to help.

34. jonfletch11 March 2010, 21:03 GMT +01:00

Ok, so how can I help? I am not a web developer or similar and I don't put my pictures on other sites.

I run a hotel in the South West of the UK and could probably get RGB added to a newsletter from some of the trade organisations explaining that there are free stock images available here for tourist businesses to use (within the terms of use). I might be able to get it nationally. Is that the kind of thing you need to help?

35. crisderaud12 March 2010, 2:13 GMT +01:00

If the newsletter is sent over the internet please include us. Printed materials don't help substantially. Anything that Google scans with its crawlers will help.

When you leave comments on any articles or in any forums try to slip our name in if there is not a box to place it when filling out the form.

36. jonfletch12 March 2010, 2:59 GMT +01:00

Sorry to be so clueless about this, the newsletter woudl be emailed, is that useful? If not, would those poeple searching for and using the site help with SEO?

37. dlritter12 March 2010, 3:47 GMT +01:00

Actually, including a mention of RGBStock in a newsletter would help even if the newsletter never appears on the internet. It won't directly help the SEO but it will help get the word out about the site.

The more interest we can generate about the site the better.

38. krayker12 March 2010, 10:37 GMT +01:00

RGBstock right now must be around 30 gigs worth of images right now ? i hope we have a backup :) as we grow big, we'll need more space and more bandwidth.

39. decar6612 March 2010, 11:26 GMT +01:00

Ooops... good point krayker

40. GerbenVanErkelens12 March 2010, 15:31 GMT +01:00

I posted some small post on my own website. Not much visitors, but I saw 4 peepz clicked on it :D

EDIT: I'm sorry two clicks where the ones I tested myself :|

41. jonfletch16 March 2010, 0:17 GMT +01:00

Info about the site and a link should hopefully be going out in an email newsletter to tourism businesses in the South West of the UK.

42. crisderaud16 March 2010, 21:38 GMT +01:00

That will help Jon. That's advertising like it's been done for over a hundred years.
(meaning direct mail, flyer or newspaper)

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