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World Cup 2010

1. crisderaud10 June 2010, 15:34 GMT +02:00

32 teams... Who will win the cup?

122. jimdaly984 July 2010, 14:16 GMT +02:00

Anyone bought this yet?


123. lennie4 July 2010, 14:17 GMT +02:00

@177 Dez, I am dutch, so I'll have to do the same. :-)

124. crisderaud4 July 2010, 16:16 GMT +02:00

@122 It's a double CD to boot! Crank the volume all the way to get the full effect.

Must be a top download at iTunes. :)

125. crisderaud4 July 2010, 16:25 GMT +02:00

I have relatives so I am pulling for the Dutch!

126. krayker4 July 2010, 21:10 GMT +02:00

@122. lols. I got hives just by looking at it. just 4 more games and I'm done with those 'blasted' things. I hope the EPL/ bundesliga/ la liga dont catch up with it.

127. decar665 July 2010, 0:16 GMT +02:00

All my relatives are Spanish and... I am 100% Spanish so I'll go with SPAINNNNNN

128. krayker5 July 2010, 13:03 GMT +02:00

may the best team win. let there be no refreeing blunders, nor any blind luck. it'd good to see both team agree to the result, we've seen enough acrimony this world cup!

129. happyture5 July 2010, 15:35 GMT +02:00

Well I,m sticking with the octopus's favorite team...

130. saavem5 July 2010, 20:15 GMT +02:00

We will repeat the Eurocup final 1-0 for Spain!

131. happyture6 July 2010, 9:17 GMT +02:00

Only if you break Germany's legs! ha ha,, :o)

132. Abyla6 July 2010, 10:25 GMT +02:00

happyture if you are so sure of the German victory, why don't you bet that you'll upload your photos to this site if the spanish team is the winner ?
Do you accept ?

133. hisks6 July 2010, 13:57 GMT +02:00

I think - Poles win ! All three Poles (Podolski, Trochowski, Klose) in german team ;-)

134. iikozen6 July 2010, 20:19 GMT +02:00

I hope to see Holland x Spain in the finals, as they both have long deserved a World Cup title.

Go Holland!

135. jazza7 July 2010, 0:04 GMT +02:00

woot! we won again! can't believe it.

136. crisderaud7 July 2010, 0:21 GMT +02:00

Marvelous win Holland!!

137. lennie7 July 2010, 0:31 GMT +02:00

They keep surprising me. I heared something this evening, which suggests they can do better. Which is something I've thought for some time now, they play well in short bursts. As I think Germany will be their competitor in the finals, they will have to do better.

Anyhow, we'll have to see tomorrow who they will be playing.

138. weirdvis7 July 2010, 8:34 GMT +02:00

Well done Holland! :0)

139. Zela7 July 2010, 10:24 GMT +02:00

That orange avatar really did the trick Lennie. ;-)

140. decar667 July 2010, 19:28 GMT +02:00

Holland or The Netherlands? Which term is correct? Sometimes I read Holland and most of the times I read The Netherlands. Beside, people from Spain are Spanish, people from England are English... people from The Netherlands are...?

141. Abyla7 July 2010, 19:33 GMT +02:00

Dutch, so... we have here a great dutch crew

142. bies7 July 2010, 22:22 GMT +02:00

Congrats to Spain, can't wait to watch the finals!

143. iikozen7 July 2010, 22:32 GMT +02:00

Spain has played a great game, and Miguel got the 1-0 victory right.
On Sunday, a victory will make a new World Cup Champion.

144. iikozen7 July 2010, 22:32 GMT +02:00

Spain has played a great game, and Miguel got the 1-0 victory right.
On Sunday, a victory will make a new World Cup Champion.

145. krayker7 July 2010, 22:45 GMT +02:00

what a roller coaster WC! I thought spain was good throughout, but somehow i was gingery about the team in every single match. germany, argentina, brazil, all favourites mid way - I can't believe! :)

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