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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


7202. micromoth19 June 2012, 21:07 GMT +02:00


calm and keep going, as the old saying goes. Organic local produce is by far the best.

7203. Ayla8720 June 2012, 6:15 GMT +02:00

I keep filling my


with little delicacies, good food will always be one of my favorite things to spend time with

7204. micromoth20 June 2012, 13:10 GMT +02:00

Oh yes, I wouldn't want to


with it.

7205. Ayla8720 June 2012, 15:47 GMT +02:00

how about a nice organic apple


7206. somadjinn21 June 2012, 2:26 GMT +02:00

I feel like dancing the fox



7207. Ayla8721 June 2012, 7:37 GMT +02:00

Hi Nicolas, welcome aboard over here and happy dancing :) But you can all be lucky that I won't join the dance, this would only start a



7208. micromoth21 June 2012, 13:08 GMT +02:00

@7206 Hi Nicolas, welcome to this merry dance :) We should make quite a


7209. Ayla8722 June 2012, 6:19 GMT +02:00

we could also join for a virtual


where do you want to go today?

7210. micromoth22 June 2012, 6:31 GMT +02:00

Let's go to an interesting foreign


There's plenty of opportunities for good photos there.

7211. somadjinn22 June 2012, 6:36 GMT +02:00

Thank you kindly for the warm welcomes :) A foreign port sounds interesting, but one always has to be careful in avoiding a tourist


7212. Ayla8722 June 2012, 10:13 GMT +02:00

you're right, tourist traps are


they are fishing for our money there only

7213. micromoth22 June 2012, 18:20 GMT +02:00

You're right. Yet only a few hundred yards away one may see authentic places at reasonable prices, such as a really good


7214. Ayla8723 June 2012, 9:42 GMT +02:00

I love parks! I can stay there and shoot photos till it gets


7215. micromoth23 June 2012, 16:42 GMT +02:00

But be careful where you walk. You wouldn't want to stand on a


7216. Ayla8724 June 2012, 7:26 GMT +02:00

no, that would


me up and stop me from looking into the sky when I walk around...

7217. xymonau24 June 2012, 11:44 GMT +02:00



in a PARK??? Boy, you lot have become rather boring since I've been away. Just as well I'm back to add some colour...

7218. Ayla8725 June 2012, 6:23 GMT +02:00

Always good to have you back, Dez. You see what little we have to


about when you are off so long for bungee-jumping... I hope you are fine?

7219. xymonau25 June 2012, 10:03 GMT +02:00

I am, thank you, Michael. Just a bit tired still, but that will go.

I know you


inspiration when I'm away - so I keep coming back!

7220. Ayla8725 June 2012, 10:16 GMT +02:00

no, you can't leave your boys alone, you just have to come


take that for granted. But I'm sure your cockatiels have missed you, too.

7221. xymonau25 June 2012, 10:23 GMT +02:00

Yes, the poor things were alone for almost a week this time. I had a friend pop in to check on them a few times, but it's not enough. They gave me resentful looks when I got back, and I don't blame them. We've had our little sing and dance and scratch, and if I get enough energy, I'll give them a fly around later in the week. I think they were just glad that I turned the lights off. I always have to leave them on because they get frightened at night in the dark, and if I'm not here to calm them down, they could hurt themselves.

thankfully, I have no dogs to


mournfully for me

7222. Ayla8725 June 2012, 11:03 GMT +02:00

It is good that you haven't trained your birdies to bark. Do they pick up sounds they hear (like cell phone sounds)? Where do they live originally, where it never gets


at nights?

7223. xymonau25 June 2012, 11:08 GMT +02:00

oh, it gets dark and


but they live in huge flocks in the wild, and always have other birds around them. They don't see well at night, and so a moth or a creeping bug can send them into fits of panic.

7224. Ayla8725 June 2012, 11:27 GMT +02:00

and do they sing at


so that you have to wake up early, too? We don't have birds, so I'm just curious.

7225. xymonau25 June 2012, 11:35 GMT +02:00

cockatiels screech rather than sing, although they mimic - but you'd wish for a magic


to shut them up sometimes! They get into a sort of headbanger thing where they hit their beaks on something like a jackhammer while emitting a piercing note. It reminds me of those annoying baby hammers that squeek when they're hit - only a lot clearer and much louder. Then they kiss and whistle, and one of mine gets excited if I'm stirring anything in a glass cup. I have to take it near him and he tries to copy the sharp sound of the metal against glass - over and over and over...

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