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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


7250. Ayla8728 June 2012, 11:57 GMT +02:00

oh yes, we


them too, but I must admit, we like the content even more. One small glass every day is just fine for us and is said to be good for the heart.

7251. xymonau28 June 2012, 13:11 GMT +02:00

and it can put on a


or two - and wreck your liver, but don't let me spoil your party...

7252. Ayla8728 June 2012, 13:17 GMT +02:00

(part-time) vegetarians are not so easy to


(I hope) but we don't intend to spend our organs anyhow ;-)

7253. xymonau28 June 2012, 13:25 GMT +02:00



live long and prosper, as the Trekkies say

7254. Ayla8728 June 2012, 13:50 GMT +02:00

I hope so, but I think we all have to pay a


for getting older and older, like more and more little aches and pains

7255. xymonau28 June 2012, 15:02 GMT +02:00

just take a


and they'll go away

7256. Ayla8728 June 2012, 15:27 GMT +02:00


the other one!

7257. micromoth28 June 2012, 21:55 GMT +02:00

Life has its joys as well as its sorrows.


the latter and you may also dull the former!

7258. xymonau28 June 2012, 23:53 GMT +02:00

only with Prozac - you don't want to be


of that!

7259. micromoth29 June 2012, 7:07 GMT +02:00

I quite agree. There's nothing genuinely "Pro" about Prozac, only


7260. Ayla8729 June 2012, 14:42 GMT +02:00

I'm more anti-prozac, too. It is only good to


someone, and who would really want that?

7261. xymonau30 June 2012, 9:28 GMT +02:00

or to


people into a false sense of happiness

7262. Ayla871 July 2012, 7:43 GMT +02:00

makes them


all day instead of really living a life, what a pity.

7263. xymonau1 July 2012, 12:13 GMT +02:00

we all have to learn to


with the punches life gives us

But I know some people really do need help, so I don't judge them. I do judge the doctors who are so quick to write prescriptions, though.

7264. Ayla871 July 2012, 13:56 GMT +02:00

I don't envy the


the doctors play in this game, too, because I have the impression that most of them have too much work ant lack time to listen to their patients

7265. xymonau1 July 2012, 14:21 GMT +02:00

The problem with medicine these days is it is drug-orientated, rather than health-orientated. This means no-one is encouraged to get healthy, just to take the pills. The drug companies are rich, powerful and influential. I believe it was the Rockefellers and Carnegies that funded the modern style of medical training, based on drug therapy and nothing else (well, surgery as well). They managed to keep funding away from every other kind of medical training campus, and were responsible for the millions of deaths from drug treatment ever since.

it is easy to create


if something is repeated enough times by respected members of the community - i.e. doctors

7266. Ayla872 July 2012, 6:20 GMT +02:00

you are right, and it is a shame that the producers of those drugs are also able do dictate high prices for their pills. Medical analysis with radiology or other technological methods is rather expensive, too. It costs far more than what the doctors are paid for caring for their patients And they always try to


you into more and more of those treatments.

7267. xymonau2 July 2012, 10:53 GMT +02:00

I object to doctors expecting to


over your treatment and you don't have a say. I went to a doctor once and he actually said to me something like, "If you don't do as I tell you, I don't want you as my patient any more". That's like a mechanic telling me I have to drive at 30 only or he won't try to fix my car. Not exactly, but not really that different. I never went back to that doctor.

7268. Groningen2 July 2012, 12:08 GMT +02:00

Can I


you back to more neutral ground?

hint: photography, illustration, hobbies, fun

(explanation: I am currently kicking the habit of taking anti-depressives. The withdrawal symptoms are not to be laughed at, I can really do without these free for all soundbites...thank you!)

and no you do not understand anything Dez

7269. Ayla872 July 2012, 13:07 GMT +02:00

Christine, our strong need to hassle with the doctors is not so easy to


we have had our share of bad experiences, too, lately and enjoy the chance to enlighten our hearts this way...

(explanation: in my case I'm suffering from side effects of strong anti-epileptic pills which shall help against one of my new hobbies - migraine. Well, at least you made us talk about hobbies ;-)

7270. xymonau2 July 2012, 13:09 GMT +02:00

Thank you for your assessment. I'll tell you how to avoid the soundbites. Don't read them. Everyone has an opinion and they are welcome to express it, but not when it's personal. I have never said anything personal to you but this is the second time you have made a derogatory remark about me. I can't help it if you don't like me, but if it makes you feel better I am more than happy to stop participating.

7271. Ayla872 July 2012, 13:34 GMT +02:00

Dez, if you'd stop participating that would make me feel sad. I think you hit the best point for public forum discussions - everyone has to learn for himself what he wants to read and what he wants to spend time with. Nobody can expect that everyone out there only writes things which fits into his/her own view of the world.

7272. micromoth3 July 2012, 13:42 GMT +02:00

We all have our share of


and woe, as well as joys. All the more reason to cheer each other up and support each other. I'd be very sad to see you depart Dez - please stay!

7273. Ayla873 July 2012, 15:37 GMT +02:00

this forum was a source of joy for me,


enough, so I hope it will stay this way... (and so will Dez)

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