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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


8426. Ayla878 July 2013, 8:26 GMT +02:00

Hi, office, it's me again..., nice to see you. What a rare sight these days. (I had another day off on friday, my head, you know...).

And now somebody did make a


with the weather god, so we are getting a large load of sunshine over here these days, not that I'm too keen on that much sun. As a winter-born person I think a clouded sky is just about the perfect wheather for me to feel perfectly fine. I just don't like any extremes... Too much glaring sun makes me feel uncomfortable.

8427. xymonau8 July 2013, 12:58 GMT +02:00

Nice to see you, Michael. Sorry you've been unwell.

I dislike cloudy days or the hint of rain. I love the bright - gaudy, even - days of autumn and winter here. Or at least, what they used to be. The weather has a mind of its own in the last few years. But I also hate the heat, particularly when it's humid - which seems to be the only kind around here. In Townsville, in north Queensland, it can be so hot that your skin feels like it's burning as soon as you get in the sun, but because it's dry, it is easier to bear. I just don't want to bear it, thanks all the same.

Do you think the light messes with your eyes, Michael?


8428. Ayla878 July 2013, 13:17 GMT +02:00

I don't


the sunlight long enough to let it really mess it with my eyes, I prefer to hop from shadow to shadow before I begin to sweat and feel unwell and have the feeling it begins to hurt my eyes. It's certainly mainly a mental thing, but I really don't feel at ease when it's too warm and sunny, and I agree, humid heat makes it even worse.

Did you get your sunglasses already? I think now that you have such a tempting garden to care for you will be more in the outside than before.

During migraine attacks I'm absolutely shying back from light of course. Then I'm often wearing a sleeping mask even during the day because every ray of light is an actual pain for me.

8429. Groningen8 July 2013, 20:05 GMT +02:00

FB update
one video of Willem devouring a piece of tomato :-)

and a brand new folder with pictures of socks

yes I managed to finished to sock yesterday (technically it was today the clock read 00.40). I made some photo's yesterday and today of the orange socks for my niece and my own pair of white cotton "coffee bean".
The orange ones are bulky house-socks in block pattern (really easy knit/purl)
I think it is the angle of the photo that makes my legs look like elephant trunks, I don't think they are that big?
It doesn't seem much only two pairs but I forgot to photograph the socks I sent to Germany and I spent a lot of time knitting two failed gloves :-(
I will try knitting gloves again in the future but not right now.

@Dez: twenty centimeters is not much but a shawl doesn't have as many stitches as a sweater
and yes especially with rheumatism you have to change your eating habits
less meat sweets and fats *difficult*


8430. xymonau9 July 2013, 15:17 GMT +02:00

You are a real craftswoman! I saw your socks this morning and I was so impressed. How excellent! That yarn was very small, and your work looked so good. I thought they might look bulky when finished, but they don't at all. And I don't see elephant trunks at all!

I've been good the last couple of days. A vegan sate full of vegetables (although I did use sesame oil, but not too much), a bowl of mixed vegetables and zero fat vegan gravy, and lots of fruit. I've had only two meals per day as well. I just want to stop expanding! I have no clothes! I'm going to Brisbane on Friday and I know I'll eat bad things down there.

Yes, the needles are probably wide enough for my purposes, but I'm used to using much longer needles.

No, Michael, I am very bad. I haven't bought sunglasses. I did try some on in a chemist one day, but I looked perfectly hideous in all of them. They were pretty cheap. LOL And I haven't been back to the optometrist. I asked the doctor to send me to an eye specialist, but he forgot to write the referral, and I only remembered after I left. I guess if I phone he might send it to me. I have had too much to think about recently and I'm a bit stressed. When I get that way I get paralysed - I find I can't focus on getting anything done. I used to run on adrenaline when I was younger, but not now.

I think it will take me quite a while to organise a garden. There are a lot of things to address first. There is an old tank and tankstand out the back. The tank is small, and completely rusted through. It will have to go. And the stand is something I would leave in place, but it is covered in black mould. I mean covered. That is something I need to investigate. If the timber is solid, then I will have to try to kill the mould. There are various repairs needed on the outside. Minor ones, but they will have to be done as soon as I can. And there is mildew everywhere. Because there is limited water, I can't just wash the house. I'll talk to the locals - eventually - and see what they do. Mould worries me because of my past asthma. I don't think it's a healthy thing to be around. At least the inside is clean. If the rain would stop for a while, I'd be happy. then I'll complain that I'm running out of water! LOL

I have never had a migraine, Michael, but I have had bad headaches when the light was unpleasant. I can't imagine how bad they get. I'm currently getting throbbing headaches every day - all day. I'm unsure if it's withdrawing from the cortisone that's causing it (some places online suggest that), or if it's from my shoulder and neck, but they make me feel fairly sick if I don't take the painkillers every four hours.

We have been so busy the last two days at work. We have reasonably good clients, but their lives are complex, and we have been run off our feet with casework, client health issues, etc. You just finish with one client and another knocks on the door, before you have time to write anything down. Some have been a challenge. I am very good at dealing with angry or upset people, but it does take its toll sometimes. I get satisfaction from my work or I wouldn't do it, but at the end of the day, don't get between me and my car!


8431. Groningen9 July 2013, 20:53 GMT +02:00

Gesine likes my orange socks and she wants to wear them on Kings-day***next year :-)
I'll check if they still sell that orange cotton but I warn you they are bulky socks so if you want the wear them with your shoes you'll need trekking/hiking shoes ;-)

*** next year is the first time for King Willem-Alexander and his Queen Maxima, and it's a first that the date is 27th of April instead of the 30th.

@Dez: I admire and applaud your efforts to make this world a little bit more human!

do you think this will help against the mould indoors?

I know those products are not that good for your health but with enough ventilation it wouldn't be too dangerous?
And you wouldn't need water or scrubbing..


of the Mohicans ;-)

8432. xymonau10 July 2013, 12:04 GMT +02:00

Yes, I read about the Queen's abdication. I just wish they hadn't chosen my ex-husband's birthday to celebrate! LOL

I think that product would be great, but I can't enlarge it enough to see the ingredients. We would probably have something similar here. I guess I just have to go shopping and look at what's out there. Yes, I don't mind using strong products if you can get rid of the vapours. I hope to befriend the neighbours and get some advice from them. They would have experience of dealing with all this. I'm fairly certain both houses have owner/occupiers.


of the earth...

8433. Ayla8710 July 2013, 14:40 GMT +02:00

All the rust and the mould are a perfect reason why you definitely need sunglasses - they make things look better, you don't see every tiny spot anymore...

I'm sure the new neighbours will be equally curious to get to know you and will certainly find out very soon that you are somebody to get along with absolutely fine.

I hope you will have a chance to


the new neighbourship with a happy nice little welcome feast one day soon.

Christine, Willems Tomato-Party was nice to see. He really had his fun :-)

8434. Groningen10 July 2013, 18:11 GMT +02:00

thanks Michael :-)
the little rascals are impatiently waiting for their daily dose of tomato
*will she ever get off-line...grumble mumble...let's make some noise...plonk bonk*

Ed&Willem are two


in a pod ;-)

8435. xymonau11 July 2013, 11:40 GMT +02:00

So are tomatoes not too sugary for them? I thought he was gorgeous the way he whittled it away so neatly. Animals that use their little hands are always cute.

Michael, you are determined to get me in those sunglasses, aren't you? LOL I should, and maybe I can get my son and his partner to help me buy a pair. She has good taste.


8436. Ayla8712 July 2013, 12:13 GMT +02:00

Well, yes, I was quite taken aback last time as my eye specialist told me that my eyesight has decreased on the left eye in comparison to the year before. He put it down to my getting older, but I'm fairly sure it has to do with the quite frequent high pressure of the migraine attacks. So I've come to the conclusion, when the doctors tell us that it is better to care for our eyes before things get worse it's better to listen, so that we


as happy as possible.

I'm sure your son's partner will be a good help to decide which sunglass will make you look outstanding.

Willem did everything right - Tomatoes contain a lot of that Beta-carotene which is good for seeing in the dark.

8437. Groningen12 July 2013, 20:55 GMT +02:00

I always love seeing my gerbils sitting on their behinds and holding their treat in those tiny forepaws and nibbling so daintily so I wanted to share it with you
thanks for liking the video so much Dez and Michael :-)
sugar*** is for a gerbil not so much a problem, it's degoes who are prone to become diabetic. But I must not give them too many fatty snacks such as nuts and seeds.
*** don't give them refined sugar or candy of course, hmm I mean use your common sense people LOL ;-)
did you know that iceberg-lettuce is poisonous for gerbils? Normal lettuce (some people call it butter lettuce) is okay but I have never given that to any of my gerbils

good luck in finding a nice pair of sunglasses, I never use them I prefer a cap when it gets really hot and sunny


and thou shall find ;-)

8438. gesinek13 July 2013, 17:09 GMT +02:00

Sunglasses are such a theme - I use them only by driving long distances by car. But I can't stand them for a long time. It's always the same: Sunglasses on ,sunglasses pushed up on the head, sunglasses on..... I have some really ugly ones, which protect your eyes from sun ray from the side too.
but now sometimes it's a relief. I'm getting old.

8439. krayker13 July 2013, 19:12 GMT +02:00

yeek! I almost completely missed it

8440. gesinek13 July 2013, 20:39 GMT +02:00

And the official purpose of sunglasses is to look cool

Hey krayker fine you are back

but we both miss the 4 letter word.
I suggest:


8441. xymonau14 July 2013, 2:41 GMT +02:00

Kray! Nice to see you!

Well, I never got the sunglasses. It was all a bit much. I saw the doctor, bought food, went to the motel, and the next day met with my son and his partner and we had breakfast together. Too many people, too much pressure and my son and partner were both sick. So I drove back looking decidedly un-cool! LOL

I just wanted to get home, and couldn't be bothered shopping. On the way, something happened to my gears and I couldn't get the gearstick into fifth gear. I drove the last hundred kms in fourth with the engine labouring a bit. I'll have to talk to the mechanic next week. More expense.

The rheumatologist wants me to go back on the pills that gave me headaches, only stay on the lower dose. These are the ones that can send you blind. I'm not sure that I will do this. I drove all that way and spent all that money for a twenty minute consultation. There are no specialists up this way, so I have to go to Brisbane, but I'm unhappy. I don't think it's ever sensible to risk your eyesight. I will think about it and see how the pain goes.

What I did do was take some videos on the road. My camera is very heavy and I balanced it on the steering wheel (I knew if a cop saw me I was going to jail!) and sometimes I thought it was running when it wasn't. Initially I was trying to get a picture of the Glasshouse mountains, which look very prehistoric. However, it was a really cloudy and dull day, and I had obviously driven past the best view of them. I think I was still looking for them way past the optimal view. Also, the quality was very poor. You can hardly see any detail, and it's just me waffling on in the background, driving, driving...

If you're interested, I can upload them and you can go for a drive with me! You won't see me. I'm behind the camera.

I never knew about iceberg lettuce being poisonous to anything, Christine. I guess it's like avocadoes being poisonous to cockatiels - something you wouldn't learn unless you wanted to keep them as pets.


8442. gesinek14 July 2013, 17:25 GMT +02:00

If you can manage it (I know time is scarce when you're on the move). I would like to see your country.

It's a pity your doctor can' give you more help. But you can see your son in Brisbane when you have to go to the doctor. Therefore the journey is worth it.

Especially here in Hamburg everyone wears sunglasses when the wheather report only gives you a slide hope for sunshine. And everybody tries to look cool, important and beautiful.

I have always my reading glasses on my head because otherwise I will loose it constantly. And so I'm cool without sunglasses ;-)

8443. Groningen14 July 2013, 18:09 GMT +02:00

yes gesine you are way cool!!
I would love to see those videos Dez, are you going to put them on Facebook?

I added a post to the topic "rgb-files used...",
someone created a haiku upon seeing my ten-men-bike-gradient LOL

I am still busily knitting socks but I can only show you one sock at the moment so I'll wait until I have finished number two. I am knitting with wool and these are mend for my mother's upcoming birthday. She will be 80 on August 7th.
I'm using the pattern "koffieboontje" again and because of the different material and different color (blue gradients) they look uh different (wow what a brilliant conclusion!)


8444. Ayla8715 July 2013, 8:51 GMT +02:00

I'd also like to see those videos. It's just a great pity that the greatest star of the movie is hiding behind the camera.

I'm sorry to hear that the pills which give you headaches and might lead to blindness are your doctor's best idea. This really doesn't sound good. But then, you can't go on without any treatment either. dodgy situation. One thing I can tell you is that I'm currently taking pills with very heavy side effects. They are on the market in sizes which can be cut to tiny pieces, so I was able to reduce the dose much more to slowly get used to it. Instead of increasing the dose during a few weeks I very very slowly did so over about half a year. This helped a lot.

Gesine, I'm lucky that I can wear my glasses all day long. Those varifocals are very useful at any situation life has to offer and I never have to trouble about loosing it. It is even a good protection against flies. Christa wears no glasses, and she gets something in her eyes (little insects or dust) quite frequently. At sunny times I have sunglasses to clip onto my glasses which are cut into the same shape than my glasses. But I don't like it when everything looks so brown. But it's certainly better to


with the ugly sight than to be blinded by the light.

Christine, with the birthday of your mother fixed we all can calculate the maximum waiting time for sock number two. the patterns you use look very good. Closeups of the socks would make up great texture shots. It's a pity that you don't upload any of your photos into your gallery.

8445. xymonau15 July 2013, 13:03 GMT +02:00

Well, you won't be seeing much of my country with the very poor quality of these - and the first I uploaded is noisy as well. I had the radio on, but didn't have enough hands to turn it off. You can't really see anything. I am uploading another one that is going to take two hours - for four minutes of video, just so you can all die of boredom! LOL Forgive the banal commentary as well. I will try to take some better ones next time. And clean my dirty windscreen!

Yes, Gesine, I often look at people in their designer sunglasses, looking all sophisticated. I just don't have that elegance. If I tried to wear them on my head I'd look odd.

Christine, your bike looks really good - and I love the little haiku! Your Mum is doing so well to live to such a great age. Does she live at home? My mother died in 1986 and my Dad in 1990. I often wish I could talk to them and let them know how things turned out in my life. I'm sure your Mum appreciates the things you make for her. Do you see her often?

I agree that you should take some stock photos of your finished items as well as the equipment and the partly finished things. There are a lot of blogs for knitting, and I'm sure someone would use the photos.

Michael, I have almost decided not to take the pills, although I took one today. When I read about them online, it gives me a creepy feeling and I am really quite afraid of the side effects. They can say some things are rare side effects, but they can still happen, and the vision thing is the most frightening for me. Maybe I have to get back to the full pain spectrum to be convinced. If you're interested, they're called Plaquenil. They upset my stomach a bit, but at the same time they increase my appetite. I swear I'm going to burst my skin if I get any fatter! LOL

Okay - here is the link to the first little video. They are all the same, really, but I'll try to get them uploaded.



And the second:


8446. gesinek15 July 2013, 16:57 GMT +02:00

Ui, I haven't on my mind that you have right hand traffic.

Very brave to take the videos at what speed was that?

Michael, I only need glasses for reading. Otherwise I get dizzy

8447. Groningen15 July 2013, 19:33 GMT +02:00

Dez you're an excellent tour guide, i watched both video's and the background information is very interesting!

I still haven't decided yet if I'm going to upload photo's here on rgb, do you think I can scan the socks for texture close-ups?
Somewhere in a closet I have a stash of patterned fabrics maybe I could scan them
but not this week
until Friday I will be busy cleaning my house
and then my 10 year old niece will come to stay with me from Friday till Monday
so if I am not here in the weekend I'm busy playing Mario Kart with my niece (and Tetris and some other games)
I'm wasting a lot of time on MyFreeZoo at the moment, if you haven't yet don't start!!

and the knitting? I have a problem...the wool (100 grams=1 knot) should easily be enough for two socks so I started the first sock at the beginning of the knot thinking that I could repeat the color-gradient in the second sock checking the rest of the wool.
a. that particular color combo is not returning anywhere
b. I bought this knot because of the beautiful blue colors, but underneath there is a lot of black; a very dull soot-black not pretty believe me
soooo even if I have enough material left once the black is "removed" I still will end up with two different socks and I am not so sure if that is an appropriate gift for an octogenarian
not that my mother is that critical, she loves personal gifts made by her daughters and granddaughter
yes she still lives independently but she did move to a smaller flat after my dad died in 2008 and no I don't see her that often...even if Groningen is only an hour train ride from Zwolle (my birthplace).


8448. xymonau16 July 2013, 10:41 GMT +02:00

Gesine, I am more foolhardy than brave. It was around 90kms/hr on one and probably around 100 on the other. I have been known to reach 140 when I was in a hurry. I have a very old and rusty car, but it holds the road so well. I do slow down when I realise I'm going so fast. But 120 is not unusual. Our speed limit is 110 for some of the journey, but anywhere from 80 to 100 for the rest, depending on road conditions. I was never one to speed when I was younger. In fact, I was a really slow driver. Things just seem to have changed in this old woman's mind.

I have another video - very similar to those. I might upload it. It's all the same, but you might get one little glimpse of some nice countryside. Don't blink.

You're going to have fun with your neice, Christine. Kids are always a great excuse to play.

The wool is disappointing. What a shame. Maybe you could give her those and tell her you are making another pair that match to swap for them when they're done. Does she have a sense of humour?

It's always good to hear of older people managing on their own. Although I will probably end up in a home (my son and partner tell me no way, but I think living with them would be hard work - just because we like different things, etc) the bad homes are so dreadful that I just want someone to keep an eye on me. Wherever you find vulnerable people you find someone who will abuse them.

You should be able to scan textures, and knitted textures are really useful.


Just adding this in an edit:


8449. Ayla8717 July 2013, 8:47 GMT +02:00

The side of the road you are all driving on was a surprise for me, too. Reminded me on my last visit to England. The third video was another nice ride :-)

Christine, here is an example of an old kitchen towel which I have scanned. I think this is a good and easy way to create textures:

But socks with feet in them are also very useful stock images...

My mother is 85 now and lives happily and still at good health in her own flat. I hope this will continue for a long time.

I think we all hope to live on our own as long as possible. We don't have children, but even if we had, I wouldn't think that it would be right to expect of them to care for us in our old age. That is such a high responsibility and needs a lot of professional skills and time, and they have to live a life of their own... So one day, when we can't manage anymore we would expect to end up in a home, too. Because there are many old aged people then and few staff in those homes that will be a difficult time. We will all have to pay quite a lot to get good services. More money, more services. It's good when you have a house to offer in exchange then for a good place in a better home.


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