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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


8522. gesinek24 August 2013, 12:25 GMT +02:00

Keeping your finger crossed helped a lot. Thank you :-). Only one PDA that night. No emergencies or some kind of that.

Here is an example for Suisse german:


its really hard to understand. For me its easier to understand Dutch cause I learned lower german when I was a kid at home. It is in some parts similar to Dutch. But I don't use it nowadays. Only when there are people who speak that I fall into it as if I never spoke something else.

And here are some impressions from the last weekend in Most



8523. Groningen24 August 2013, 16:58 GMT +02:00

Swiss Deutsch is as different from High Deutsch
as Australian English is from the Queens English ;-)

nice names for the cockatiels :-)

@gesine: I would love to view your photos on flickr but they won't load??


8524. gesinek24 August 2013, 18:34 GMT +02:00

Hhmm, here the link works good. try to find gesinek or Most 2013 on flickr. All my photos there are public, no restrictions.

Have another stand by tonight. I try it from hospital.


8525. xymonau25 August 2013, 8:44 GMT +02:00

Australian English is perfectly understandable by the queen, I'll have you know! LOL We really do speak the same lingua franca, so I guess that's why I am surprised at the great differences. That video was really interesting.

I loved the photos, Gesine. What glorious weather. And it made me itch to go camping. (Not that I could even get off the ground these days. In a vehicle would be fine, though.)

One of my workers is 70 years old and he rides a very expensive motorcycle. He's fitter than I am, and loves heading off into the sunset on his bike. He also boats, kayaks and rides bicycles. He'll probably live forever.

Christine, I hate naming animals. The birds had no names for a couple of years except "the grey one" and "the white one". I always called them my chickens. My son named the white one, "stenchy" (he is a bit smelly, for some reason) and I can't remember what he called the other - but it wasn't nice. Eventually I gave in and named them, but it took more years before I was confortable with it. Even my blind cat had no name until the vet required one. My son had called him "Dinky", so that's what he got. I never used it. He was just the cat or kitty. I'm not sure why I don't like naming them. I just don't.

Someone at work offered me a dog once they breed their female. I just can't cope with a dog. It wouldn't be fair to them. And even the birds are a worry when I go away. If I have no-one to pop in, I can only go for a couple of nights, and I have to leave lights on because they get frightened at night and bang around in their cages. I also leave the air conditioning on in summer. Costs me a fortune. But you have to look after them.

Speaking of them, they have had a few flies in this place, but not for long. I have too many things lying around. they head straight for electrical cords or my shoes to chew. They will have more freedom eventually.


8526. gesinek25 August 2013, 9:05 GMT +02:00

Back from stand by. Link works fine. But my search suggestion doesn't do. It will work with Gesine Kuhlmann if the link failed.

We give names to our cats. But not human names. They get them according to their behaviour or appearance. So we have
Streifi (= Stripes, a tabby), Gespenst (= Spooky, a tiny cat which appears like a ghost and has large ears and paws) and Dickie (= Fatty, he has an unflattering body, not V shaped but A shaped but so cute).


8527. xymonau25 August 2013, 14:38 GMT +02:00

I used to have eight cats, several different breeds of pheasants, partridges and chooks before I had my son. I went right off animals after that - probably for hygiene reasons as well as being besotted with a baby. After he got older I changed back, and I would love to be surrounded with animals again if I had the patience, time and a different lifestyle. It's also easier if you have a partner to help out. A lot of my cats were slaughtered by a neighbour's afghan dogs. I was really upset at the time.


8528. Groningen25 August 2013, 20:33 GMT +02:00

I name my gerbils before I've even met them
but because there are always two of them I do wait to decide which name goes with which gerbil. With my newest gerbils the black one was the bossy one right from the start so he was Willem; and they do listen to their names, they notice the different sounds "Willem" and "Ed" they're smart ;-)


8529. xymonau25 August 2013, 23:32 GMT +02:00

Yes, I think my birds know their names, too.

I named my son before he was born, but once he arrived and I looked at him, the name just didn't fit. It took days, and I finally gave up and used the pre-selected name because he didn't look like an anything! LOL Fortunately it now fits.


8530. Ayla8726 August 2013, 6:44 GMT +02:00

We always find it quite hard to think of names for new cats. To give a name is such a decision, full of responsibility. you run around with it for years... We are now running a list of pleasant names which we think might be useful in the future for cats. In the end our new cats mostly happen to get a name which is not from that list. So obviously it is no great help :(

Dez, now that you have uploaded the first photos with the faster internet - how does that feel for you, isn't it nice? I think fast internet is really a pleasure.


8531. xymonau26 August 2013, 11:49 GMT +02:00

You know, Michael, I haven't paid much attention to the upload speeds. I often do other things while the pics upload. It doesn't always feel faster, even though it is. I guess you get used to what you use and it just becomes the norm.

You made me laugh about carefully choosing names you never use. I had a girl's name picked out for my son, who disappointed me terribly by being male. It took me a whole thirty seconds to get over it - and most of that was disbelief! But there you have it.


8532. Ayla8727 August 2013, 7:57 GMT +02:00

We often do invest a lot of time in things which never gets recognised, I suppose that's life... But I must admit I have never found much pleasure in finding gifts for my relatives, for instance, because they are those who have almost everything you can imagine, so it's hard to find something to surprise them.

The photos of your house look great on FB, and now you have made everyone jealous. Nobody has more bedrooms than you... You are the


bedroom queen...

8533. xymonau27 August 2013, 11:11 GMT +02:00

Ah, well, I'm not in a fancy house, so the size makes it great for me.

For people who have everything, buy a goat for a third world family in their name and give them a link to the page where you bought it. Or anything similar, depending on their sympathies. they may prefer a donation to a particular charity or animal rescue service or something. In this country you can claim certain donations on income tax, so it can be a double hitter.

I had a difficult day today. I had to identify a body for the police, and even though I was a nurse and laid out bodies (40 years ago), I found the whole thing disturbing. It was one of our former clients who had no relatives who could identify him. My own boss commented in an email that members of the public have no idea of the type of things we are called on to do when working with the homeless. I felt so sad that there was no relative to mourn him, and I always feel a bit teary when clients pass away - even the difficult ones. I'll feel better after a night's sleep, I know. And I must say that the police were very respectful and careful about my feelings. I wasn't acting upset or anything, but they were excellent. I have to make a statement tomorrow, and because foul play is suspected, there may be more issues. It's nice to come home and leave it all behind.

8534. Ayla8727 August 2013, 12:47 GMT +02:00

Can you cook something nice when you come home to feel better? A sate perhaps? That should work instantly for you...

And tomorrow will certainly be a nicer day.


8535. Groningen27 August 2013, 18:21 GMT +02:00

wow that's a tough call Dez
it is something that the public would rather look away from (let somebody else do it)
This happens in the Netherlands too, people who are all alone and nobody left to bury them. Some poets have formed an informal group for these cases and they read a poem at the grave, an acknowledgment that that person did exist.

hope you'll feel better tomorrow



8536. xymonau28 August 2013, 0:22 GMT +02:00

That's a classic photo, Christine!

Yes, I'm fine. Sleep does wonders, doesn't it?

I have to get moving, though. It's a lovely sunny birdsong-filled morning, but a bit cold. I want to get under that warm shower. Nothing like hot water to warm you up, hey?


8537. gesinek28 August 2013, 9:33 GMT +02:00

Oh that's really hard work Dez. And your photo fits perfect to the situation of those people Christine.

You know I'm still a nurse (anesthesia) and thnk the lord we have very rarely peolpe that die during an operation. But we have a lot of big operations for cancer patients whos chance to survive long after the OP is doubtful. So I prefer working in areas like delivery ward where you really can help and save lifes.


8538. xymonau28 August 2013, 11:09 GMT +02:00

I agree. The police have an awful task dealing with death all the time, so their stress must go through the roof at times. It turns out the man was murdered and another man - also a former client - has been arrested. It might be manslaughter, but either way, the younger man probably bashed him. It was front page news today, and on television last night, apparently. I don't have a tv, but I was told at work.

The CEO very kindly came over to see me this afternoon to ask how I was and he thanked me for the work I do. He made me cry - doesn't take much - and I was grateful he acknowledged the situation.

Christine, I haven't heard of a similar group here, but I do know certain church groups will often do things like that. We will attend his funeral if we know when it is. They have to do a post mortem first. He will have a State-funded pauper's funeral. They do them nicely, with a nice polished casket. If there are relatives, they can ask for a minister of their choice to preside, but it's a graveside service. The only thing is that they are buried in a grave with multiple others, and can never have a headstone. It is conducted with respect and dignity, though.

When I was nursing, I worked at a small hospital outside Sydney. We had only two male and two female wards (there was a children's ward and an isolation ward, and something else, but I can't remember, as well as an emergency department) - although they were fairly large. Medical and surgical. Medical usually had a lot of older people, and we often had deaths. Anyone considered saveable ended up being sent to a Sydney hospital, so we had a lot of terminal cancer patients, etc. I helped lay out my fair share, and I found that I got worse with each one, not better. I'm not superstitious at all, so it had nothing to do with that, but I would function really well during whatever I had to do, then once I got back to the nurse's quarters, I'd start to feel shaken by it all. Each time I felt more upset. I think we are not meant to deal with death very often. It's hard on people. I can only imagine the trauma in places at war. And I think it probably reminds us of our own limited time here and our mortality.

A delivery ward would have a lot of positive things happening. Naturally not all would be good. I loved seeing all the tiny premature babies when my granddaughters were born. They stayed in for a month. They were both over 5 pounds born (I still can't think of babies in kilos, sorry), so they looked like elephants compared to some of the tiny, tiny little things. I wasn't a baby person, but it started me being all clucky. :o)


8539. Groningen29 August 2013, 19:05 GMT +02:00

new socks on Facebook
a new video of Willem (2,5 minutes)


8540. xymonau29 August 2013, 23:29 GMT +02:00

I'll have a look later today. Can't wait!


8541. Ayla8730 August 2013, 7:20 GMT +02:00

Will look when I'm at home, because we don't use FB here at work. And Christa loves Ed & Willem, too :-)

Dez, did you buy your first plant already to plant into your garden?

And when do you start the repair of that missing


8542. xymonau30 August 2013, 11:59 GMT +02:00

No plants, Michael - except for the herbs I brought with me. My hands are way too bad right now to do much.

I have the car booked in for Monday. My boss has allowed me to borrow the work vehicle until it's done. thank goodness. I live too far out to take cabs to work.

I handed in my unit keys on Thursday. I will get all my bond money back (I assume there is something similar in most places - a deposit that is held in case you damage a rented property. Here it is four weeks rent.) And I was paid well in advance, so I'll get a refund on the rent, too. That will be nice.

We have the launch of our merger on Tuesday, and after that, I'm sure the changes will begin. Politicians and the Mayor will be attending. I have no special clothes, so Mrs Daggy (me) will try to keep a low profile.

I've been doing some housekeeping in my filing cabinets at work this week. I have found lots of good things I forgot I had and now the drawers are all clean and tidy. I have one more to go. I think we need to do a major clean-up as the new masters will do an internal procedural audit on the place, I'm sure.

I was bad today. I bought fish and chips for tea. All the trans fats are currently hurtling through my veins wreaking destruction, but it tasted wonderful. I had Barramundi in batter (if you ever get to taste it, do so; it's delicious), potato scallops, a corn jack and a pineapple fritter. Disgustingly greasy, but I absolutely enjoyed every mouthful. It has been a stressful week, and I eat too much when I'm stressed. Also my hands are too sore to prepare vegetables, etc, so it has been a very poor excuse to indulge. It has to stop. I'll be good again tomorrow.

And what have you and Crista been up to, Michael?

8543. Ayla8730 August 2013, 13:37 GMT +02:00

Oh, good that you have got a date fixed for your car. It will be happy with all those gears running smoothly again, and it seems that you need it quite a lot every day.

So you have handed back the keys for the old unit earlier than necessary. You won't get back money for those extra nights you have saved.

The usual rate for bond money over here is the sum for three months rent, so obviously all the owners over here expect us to be really bad to those units which we rent. But the money is deposited on a bank during the time we live there and when we get it back we get it together with the interest which was hoarded during that time. Nothing to make us rich, because banks don't pay much interest, but better than nothing at all.

It's nice that you will have a little festivity to celebrate your merger. Enjoy!

We will have another quiet and relaxing weekend, starting with a nice little walk this afternoon. Tomorrow we are out for lunch, probably hot indian cuisine once again, we'll see...

fear ;-)

8544. xymonau30 August 2013, 14:58 GMT +02:00

Three months??! Wow - what do the poor people do?

No, it wasn't early. It was right up to the two weeks notice that I had to give. I was really finished last week, anyway, and I did give them a set of keys to show someone the place. But I kept the mailbox key as I had to redirect the mail, and I had forgotten the gate clicker and receipts for cleaning and pest control. I didn't want to go back in case I made it untidy! LOL

That sounds like a nice weekend. Whatever you do, enjoy.

8545. Groningen30 August 2013, 18:35 GMT +02:00

thank you, thank you for all the likes and positive commentary on FB
can't tell when another video will be coming out because you cannot plan these things, gerbils are not trainable ;-)

have a nice weekend Michael and Christa
enjoy the fast internet Dez


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