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1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


8594. xymonau18 September 2013, 23:03 GMT +02:00

I hope the brakes changeover went well, Gesine. It's handy to have someone who is a bit mechanical. One of my staff has a daughter who can do most mechanical work. I used to tune my car, but my hands have no strength any more. Also, that was only with very old basic cars.

I have decided my car is too far gone to repair. It needs two expensive repairs to keep it running, but there is so much play in the gearbox that it can fail at any time. I would repair it if I knew I could get a functional gearbox for it, but that is unlikely. So I went to the bank and they are willing to give me a loan, and I will try to get something. The car is still in the workshop and I will have to have it towed home as it is too risky to drive it. I'm hoping I can leave it there until next week.

Now the search for another car is on. This area has a low population, so I may have to go to Brisbane to find what I want. I just hope I can find something cheap enough. New cars are very expensive here, so I will be looking for a used car with low kilometres on its clock.

The stormy weather has started - with very little rain, and clouds all around. Very hot days and high humidity. I think the northern hemisphere's hot summer has travelled. We are having lots of 30 degree days (and higher) which is a bit early. Thankfully the nights are still cooler.


8595. gesinek19 September 2013, 19:44 GMT +02:00

We always buy used cars cause new one are her also very expensive. I never had a new car in my life. We don't care about scratches or lacking decorative strips. It must be able to get through the technical examination and that's it.

And we search in internet when we need a new car. There are some sites which offers used cars from private or from dealers, you can type in some specifictions, and you get good search results.

Temperature gets lower now. We have nice days with about 15° but at night we had only 4° a few days ago. That to early too. I have to make te balcony and the little garden at the roof of the garage wintersafe in a few weeks.


8596. xymonau20 September 2013, 0:26 GMT +02:00

I have been all over the internet for several days and I am getting completely confused over what to do. One local dealer never phoned me back. I stopped in to look at a couple of cars yesterday after I had the injection and there are a couple that I could afford, that would be okay, but they're just a bit small to sit in, However, I would probably get a reasonable car from there if I had to.

There are lots of small cars. I would like one from the large end of the small cars, but with a 2 litre engine if I could, and low kms. I may get my car repaired. That would buy me a little time, as long as the gearbox doesn't go suddenly. We'll see. I'm really so tired of the search.

The injection I had yesterday hurt so much. Much worse than last time, and he went in three times because he was trying to find a spot that didn't hurt as much. He said it was very swollen, so I guess it was just a bit more tender. however, I have had massive relief today, so it was worth it. I have my left hand done next week, and while I'll feel nervous about the pain on the day, if it gives me this much relief, it will be worth it. My left hand is really bad right now, but I needed my right hand more.


8597. gesinek22 September 2013, 15:49 GMT +02:00

Today we have election day. In Hamburg not only election for our next chancelor. Here we have a referendum if Hamburg should buy the energy net (electricity, gas..) back.
Years ago we had short times a konservative senat and they sold the nets to Vattenfall, Eon and someone else . You can only buy the concession back all 20 years and now there is a chance to get it for my town.

And so today we decide if Hamburg should buy back the nets for 2.000 000 000 €. They can gain 500 000€ a year with it , but I think they should to so. Energy nets not belong to private hands, they must be communal.

So I


go to the election now.

Keep your fingers crossed for Hamburg and Germany

8598. gesinek22 September 2013, 18:25 GMT +02:00

That are not the votes that I wanted after the first extrapolations.....


8599. gesinek22 September 2013, 20:25 GMT +02:00

Tragic evening… Bavarian politicans will take over the power :-((


It's awful I wish you can listen to that lying discussions

8600. xymonau22 September 2013, 23:11 GMT +02:00

I'm sorry to hear that, Gesine. I know how I felt at our very recent election - not that I really like either main party any more. Politicians are not interested in doing what they are elected to do. they are in it for the money, power and influence and have lost their vision that they are there to serve the people's best interests.

Our new government has started out with secrecy about refugee boat arrivals - when that was their major criticism of the previous government, who at least were open about the information. Secrecy is never to protect operations. It's to cover the backs of shifty politicians.

I think the world is getting worse, and I think we are unlikely to ever climb out of the huge hole that is being dug for us politically and socially.

Condolences, and I hope things are at least tolerable.


8601. Ayla8723 September 2013, 8:34 GMT +02:00

The German election results are not very promising, to put it mildly, but I must admit that I didn't expect a better result.

I'm sorry to hear that your car makes such a lot of trouble, Dez. But because of it's age my impression is that it won't be very worthwhile to invest in an endless row of further repairs. The sooner you can pick a newer car, the better.

As for the salt bath - there is no need to be jealous, I had to postpone it till this week because of a severe migraine attack which gave me company for four days. I was in the next hospital for four hours and they hung me onto a drip, but that didn't suffice to stop the attack. The next day I got another stronger drip trip at my neurologist which finally managed to stop the attack. It was my first attack after a pause of four weeks, maybe that explains why it was such a tough one. Tomorrow I will make another attempt to go swimming.

@Gesine: You are right, our flat looks quite a lot like a big playing room for cats with fur and cloth mice and things like that lying around nearly everywhere for Mimis self-service. And they are used quite frequently. But there is also a variation of toys which we use to play with Mimi every day, like a mouse which is bound to a long piece of wool to drag it around. Treasures like this are hidden in a cupboard, and she knows that cupboard very well and tries to lure us every evening to go there when she finds it is time to play again. Another example for what you can find in the cupboard is the very popular cat charmer:


The photos on the left give an impression how it is played with. Mimi really gets wild when this "snake" gets swirled around within her reach. She jumps wildly after it, which is not too bad to keep her in good shape.


8602. Groningen23 September 2013, 22:01 GMT +02:00

@Michael: that Cat Dancer looks cool, great exercise for an indoor cat!
Sorry your migraines are giving you so much pain

and uh I am a little bit afraid to say this in public
but I am a fan of Merkel


8603. xymonau24 September 2013, 14:19 GMT +02:00

Michael I'm so sorry you've been unwell again. I wish they could find a preventative for those terrible headaches. I hope you did get to go swimming eventually.

Mimi is well loved. Lots of toys. I'm sure she feels privileged these days. And she's not silly. She knows exactly where the fun things are hiding. What a different cat from the unsettled and stressed out little cat that arrived originally.

I have bought another car. It's at a dealership in Brisbane and I will pick it up next Monday. My son's partner will come here on Sunday, drive me down and I'll pay for the car, then collect him and the kids and drive them back here. I have taken a week off work as it's the school holidays and he has the children for half of the time.

My stress level has been through the roof organising things, and I am reacting to the cortisone injection, with a second to happen this Thursday. I've got that awful appetitie back and can't stop eating. I'm angry with the world. It's dreadful. It will take four weeks to get this out of my system, and then my hands may be as bad as they were before. The injection was extremely painful last week. I'm nervous about the next one, but it didn't take too long, so I will cope. Has worked a fair bit, but I still have some pain - sometimes severe, just not for long. I can pick up a cup and brush my teeth without using two hands now, so that's fabulous.

I'm getting a little Mazda, and although it's second hand, it's in good condition. I now have an enormous financial deficit, and I can only hope I can service everything before I have to stop work. I'm lucky I could get what I needed, though. I just have to work out how to get my old car from the repair shop to my house. The automobile club I belong to says in spite of the fact that I've paid them thousands in membership fees over the years that they will not tow it to my house. They only tow to service stations. I'm arguing with them and I hope I can win. Otherwise I will cancel my membership and all the insurance I have through them. I've never heard anything so ridiculous.

Christine, I know what you mean. I actually respected Julia Gillard, our Prime Minister, when just about everybody hated her. She is a brilliant woman, even if I didn't agree with everything she did. But heaven help anyone who said that out loud. I don't know anything about Merkel, so I have no opinion on her at all.


8604. Ayla8725 September 2013, 11:57 GMT +02:00

Christine, I can well understand why Merkel is an impressive person. I think she is quite skilled in working with her power. I just don't share all her opinions and worry a bit about the large sums of money she spends to help stabilise the euro, because we will have to pay very very longh for that. But there seem to be few alternatives at the moment...

A Mazda is a fine car, I think they run quite smoothly and it will give you a good time. How old is this one? What do you want to do with your old car at your house? I'd hope you get rid of it as soon and as easily as possible. It won't be worth anything anymore in it's condition and every transport would only cost more money.

I was swimming yesterday and it was a great pleasure. Extremely relaxing, especially that salt lake. The buoyancy in that very salty water is very strong, it is really impossibler to drown there. That makes it all so soothing. I could


there endlessly, but you get wrinkled fingers very fast...

8605. xymonau25 September 2013, 23:28 GMT +02:00

The Mazda is four years old, and has done less than 40,000 kms, so it has a lot of life in it. It's older than I would have preferred, but getting something reliable is most important.

I phoned a wreckers yesterday and they may take the other car. I have to remove the plates and clear it out first. It's still at the mechanic's.

I'm so glad you had a nice day in the salty waters, Michael. I would love to swim in water like that, just to feel the buoyancy. However, I have been unsinkable for years. I can't swim properly - can't get through the water without flippers - but nothing can sink this flab! LOL Will you be able to go again before you have to return to work?


8606. gesinek25 September 2013, 23:52 GMT +02:00

Micheal, fine that you are on the top again. I can't (will not) imagine the pains you have. Hope they find a working therapy for you soon. and Dez hope your hands are better with that painfull therapy.

I'm blessed. I only have elderly caused gouts and I really can live with it.

Congratulations for such a good car Dez. Hope you 'll drive safe all times.

And Merkel: I don't like her.

8607. Ayla8726 September 2013, 8:41 GMT +02:00

Four years mean that the Mazda is a young kitten compared to your last car. I think you will have enough time to inspect all the roads with it.

With house and car you have now completely revamped your surroundings for a wonderful life 2.0 I'd only wish your doc would come to terms as well so that things finally get better on the health front, too.

I won't go to the salt lake that very soon again, it's more a sort of pleasure to do once a year. For more frequent swimming I visit a thermal bath in Berlin every two weeks

Gesine, those elderly caused gouts are on offer with me, too, especially because of the long hours of sitting at the computer in the office every day. That is not good for my neck and my back and it may well add to the stress which finally leads to the migraine attacks. I try to do some yoga exercises regularly during work breaks, but it can't magically remove the pain.


8608. xymonau26 September 2013, 12:41 GMT +02:00

Oh, that looks nice, Michael. Do you do the whole sauna thing? And do you feel good afterwards?

When you are both talking about gout, do you mean arthritis or proper gout? If you can control the pain, that's a good thing. I guess we all wear out as we age.

Yes, I wish I could get back on top of things. Without your health the others are not as enjoyable. I had the injection in my left hand today. Now that was not nice at all. he must have been near a nerve because it felt like he was injecting up the inside of my thumb. I said a few bad words this time, but it was over quickly, and now we wait for the results. He told me not to peel vegetables - yet last time he said live normally. I'm not sure how normal he means, but he doesn't want me doing very much at all. The tendon sheath was really thickened and inflamed, but they said it wasn't as bad as the right hand, even though I have been having more pain in the left. Anyway, that's done, and the next thing is getting the place tidy enough so my guests can step over the boxes and bags. It will be lovely to have company for the week. And two eight year olds force you to have fun and play.

How is your sock-making going, Christine?


8609. Groningen26 September 2013, 17:16 GMT +02:00


right now I am knitting a pair of knee-high "socks" (kniekousen in Dutch)
if the link works see the smaller image on the right
I am not using the neon yarn on the heel and toe-parts; only the natural colored sock wool because the person I am knitting these for doesn't like bright colors
it's the first time i'm knitting knee-highs
and it is a lot of work on 2,5 mm needles
and they have to be finished on Friday October 4th

I have finished my knitting for the shelter:
two pairs of men's socks and one cap

next on the list are the Sint Nikolaas gifts
but there is still time; dead-line December 4

knitting like a



8610. xymonau27 September 2013, 0:00 GMT +02:00

The knee highs make sense in the cold. and they look really nice. It will take a lot of work on tiny needles, but I'll bet they look fabulous when you're finished.

Will you make socks for everyone or will you do something else for Sint Nikolaas?

Someone in the shelter will be a happy man. In our climate we have little use for very warm things like warm caps and scarves. It does get cold (comparatively) in winter, but not for that long, and generally if someone has a nice warm jacket and intact shoes, they won't suffer much. Those who sleep out can be given a free canvas swag, which gives them a soft mattress inside a canvas cover and is warm in even the coldest areas. (They get only one and have to sign for it.) Homeless people in our State are fortunate, and if they travel north, there is very little winter at all. Unfortunately, there are mosquitoes to make their lives miserable. Lots prefer to sleep on or near the beach as there are fewer mossies there.


8611. Groningen28 September 2013, 19:16 GMT +02:00

Gesine: I haven't forgotten you, those orange socks will be knit (eventually)

@Dez: I am going to knit a whale for my sister for Sint Nikolaas

and also a fish but I can't give you a link, sorry
will post pictures on FB if/when they are finished

I really like the Hazel- pattern and I am looking forward to knitting her

and I have bought tiger-striped-yarn for my niece, she loves tigers and so she will get tiger-socks


8612. gesinek29 September 2013, 20:01 GMT +02:00

Don't worry Christine, I see you have a lot of important projects to do. I'm a little bit jealous you have enough time to knit. I'm not able to take photos at the moment. But things will be better from tomorrow on. I have a few days off :-)

Your new car sounds good Dez. Hope you have a long time a lot fun with it. I think it is not a



Michael my elderly caused pains are mostly all from the times a played activ in Judo. Every injury (and I had a lot) seems to come up again now with little limitations in my moves or pain when weather changes.
At work we have suggestions to make some exercises in our breaks. The posters are hanging in all units. But nobody does the exercises consequently.

8613. xymonau30 September 2013, 12:27 GMT +02:00

The tiger socks are wonderful, but I just love the whale! What a great pattern!

My new car is wonderful! It's all shiny and clean and goes like the clappers! LOL It would want to for the price, but if it lasts as long as the last one, I'll be happy. It is like a dream driving a more modern car. It's four years old, but I still have to sit down with the book to work out how to use all the buttons. It's very roomy inside, and has been kept very nicely. It's a bit cheap looking with the plastic interior, but the seats are comfortable, and it was a joy to drive home. It felt like I had been driving it forever. The car yard filled the tank for me, gave me and my daughter in law coffee, and took all my money. LOL

I brought my son and the girls back, and it was a great trip. They are so well behaved. I admit getting a bit sick of playing "I spy" and "Find a pink car", but it was all good. Tomorrow I have to dispose of the old car. The wreckers is taking it, and I have to sort out the paperwork and get the plates off the car, etc. I will feel so relieved when it is all over. Then we can get down to the serious business of going to the beach or feeding the ducks or going to the park. We have a


of choices.

Gesine, our new company is very focussed on health. They will give us an extra half hour per week off to go for a walk - but I don't think it will work in our smaller environment, where sometimes there is only one person rostered on. They sent us out some health suggestions last week, and this will happen regularly. It's the first organisation I have worked for that showed any concern about workers' health.

8614. gesinek1 October 2013, 13:12 GMT +02:00

A lot of organizations try to do something for their workers health. It's mostly in industries who has a great need of specialist workers.

In hospitals they know that their nursing staff is worthy, cause we have the choice where we want to work. All hospital are searching nursing staff, midwifes...

And luckily here in the north of the country we have more positions occupied as in the rest of Germany.


8615. Groningen1 October 2013, 17:10 GMT +02:00

photo's on FB of the knee-high's who are coming along swimmingly :-/
the cast-on of a KAL (Knit A Long) by Ravelry's Dutch " Sokkenbreien" group
the theme for the month of october is water and the color is blue
for the rest you can choose what you like in patterns etc....

am I making any sense??
The september KAL was the basic sock i.e. the men's socks remember ;-)

Have to finish the knee-highs before I can take on the next project but for the KAL they want you to post a photo as prove; so this morning I knitted the cuff of the Flying Dutchman socks and made photos...

we have glorious autumn weather at the moment; a blue sky and sunshine without the heat. Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons.


8616. gesinek3 October 2013, 12:11 GMT +02:00

So, after I found the forums-button again...

It'a knitting competition Christine? Than good luck!

In my photo competition group (DSLR-Forum) the theme of the month is challenge.

And now we will go


for motorbike races in Oschersleben.

Have a nice weekend.

8617. Groningen3 October 2013, 23:49 GMT +02:00

@Gesine: thank you and good luck racing east!

a KAL is not really a competition, but more of a support group, posting on the forum which pattern you want to knit may help you to get better results and finish the pair?

there is a competition on Ravelry called Sock Madness (takes place in March)
then you have to finish patterns within a limited time and while the patterns get more and more complex the time to finish them gets less and less
more and more challengers drop out and when there are only two left
they get 24 hrs to knit a pair of (difficult) socks;
first to finish wins as long as the result is acceptable ;-)
I will not take part in Sock Madness (SM hihihi)

I have finished the kneehigh's and I am glad that's over
"linnen" is not one of my favorite colors (I love blues and solid bright colors like red, yellow and yes green)
I posted on the Ravelry forum that this knitting felt like eating an enormous portion of oatmeal porridge (without sugar)
and then someone posted she loves oatmeal porridge (duh)
anyway they where meant as a gift and tastes differ
but I do hope they fit because I have a different size calf
tomorrow I'll know


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