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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


11618. Ayla8731 October 2015, 9:14 GMT +01:00

I may have to make some


11619. xymonau31 October 2015, 13:11 GMT +01:00



you are contemplating your future

11620. Ayla872 November 2015, 6:39 GMT +01:00

Every time you have to realise that all


lead to your future, so it is important to take caution about it. Did I ever mention that I was leading Germanys largest Star Trek fanclub for 13 years when I was younger? In a way the future was always a subject of some fascination for me. That was also the time when Christa and I met (we started as a penpalship on that subject - that was way before email and internet).

11621. xymonau2 November 2015, 16:20 GMT +01:00

No, you never said! How fascinating! And romantic. So did you have meetings or a magazine or something? And how did you recruit members?

What is not fascinating is that you changed two letters, not one. However, I will forgive you.


with a bit of gumption can do just about anything

11622. Ayla873 November 2015, 7:27 GMT +01:00

Oh sorry, I obviously have not enough respect for the


to count the letters before I change them.

Yes, we had monthly newsletters and also larger bi-annuar magazines with stories, articles, artwork for our hundreds of members. That was all a lot of work. We recruited them with ads in movie magazines, we even decorated showcases in cinemas when new star trek movies came out with some tribbles, spaceship models, posters - and ads for our club of course.

11623. xymonau4 November 2015, 7:53 GMT +01:00

I don't think you have told me that before, but I may have forgotten. I'm a bit


these days

11624. Ayla874 November 2015, 13:57 GMT +01:00

we'll let our memories


anyhow, I think that is always a good thing to to.

11625. xymonau4 November 2015, 16:59 GMT +01:00

don't let the


of time eat away at them

(did you like that? I coined a phrase! LOL)

11626. Ayla875 November 2015, 6:50 GMT +01:00

It sounds great, and out Wolfie will also certainly be proud of your fine words. You have deserved a round of


(try not to hit me with the ball)

11627. xymonau5 November 2015, 13:20 GMT +01:00

oh, dear - that prize is a bit of a


to be honest

And where is Gesine? And Christine?

11628. Ayla876 November 2015, 6:25 GMT +01:00

I heard a


maybe they got hit.

11629. xymonau6 November 2015, 13:25 GMT +01:00

then we may have to


them up if they are hurt

11630. Ayla877 November 2015, 9:53 GMT +01:00

I'm sure they did


softly into loads of wool in all the nicest colours which Christine was just busy shopping...

11631. xymonau8 November 2015, 16:37 GMT +01:00

We may have to


them into life again

11632. Ayla879 November 2015, 6:37 GMT +01:00



back into life is hard when you have lo leave such a nice warm, comfortable bed of wool

11633. xymonau9 November 2015, 12:52 GMT +01:00


me - it's almost summer here, so a woollen bed is one I'll happily leave!

11634. Ayla879 November 2015, 14:23 GMT +01:00

For Mimi of course it is always


fun to play with the wool...

11635. xymonau9 November 2015, 19:09 GMT +01:00

I imagine she's got a warm and woolly


that she sneaks into on those cold nights

11636. Ayla8710 November 2015, 6:35 GMT +01:00

Mimi is a rich cat, she has more than a


of places to choose from, so she sleeps at several locations. Changes them during the night.

11637. gesinek10 November 2015, 12:45 GMT +01:00

Hi for god sake I wasn't hit. Only a few bad



11638. xymonau10 November 2015, 13:20 GMT +01:00

I am relieved you have come to no



11639. Ayla8711 November 2015, 6:29 GMT +01:00

Yes, it is good to


that you are well, Gesine. But we will certainly consider some other sports now. (I don't like sports too much anyhow - no motivation...)

11640. xymonau11 November 2015, 12:18 GMT +01:00

even the thought of playing sport gives me a


11641. Ayla8712 November 2015, 6:57 GMT +01:00

The only sport I can motivate myself to do is swimming, and I like that only in nicely warm thermal water (32 °C) to


away some stress.

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