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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


11690. xymonau3 December 2015, 14:49 GMT +01:00

yes, I


it has crept up on us suddenly again

11691. Ayla874 December 2015, 7:53 GMT +01:00

We will bake our own aniseed cookies today for christmas and


a lot of tasty calories from them during the next days.

11692. xymonau4 December 2015, 23:47 GMT +01:00

you'll get


from eating all those delicious things, punishment for making me hungry - and jealous. It's so hot, the thought of cooking anything is unpleasant.

11693. Ayla875 December 2015, 9:24 GMT +01:00

I won't bother about acne as long as no


worries me. But I can't see you hungry and jealous. Here are some of our half-moon-shaped cookies for you CCCCC

11694. xymonau5 December 2015, 13:55 GMT +01:00

yeah -

I'll take them!

I've been shopping at Aldi again and getting a few European xmas goodies. I always forget how cheap they are. It's just a pain in the neck remembering to take bags and boxes. I'm generally halfway to town before I remember. I'm afraid I already ate most of it, so I'll just have to go back for more!

11695. gesinek5 December 2015, 14:19 GMT +01:00



it is not easy to get into christmas spirit. We have mild temperatures of 9-12° C. And on Monday we will go to christmas market with a lot of colleagues for the first time this year to drink mulled wine. It is better to have snow and cold temperatures to enjoy that beverage.

11696. Ayla876 December 2015, 7:46 GMT +01:00

Many decorated and illuminated windows and balconies now also remind us that christmas is


We are still missing the snow very much, but that does not stop us from drinking a little bit of mulled wine at home every evening.

I didn't know that Aldi brings our xmas goodies to you. Some of them are really tasty.

11697. xymonau6 December 2015, 9:40 GMT +01:00

Oh, we get all kinds of things here. The gingerbread soft biscuits with icing - can't remember their name - was something I tried in previous years and liked. I can't remember everything I bought so far. A lot is for my son. Alsi always makes me laugh when they have ski boots on sale here. People do holiday in the snow, I guess. I know when I went to New York, I couldn't get warm clothing to take. I had to borrow a coat from my friend's mother when I got there, and buy one there. It was almost summer in Bundaberg when I left, and apart from the fact that there was no warm seasonal clothing, the winter weight of clothes is very light up there.

The only time it feel Christmassy - because we are inundated with images of snow in the middle of summer - is when there is


on Christmas day.

Mulled wine in summer would not be at all pleasant. :)

11698. gesinek6 December 2015, 19:27 GMT +01:00

Yes it is. I nearly can stand mulled wine in winter, because it is too sweet. I mean the beverages they sell on the markets. But the


purpuse of our trip downtown to the historical Christmas markets is drinking mulled wine and having fun. And they have alternatives to the classic one made from red wine. I can't tolerate red wine very good.

Perhaps I can make some Xmas photos.

11699. xymonau6 December 2015, 19:41 GMT +01:00

I hope you enter the competition, Gesine. We've had a slow start this time. But general photos are also good. Always fascinating to see how other countries celebrate. we have traditions in



11700. gesinek6 December 2015, 20:46 GMT +01:00

I've loaded up some photos but they are not very classic Xmas.
Here they are:

Xmas market can work may be with Xmas parade, very american style but


11701. Ayla877 December 2015, 8:03 GMT +01:00

Gesine, your photos are very nice and useful.

Yes, to buy winter clothes at summer is no easy task.

We plan to celebrate xmas with our self-made veggie pizza on the 24th again.

Because it is veggie it does not contain


for Mimi.

11702. xymonau7 December 2015, 12:04 GMT +01:00

Michael, I am relieved you don't have one all-purpose pizza! Gesine, I only looked at one of your photos so far - the wrapping - and it's excellent stock. Great work!

I had a call from the hospital today and I have minor surgery scheduled for xmas eve! I have to go to another town for it, and if the anaesthetist decides, I may have to go to Brisbane - but at least that would not happen as soon. I'll be home the same day, but I'm generally not wonderful for several days afterwards. I have nothing special planned, thankfully. So Santa is going to find me high as a kite on medication. Last time they were going to keep me in overnight if they couldn't stop the pain, but eventually they escalated the drugs, and I was okay. I don't want to be in hospital on any part of Christmas day! And my poor friend who is driving me shouldn't have her day interrupted, either. Still, I don't have to pay, and I can't complain about the care.

so it's an interesting


right now

11703. Ayla877 December 2015, 14:00 GMT +01:00

A short trip to the hospital which doen't even cost you a


is not the worst thing to do. It will improve your health if you get rid of that skin. I suppose since nobody wants to go there on xmas eve it was easy to find a free time for that appointment then. I keep fingers crossed that you can go home the same day this time. You have to sing some christmas carols for Mousie and Chicken...

11704. gesinek7 December 2015, 14:42 GMT +01:00

Thanks for the likes and the warm words. Dez that is a terrible date for a planned surgery. Hope you can leave hospital the same day.

Now I have to get the bus to our trainstation to go downtown. As I mentioned we will


mulled wine and asome kind of apple fritters and...

...I will try to make some pics (before drinking :-))

11705. xymonau7 December 2015, 17:41 GMT +01:00

Oh, I must not have told you. I had to have little Chicken put to sleep early in the year. He was gasping for breath, and the vet said he was dying. She said he looked anaemic, but couldn't say exactly what else, just too ill to save. It all happened suddenly, but looking back, there had been signs that I didn't recognise. I buried him under the yellow flame tree in my back yard. Mousie never liked him, but he probably gets lonely at times with nobody to argue with. My son was as sad as I. We stayed with him. They gave him gas to put him to sleep, then an injection. We were both crying like babies.

I'm hoping there will be no complications and that I'll be home, too. Last time I was as high as a kite on Fentanyl and my friend had to hold me up in the hospital carpark because my legs were a bit like jelly! LOL I'm tall and fat. She's short and thin. Lord only knows what she would have done if I'd landed on the ground.

all's well that



11706. Ayla878 December 2015, 7:53 GMT +01:00

That is very sad, poor Chicken. I know, the tiny signs are not always easy to recognise. You often think they are only harmless signs of age.

I'm sure after visiting the hospital you can


us that everything went well. You will be sorry that feeling high on unpaid drugs is no permanent state.

11707. xymonau8 December 2015, 11:30 GMT +01:00

now you're telling


stories about my enjoyment of drugs! Mind you, it's sometimes a relief. :)

11708. Ayla878 December 2015, 14:47 GMT +01:00

You don't have to


with me about taking too many drugs. I use quite a lot of them when I have a migraine attack, but they don't work as well as I would like them to do. Not always worth the money...

11709. xymonau8 December 2015, 14:57 GMT +01:00

I can


you to a man who knows a man...

After all, I work - or rather, worked - with homeless men for years.

11710. gesinek8 December 2015, 17:18 GMT +01:00

Christmas Market pictures are accepted by the admins. 7 pics from the market. It was really funny yesterday altough we had no snow. But with all the lights it looks just like a fairy


I only have to take pills for my blood presure because I'm also fat but only 173 cm which is not unsusual here.

11711. xymonau9 December 2015, 5:24 GMT +01:00

I'm 172cm. Your market pictures are lovely and Christmassy. I wish some more people would enter the graphics section. Not a lot happening there. Fangol is nowhere to be seen.



in the afternoon and I have to go shopping

11712. Ayla879 December 2015, 7:39 GMT +01:00

Gesine, the lights on your market pictures look really nice.

Dez, I hope your shopping experience did


you. Could jou notice that more people than usual are around to buy xmas gifts?

11713. xymonau9 December 2015, 9:55 GMT +01:00

Oddly enough, the supermarket was packed, but the main shopping centre was a wasteland! The Catholic schools finished last week, and high school students also. This is the last week of school for the primary State schools. (up to grade 6) We have 6 weeks off school now, and the children return to their next grade up at the end of January. So the families of private school kids have probably taken off for their main holiday of the year. A lot go camping or to the beach. In Brisbane, the traffic is so good during school holidays. I'm sure if I had gotten out earlier there would have been more people, or if I had gone into the town centre, it may have been crowded. But I did get some grocery bargains. Twice now I've been in the supermarket and they've had a sudden sale of fruit and veges - $3 for everything that can fit in a large bag. Last time I got about $20 worth at least, and the same again this time. I'm sitting eating a wonderful fruit salad from my $3 worth right now. Green and red grapes, ladyfinger bananas, peaches, pears, blueberries and strawberries. So delicious! I dressed it with some squeezed lemon from the last bargain bag. Normally I wouldn't bother, but I had one cut. Now all I want to do is


in my chair!

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