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1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


12050. Ayla8716 March 2016, 8:24 GMT +01:00

Mimi is willing even to


you the address of her favourite pet doctor. Maybe he knows how to cure wolfs.

12051. xymonau16 March 2016, 9:23 GMT +01:00

He may


a slightly more protective glove with wolf teeth.

12052. Ayla8716 March 2016, 16:30 GMT +01:00

Maybe it is safer to


our wolfy first.

12053. weirdvis17 March 2016, 0:09 GMT +01:00

I'm all for that but first I'll have to


off that grasping Dez to claim the chocolate prize for myself.

Chomp much yum

12054. xymonau17 March 2016, 5:58 GMT +01:00

Your challenge falls on


ears. Michael - I think you know what to feed her now.

12055. Ayla8717 March 2016, 7:18 GMT +01:00

I will instantly


her with some leftovers of Mimis cat food to distract her from the chocolate and claim the rest for us.

More *Chomp much yum*

12056. xymonau17 March 2016, 19:32 GMT +01:00

Well, then you might have to


off the blows she will rain down on you for that.

12057. weirdvis19 March 2016, 10:26 GMT +01:00

For certain I'm going to


a few bonces.

Evill laff

12058. xymonau19 March 2016, 12:04 GMT +01:00



to think Lynne may have a minor aggression problem. :o)

12059. Ayla8721 March 2016, 8:15 GMT +01:00

I wonder how she has behaved as a


Well, my Migraine had a minor aggression problem, too, during the last 4 days. But now everything is fine again.

12060. xymonau21 March 2016, 12:37 GMT +01:00

Darn! I'm so sorry to hear it, Michael. It would be so


to find some real relief for you.

12061. Ayla8722 March 2016, 7:52 GMT +01:00

Well, migraine is a hard to


illness. I will always continue to look for improvements to optimize my medical treatment. But I also have the impression that when this leads to longer pauses between the attacks the power of every single attack gets even worse. Not very satisfying.

12062. micromoth22 March 2016, 8:13 GMT +01:00

It sounds like overcoming this is quite a


Have you tried putting your hands into very cold water and clenching your fists repeatedly? This is supposed to help some sufferers, according to an article I was reading a few months ago.

12063. xymonau22 March 2016, 15:14 GMT +01:00

I don't know if I could


that much pain so often.

12064. weirdvis22 March 2016, 16:19 GMT +01:00

That's a sorry


Michael. Glad you are feeling better now.

12065. Ayla8723 March 2016, 8:29 GMT +01:00

No, Kevin, I haven't heard of that. But to give you a comparison - I'm even on botox to calm down my migraine. But I have to warn you, it has side effects - it also helps against crinkles. Strong migraine will


you to try out a lot of things against it, but it is very hard to find something which helps considerably.

Dez, don't worry too much about the pain. You learn to bear a lot. I have learned (and find it still astonishing) that the pain seems to be not so hard in comparison to constant vomiting for about 25 to 30 hours. This is what costs the most power to bear it.

Lynne, yes, and it is always astonishing, too, that the next day after an attack is over you feel as if you haven't been ill at all.

12066. weirdvis23 March 2016, 9:08 GMT +01:00

I've heard that botox might make you


Is that true? ;0)

12067. Ayla8723 March 2016, 12:21 GMT +01:00

I don't need botox for that feature, my proceeding age makes it for free. Idon't worry about it because I'm no


12068. weirdvis23 March 2016, 16:46 GMT +01:00

I'm not sure how Botox would help cure migraine but I suspect that it's better than the "cure" offered by


The Impaler.

12069. Ayla8724 March 2016, 8:21 GMT +01:00

How Botox works against migraine is not easy to describe. Studies have shown that botulinum toxin type A stops the peripheral release of inflammatory neuropeptides and Neurotransmitters involved in the development and maintenance of pain and inflammation. These include glutamate, substance P, CGRP ("calcitonin gene-related peptide ") and neurokinin A. Migraine can be described as an inflammatory disease taking part in the brain. The hypothesis of a neurogenic inflammation taking place there is based on the proven release during a migraine attack of inflammation-mediating messenger substances (mediators of inflammation) such as calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), substance P and neurokinin A from nerve endings of the fifth cranial nerve (trigeminal nerve). In particular, CGRP, which can be detected during a migraine attack increased in blood plasma plays a central role and causes a so-called "sterile neurogenic inflammation" with an activation of mast cells. As a result a (painful, I can tell you) dilation of blood vessels (vasodilation) can be observed with edema resulting in the headaces.

Don't ask me what "substance P" may be. (I'm not really interested in pee substances.) CGRP is currently the focus of an immunization against migraine which is tested in medical studies right now. If all goes well it may come onto the market in about three years. These antibodys have to be injected every month, so it is not a very long lasting immunization. But studies have shown that it has a good effect (significantly better than the use of placebos) against migraine. Some patients even end up free of further attacks. No wonder that I'm eagerly awaiting it. I hope it will


here as soon as possible.

I obviously have to watch my mast cells as well :-O


Now that P sustance made me curious and this is what I found out about it:

We learn there about the role of substance P to male aggression in fruit flies. Maybe it also has to do with aggression potential of wolfys?

12070. xymonau24 March 2016, 11:04 GMT +01:00

I've got to


it to you, Michael. You have the patience of Job. I read the info. It's interesting that Substance P coexists with glutamates. I wonder if removing all the added glutamates from your diet and any high glutamate foods would have a positive effect in any way? They are excitotoxins, anyway. Any MSG, "natural flavour", flavour enhancer, etc is generally glutamate based. Just a thought. You'd have to read up on the subject to work out what to avoid, and you'd have to read your labels.

12071. Ayla8724 March 2016, 15:13 GMT +01:00

We eat freshly cooked food from organic veges only with just a few exceptions, so glutamates should not really cross our path. When you try so many different ways to calm down the migraine, as I did, it is still


to figure out why so many medics seem to blow out with nearly no effect at all. A lot of it is not examined thoroughly, we only begin to find out what really happens during a migraine attack, and every body reacts in a different way (and even different at several occasions) on any given medication. So we need a lot of patience and try to optimise the treatment more and more. My general impression is that food does not really trigger my migraine attacks, I'm far more fragile to stress.

12072. weirdvis25 March 2016, 7:55 GMT +01:00

It's amazing that a toxin as virulent as botulinum can, under certain circumstances, do no


at all.

12073. xymonau25 March 2016, 9:44 GMT +01:00

My sister who was paralysed down one side used to have to get botox in her paralysed hand so the tendons could relax. She still had feeling, just no movement. It made the world of difference to her.

The conundrum raised by all of this is whether the migraines are caused by stress or whther being a migraine sufferer causes the sensitivity to stress in the first place. I suspect it's the latter, since all varieties of people suffer from them. One of my nephews had them as a child. I've not had any contact with him as an adult, so I'm unsure if he still has them now.

I hope you don't mind me going on about them. I find the whole subject fascinating, and it's one of those things with the same symptoms, but different causes and helpful things in different people. I am personally oversensitive to many/most drugs, and if there is a side effect, I'll get it. Try telling a doctor that, and they will argue with you or think you're just a hypochondriac. Simple paracetamol used to put me to sleep (as an adult) for years. It doesn't any more as I have had to use it a lot in recent years and must have gotten used to it. A doctor laughed at me when I told him that.

I think just as soon as you can legally use marijuana or extracts, you need to try. They say it has helped people on chemo control the terrible nausea and anorexia, so it would seem to be something that might help your stomach.


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