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What are YOU celebrating today?

1. pitabox98728 September 2010, 4:55 GMT +02:00

Well as it often goes I searched the forum, I was devastated to discover that a thread on this theme didn't exist! - So here goes!

I'm celebrating catching up with a friend I haven't seen in years! Yay!

If YOU have something to celebrate let the community know about it!

26. pitabox9873 October 2010, 14:00 GMT +02:00

@23 Sounds delicious Dez. Home-made you say? Can you share the recipe? :)

@24 I never took you as one to "smuggle" banana slugs in custard... tut, tut... terrible behavior...

@25 fear not Dezzie, I have secured all the custard slugs in preparation for release into Wolfie's den. *evil laff*

In celebration I have today enjoyed a most immaculately delicious 'white chocolate mud cake' (don't ask me who invented the title, last time I checked mud was "mud" colour, and I've never seen "clean mud"...)


27. jonfletch3 October 2010, 16:42 GMT +02:00

Going walking for three days with my brother; the south Devon coast. That means three days away from work, although the weather looks awful!

28. weirdvis3 October 2010, 19:20 GMT +02:00

@27 There's some spectacular scenery down there. Hope you get a chance to take some piccies.

29. fishmonk3 October 2010, 21:26 GMT +02:00

Fabulous coastline there - rich red cliffs! Good luck...

30. crisderaud4 October 2010, 0:07 GMT +02:00

I found this area for south Devon coast http://screencast.com/t/MDljOWY2MzA

Did I get it right??

31. weirdvis4 October 2010, 0:43 GMT +02:00

Yup. :0)

32. crisderaud4 October 2010, 1:26 GMT +02:00

Hey!...The Fan Francisco Giants just won the National League West on the final game of the season against San Diego.

Now the play offs for the National League Pennant and then the World Series.

33. Berenika4 October 2010, 22:27 GMT +02:00

I'm celebrating my holidays -only few days in Croatia, but I will switch off my phone - first time from more then 6 years :-) Yupiiii!!!

34. xymonau4 October 2010, 22:35 GMT +02:00

I would LOVE a few days in Croatia! Have a peaceful and happy break!

35. crisderaud5 October 2010, 19:33 GMT +02:00

Isolated thundershowers for the next three days.

36. pitabox9876 October 2010, 13:28 GMT +02:00

I'm celebrating that people are enjoying my thread! - It's nice to know people are using it to share their good times! - Hopefully it will remain as a good place to share!

Thanks everyone for your input!



37. crisderaud6 October 2010, 15:37 GMT +02:00

I got the fenders installed on my bike yesterday and I am happy for that. But today I am all sore like I really did some work.

I guess this happens when you live a sedentary life and you are approaching your 60th year.

38. pitabox9877 October 2010, 2:58 GMT +02:00

@37 While this may be true, I'm sure you've done a great job; once the job is done, it's done! Enjoy the reward! :)

39. crisderaud7 October 2010, 4:38 GMT +02:00

Done to perfection like an extension of the bike itself.

40. pitabox9877 October 2010, 5:25 GMT +02:00

:D Bet you're happy with it!

I just finished organizing 150 pages of cover letters, resumes and other crap. I'm celebrating beingable to actually HAVE breakfast today. (Given that it is 2:30pm...)

41. pitabox98713 October 2010, 9:35 GMT +02:00

Got accepted for a hospitality course! This will be a useful things to have.

42. Berenika15 October 2010, 15:26 GMT +02:00

I'm celebrating weekend!!! still 35.. 34... 33.. minutes of work - but it's coming!!! Wish you all nice weekend with good weather :-)

43. xymonau17 October 2010, 1:33 GMT +02:00

Well done, Peter!

Yes, weekends are what I live for these days...

I am very happy there is no rain today! A sunny, very cool and clear Spring day, and if I was young I'd be out and about in it.

44. pitabox98717 October 2010, 5:32 GMT +02:00

@43 Thanks Dez,

The course is proving quite difficult, mainly because for some strange reason my job network neglected to mention that the course had already been running for a week. (They also neglected to ask me whether I wanted to enroll too.)

I spent the first day mainly filling out paperwork. - In retrospect for the the previous week; I'm actually rather annoyed at my job agency. They need to work on their "people" skills, I wasn't too happy with the Friday afternoon phone call that simply said 'be here, at this time'...

I've been fueling myself on caffeine, just to keep my eyes.. open... .....zZzZzZz.....

*yawn* Hopully the new week will bring better luck. :)

45. pitabox98717 October 2010, 5:33 GMT +02:00

46. xymonau17 October 2010, 8:24 GMT +02:00

Job network agencies are in it for the take. They provide very little real help, and just want to get the government subsidies for the least effort. I work in an industry close to them, and your hair would curl if I told you some of the stories (ones that I know to be fact). If they can get you off the dole - whether by employment or breach - they get their couple of thousand bucks, and are laughing. It's a terrible system, set up for abuse of the client.

Still, you will meet some people and hopefully have some fun in the process.

47. micromoth17 October 2010, 9:09 GMT +02:00

Greetings all!
I'm back from Madeira, where my wife and I had just the break that we needed. I got some nice shots, which I'm already starting to edit and post. I recommend Madeira for all of us whose Mondays start off very early and with a certain gritting of teeth.

48. pitabox98717 October 2010, 9:49 GMT +02:00

@46 I think you hit that nail on the head Dez, strangely this is the first real screw up they've made, unfortunately clients do tend to get dehumanized in this case, just as long as it looks acceptable on paper (too them anyway)...

One thing I am certain of is if week towo ends on the same chord as week one then I will take my own active steps, step one will be to ensure week three does not have a chance to begin. - It will be back to the previous active searching.

Of course if this displeases them then I will say a simple 'goodbye', and find another agency; at least I still have that choice.

49. xymonau17 October 2010, 12:00 GMT +02:00

Macromouth returns! I hope you're feeling great and your wife's health is on track. We missed you.

Peter, yes, you have that choice. And if you find your own job, don't sign anything there. They try to claim that as their own work and get the Govt bonus. If you need clothes, shoes, equipment - anything to do with work, they are supposed to make you job-ready, so ask for things. One of my friends asked for a whipper-snipper as he planned to start his own business. They bought him a top of the range one. He has hardly used it.

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