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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

2210. happyture15 January 2013, 10:04 GMT +01:00

Na silly, wot tit tiz iz, When her drinks water it goes into her legs hinstead of her guts, bloats um up like balloons it does, but what them there pills do is make her havaperate it in steam i think or a gas, the honly down side his the gas,,yeap she smells like a dingo's dung pile in summer, probably why her anna got any friends :O)

2211. xymonau16 January 2013, 7:54 GMT +01:00

Now I knows you is forrin. Dingoes don't got dung piles, an if they did they woods be harrowmattick corze they is from Oz.

Wottif yor Ma havaperates to bits? I'd put some cling wrap around her to hold her together if I woz you. You'll thank me later.

2212. happyture16 January 2013, 8:04 GMT +01:00

Ssgood hidea, but you knows Ma, she wont keep still long enough itchin and scatchin pickin n flickin all the times her is, T'iz like bomb shrapnel flyin everywhere :O)

2213. xymonau16 January 2013, 8:06 GMT +01:00

Well, put mittens on 'er.

2214. happyture16 January 2013, 8:22 GMT +01:00

Ahh Dezzie thats Cruel, you knows how much she enjoys pickin her snitch :O(

2215. xymonau16 January 2013, 9:55 GMT +01:00

AAhhh - I hope that means, "nose"?

2216. happyture17 January 2013, 6:46 GMT +01:00

Well yeahhh, Snitch, slang for nose, like pecker is short for .............................

2217. xymonau21 January 2013, 8:00 GMT +01:00


All this nose-picking is putting me off my food. Shame on you. Trade her in on a new one. You know you want to.

2218. happyture21 January 2013, 18:52 GMT +01:00

Well i was going to sell her to the sweep as hers a good un for puttin up the chimneys, Cuz hers covered in thick hair bit like a chimp her is, ideal for collectin the soot :O)

2219. xymonau21 January 2013, 23:25 GMT +01:00

Duz her barth? Corz she looks like sheez alreddy doin' it.

2220. happyture22 January 2013, 11:05 GMT +01:00

NA, her dunner baff, I stick the pressure washer on her once a munth or when the flies get too much :o)

2221. xymonau22 January 2013, 23:42 GMT +01:00

Tsk! Spoiled, as usual!

2222. happyture24 January 2013, 0:05 GMT +01:00

Her iz yes, to meals a day, fresh bedding once a month, what more cud a ma want :O)

2223. xymonau25 January 2013, 5:36 GMT +01:00

She'd be gettin' none of that fancy stuff in my house, I tells ya! Bred 'n water 'n gruel for special days, 'n a scraper for cleanliness. It was good enuff for the Roman soljers, wernt it?

2224. happyture26 January 2013, 10:45 GMT +01:00

Well so they say but when i was a Roman soldjer hardly any where Italian we where from all of the conquered nations fighting for Rome, and the pay was crap :O)

2225. xymonau26 January 2013, 10:56 GMT +01:00

You got salt, diddentchoo? Dunno wot yor whingin' about. I never gets paid in salt.

Hey, a Pomgolian refugee - Miriam Margolyes (from Harry Potter and other things) became an Australian today - which happens to be Australia Day. You boat people will have to stop landin' on our shores. I know you're waitin' for the chance to sneak over here. I warned 'em, an' they've put barbed wire around the coast an the hairports, juss in case.

2226. happyture27 January 2013, 9:54 GMT +01:00

Yeah Salt,,gived me high bloody blood pressure,,

I would make a great Oztralian, I swear a lot, like fishing and think Koala bears are cute,,See i pass with flyin colours :O)

2227. xymonau27 January 2013, 10:08 GMT +01:00

Nope. That makes you a Septic (tank, rhymes with Yank). We know koalas are wild clawing beasts and not to be trusted. Most Aussies swear perpetually, so "a lot" is feeble, hindeed! Fishin' is like golf - knows no national boundaries, so prooves nuffing. Yool hafta do better than that. Wiffout lookin', wot's the second stanza 0f "Advance Australia Fair"? Go on. I dare you!

2228. happyture28 January 2013, 11:38 GMT +01:00

Well pull yourself a perch and i'll rattle a few off, bush walking, scuba diving, B,BQ's , high lighting hair, Rolf Harris, surfing, Rugga, Cricket , Well i think that proves me point, i is an Australian by nature but by bad fortune born elsewhere :O)

2229. xymonau28 January 2013, 11:52 GMT +01:00

RUGGA?! Here we call it Union or League, depending on the genre. And I don't want to keep reminding you that Rolf Harris is just about British. I'm waitin' for that second stanza...

2230. happyture30 January 2013, 10:34 GMT +01:00

Hactually Rolfy boy is of Welsh decent look you isn't it like, I am a Oztralian I am, when i see a Roo i swerve like im trying to miss it, even if its on the internet, Tell ya it stands out like a shag on a rock , any ways im Flat out like a lizard drinkin so i'll catch ya laters :O)

2231. xymonau30 January 2013, 13:29 GMT +01:00

I really did LOL that time. You have to have some points for trying. I hope you get your wish some day, Mikey. My Dad always wanted to go to the "old country". He did get to visit England in his 60s (and nearly freeze to death in the winter there). He stayed for almost a year, I think. He hated me saying I am not British. He was third generation, for goodness sake! Still, he was raised in another era, when the height of society was to talk like a Pomgolian.

2232. happyture30 January 2013, 22:02 GMT +01:00

Ahhh its good to laff,and even better if its out loud, One day i shall walk upon your land, its on my bucket list so its gotta happen :O)

2233. xymonau31 January 2013, 10:06 GMT +01:00

Who on earth invented that expression? It doesn't make any sense.

I would like to see England and other parts of Europe, but I'm sure I won't. Still, I never expected to visit the US and I did, so you never know what the future holds, hey?

My immediate future holds food in it. Yes, I can foretell that clearly. Food. Omnomnomnomnommmmm!

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