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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

2234. happyture7 February 2013, 8:13 GMT +01:00

All i have eaten over the last few days is cuppa soups i feel like crap at the moment so dont feel like eating, i have Doc's on monday so hopefully i will get sorted, shouldn't complain really as theres always someone worse aint there :O)

2235. xymonau7 February 2013, 9:48 GMT +01:00

Urrg! Salty and awful. I hope you can get some help, Mikey. You must have a fever. It's not relevant whether there is someone worse. That doesn't make you feel better, just grateful. I really hope this lifts soon. But you have to have something like fruit juice at least, just for some nutrition.

2236. happyture7 February 2013, 11:34 GMT +01:00

Yeah i been drinking fruit juice, the cuppa soups are the low salt one's Dezzie they are not that tasty but better than nothing , just fed up of not being able to get outside ..

2237. xymonau8 February 2013, 10:18 GMT +01:00

Poor thing. You have to get some sunlight or take vitamin D. You'll feel bad if your levels are low. and you'll be prone to other sickness.

Here I live in the Sunshine State, and the doc tells me I've got low vitamin D in my blood. I don't go out in the sun much because I burn easily, so now I have to double my dose of the vitamin and try to get sun every day. Hasn't happened this week, but I'll try to sit and cook for a while on the weekend. And since I've been back eating dead things, my cholesterol is through the roof. I reformed yesterday - well, I still have a few things to eat - but it's vegan all the way after that. I've put on so much weight, it's scary. I'll end up on YouTube if I don't do something.

I really hope you get better fast, Mikey. You've been sick for ages, and it must be getting you down.

2238. happyture9 March 2013, 9:23 GMT +01:00

Hello Dezzie, Yep your right i have been sick for ages, I did start taking fruit juice multi vits all sorts trying to rid myself of this chest infection but nothing worked, so i been back n to to the doc's hopefully they will sort it out as its so tiring, anyways enough negative vibes lets have sum fun, Know any gossip,,,,,,who can we talk about,,,,,,What about Gramps? he's always good for a titter :O)

2239. xymonau9 March 2013, 11:29 GMT +01:00

Sorry you have been so sick, Mike. You have to get well. It's boring without you.

Gramps is certainly a figure of fun, but he gets a bit cheeky and I fear he might answer back if we pick on him. I don't want to be forced to harm him in any way. you know what my temper is like...

2240. happyture11 March 2013, 7:32 GMT +01:00

Bless you, do you know Dezzie if my arms were longer id give you a hug, I iz trying to gets bettererer maybe once i have had me lungs Hexrayed i'll bee okie dokie an i can get back to me former glory and torment you until the cows come home :O)

2241. xymonau11 March 2013, 8:01 GMT +01:00

Gee, Mike, you've been sick for too long. The cows have been and gone. They left because you like the taste of 'em an' they heard the roomers. I don't expect you to fight wiff me yet. That's like me hittin' granfather - fish in a barrel. No, I wants to flog you when you is strong an' ripplin' wiff mussels. Makes the victory so much sweeter. OOH - me trigger finger is gettin' twitchy...

2242. happyture5 June 2013, 15:42 GMT +02:00

Dezzie? are you sure you put a stamp on my parcel ?

2243. happyture5 June 2013, 15:50 GMT +02:00

What is going on with the auto survey that shoots up every time you visit rgbstock.com huh : )

2244. xymonau5 June 2013, 23:59 GMT +02:00

Firstly, I'm not getting that. What sort of survey is it? I'll nudge someone about it.

Secondly - of course I put a stamp on it. You fink I'm cheep or sumping? I juss forgetted to put the prezzie innit. I'm old now. I forgets. I bin tryin' to give away this prezzie froo free peeples so far. Way I'm goin', I never gunna hafta buy anuvver gift again!

Didjoo havva nice birfday? Is you reely old now?

2245. happyture6 June 2013, 0:05 GMT +02:00

I twoz ok thank you Dezzie, i likes cake day juss couldn't stand the heat off the candulls melted to paint off the dorr's

2246. xymonau6 June 2013, 0:32 GMT +02:00

I has to get to work so I carn' hinsultchoo henny more. Watch this space...

2247. jazza6 June 2013, 8:39 GMT +02:00

I am sorry to break in into your personal discussion. But dont worry: I dont understand this type of English ;)

Michael, You see an popup window every time you go to rgbstock.com?
That is not ours I guess. If you can, please send a screenshot of this situation to me (info[@]rgbstock.com)

Do you have good anti virus software to check your computer? Maybe you have some virus infection, unwanted 'browser helper' or toolbar installed?

2248. happyture6 June 2013, 14:39 GMT +02:00

Hi there, it had the rgbstock.com header and stated as a visitor to rgbstock.com would i take part in a survey which i did then it asked would i be willing to pay £5.00 for a product worth £50 when i pressed yes it took me to another site where i could purchase such products, It has not appeared at this visit though jazza ..

2249. xymonau7 June 2013, 11:11 GMT +02:00

Is it still happening, Mike? there are no surveys on the site.

2250. happyture8 June 2013, 8:49 GMT +02:00

No its not still happening Dezzie, I am working from a brand new laptop with all whistles and flutes so its not a toolbar or virus, as i say it came up with rgb's header so it was preying on rgb not me,,it was using rgb log on and the number of visitors to this site as fodder. apart mfrom this hows you elf n temper Dezzie gurl :o)

2251. xymonau8 June 2013, 16:18 GMT +02:00

I'm up late, so I need to make this quick. I'm okay. I signed up to buy another place on Friday. It all depends on the bank, as always. It's a lot more expensive and my financial life would change profoundly if I get it. I'll tell you about it if it doesn't fall through. Not pretty on the outside, but quite nice inside. But no town water, just tanks.

Are you feeling okay these days?

Well, re the thing that was coming up, I hope it hasn't been happening to others.

An' 'ow dare you gets yoreselluf a new laptop, hey? Lah de dah, lord muck! Some of ussens got no time for fancy state ovva art stuffs. No! We sticks to tried an' troo heequipments. Hanteeks is wot we got. Fancy hanteeks.

2252. happyture12 June 2013, 9:23 GMT +02:00

Well best of luck Dezzie hope this one turns out good for you, MMMMMMMM, as for me elf hime feelin somethymes an sumthymes hime knot but most the thyme hime feelin,,, yoo wood luv me new lappy hits reely gud, i5 processor and can multi tusk juss a shame i can't really, hiff yoo lived down the street yoo cudav had a go but seams yoo dont yoo cant.. I is going to play on ere a bit as i need a rest from Facebook drivin me round the bend ...do you wanna see me scar now dezzie ???

2253. xymonau12 June 2013, 10:59 GMT +02:00

Yeah. Show me. Wait - I gotta get me cam'ra. Okay - do yore darndest.

2254. happyture12 June 2013, 11:02 GMT +02:00

Wot you thunk ov dat den...........................canya see it.. himpressive init :o)

2255. xymonau12 June 2013, 12:30 GMT +02:00

I'm underwhelmed. No, really!

2256. happyture12 June 2013, 13:20 GMT +02:00

Oh yoo iz juss spoiling the hole build up to me new belly button tiz naw a hinny an not han outy ...but you gonanne ruined it naw..........

2257. xymonau12 June 2013, 15:15 GMT +02:00

A lint collector by any uvver nayme...

Duz yer Ma know wotchoo dun?

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