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woohoo Im on the front page and the shock has sent me funny,,,,er!

1. happyture18 February 2011, 9:34 GMT +01:00

Thanks, could of warned me though, as the shock has made me go all Funny-er than normal... :o)

314. happyture13 April 2011, 10:38 GMT +02:00

OH MY GOD,,,OR if you use facebook OMG! Class separation,,just because of booties,,thats SNOBBERY yes Sir'ee full blown Snobbery,, what i believe is, we all come into this world with nothing and we sure leave with nothing, What we gather whilst we are here wil not buy you a better seat on your exit...

315. xymonau13 April 2011, 12:31 GMT +02:00

No, but it will make your travel through life a lot easier. I never said I was middle class. And I'm not a snob. I relish the whole bogan thing, to be honest. I'll see if I can find a link to an iconic character from the nineties, done by Magda Szubanski of Kath and Kim fame.

Here it is, and you'll notice that Ferret is wearing lambswool slippers, precursors of the Ugg boot. (There are a few clips related to this from a hilarious 90s show called Fast Forward, which was followed by Full Frontal.) I love it!


316. happyture13 April 2011, 13:42 GMT +02:00

Hoo Wow love um,,,, this one should go a real treat in UKland just now..

317. xymonau13 April 2011, 14:15 GMT +02:00

It's about 20 years old now, but still really funny.

This is my favourite character:

318. happyture13 April 2011, 17:01 GMT +02:00

So funny!!! :O)

319. xymonau14 April 2011, 12:40 GMT +02:00

I used to love those shows. Most of the actors have gone on to bigger and better things. But they were so smart and funny, and I really missed them.

How's the weather there, Mikey? It's still raining on and off here - maddening - but it has begun cooling down, and the days are getting just perfect, temperature-wise. I'm having some annual leave beginning late next week, and i'm going to Brisbane tomorrow afternoon - about 3 and a half hours south of here. I haven't been there since the floods, and I know the roads are probably still less than perfect. But I get to see my grandbabies. They just turned 6 in late March, and I want lots of cuddles. I miss them so much. I'll take both cameras, and maybe get to take some photos. I'll be missing from here for a few days. You mustn't have the locks changed while I'm away, or I'll be offended.

320. happyture14 April 2011, 15:17 GMT +02:00

Ha ha,,you go for it girl, you know what they say,,, A change is as good as a rest,, a nice break away there in Brisbane with all them cuddles will do you the power of good,,my my you'll be a new women when you get back, all cuddled up an all.. have a great time Dezzie :O)

321. xymonau14 April 2011, 15:22 GMT +02:00

Thank you. :) Keep my place warm, and collect the mail, would you?

322. happyture14 April 2011, 15:25 GMT +02:00

Do you want me to put the cat out?

323. xymonau14 April 2011, 15:31 GMT +02:00

Nah, I didn't set fire to him this time.

324. happyture14 April 2011, 15:39 GMT +02:00

Thats good,,thats really good Dezzie,,,now thats called being nice,,,i just knew you could do it!!

325. Groningen15 April 2011, 19:56 GMT +02:00

Have fun Lady from Oz

326. micromoth15 April 2011, 20:46 GMT +02:00

Have a great time Brisbying Dez!

327. xymonau17 April 2011, 11:38 GMT +02:00

Thank you peoples. Mikey, you may read about my trip (very briefly) in the LOTP topic. I can't call it a game, when I was always the winner, can I?

But I will say, I can't wait to go back in two weeks. I'll have them for two nights again. They are easier to deal with now they are older, but I still found myself getting a bit tired by day's end. I told them they had to put me to bed for a nap, and to ignore my crying.

They were both a little bit concerned about the locks on the motel door. I assured them that no bad people could get in. Then one asked very seriously, "But what about the criminals?" I nearly laughed out loud, as I didn't expect that word from a six year old. Later on, we made Easter cards for their Daddy and his partner (who is not their mother). One of them wrote on it, "I am lovable and capable. I love you, Daddy." It was just delightful. They wanted to know where their other Nanna and Gran came from - i.e., had they always been there? So we had a profound discussion about how everyone is born into the world as a baby. And many other things that are boring unless you're me! LOL

I did discover it takes four hours to get to Brisbane - more when your motel is on the south side! And they are long, hot hours when your air conditioner has stopped working.

328. happyture17 April 2011, 13:46 GMT +02:00

That sounds fantastic Dezzie,, we all need family time, its great just to sit and listen to what children come out with, I know my grandson has me in fits of laughter some times,, Aghh i,m so pleased that you had a good time,,and going back in two weeks you lucky girl, Did nanny get spoilt also??

329. xymonau17 April 2011, 14:01 GMT +02:00

Yes. I asked them to pick up their pencils and books while I was in the shower. When I came out, they had cleaned the whole place better than many adults could, and - bless their little hearts - they had put the pillows at a jaunty angle on the fold-out bed, and folded their (wet) motel towels neatly and placed them on the corners of the bed. The table was clear, everything was picked up and packed away, and they were as proud as punch. They also made me some lovely pictures full of hearts and they wrote that they love me.

But I'm concerned about you. Are you very sick? Is it a 'flu?

330. happyture17 April 2011, 15:14 GMT +02:00

KIDNAP,,,YEAH ID KIDNAP UM,, if they are that good cleaning now,,,Shoot just think what they gonna be like when they is all grown up,,,Are they the right size now for cleaning chimneys,,,??

I iz quit poorly, but still happyture, no gud sulking bout anythin iz it, gotta keep on goin aint ya :O)

331. Groningen17 April 2011, 19:00 GMT +02:00

@330 ow that sucks

wellwishings from me and the gerbils Oscar and Alfred

332. happyture17 April 2011, 20:07 GMT +02:00

Hey, BIG thanks for that, means a lot :O)

333. xymonau18 April 2011, 11:35 GMT +02:00

No, they don't do chimbleys. Although they would probably think it was great fun. Yes, they are going to be wonderful at keeping a tidy house as they get older. You kidnap them, you die. I have much housework just waiting for them!

I hope you're feeling better soon, Mike. I can offer soup.

334. happyture18 April 2011, 22:52 GMT +02:00

Bless them little cleaner children,,, they just does not know what they has waiting for them at nanny's house,,,,,,,,And yes i was feeling a little better untill you mentioned the soup, now i is bilious again....

335. xymonau19 April 2011, 10:43 GMT +02:00

Billionnaires get bilious. You is just feeling poorly.

336. happyture19 April 2011, 12:27 GMT +02:00

Ha ha ha ha.....

337. xymonau19 April 2011, 13:03 GMT +02:00

Right. It's off to bed. I am kezausted. It has been a taxing day.

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