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woohoo Im on the front page and the shock has sent me funny,,,,er!

1. happyture18 February 2011, 9:34 GMT +01:00

Thanks, could of warned me though, as the shock has made me go all Funny-er than normal... :o)

1466. xymonau4 December 2011, 10:56 GMT +01:00

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say that out loud? A mere slip of the keyboard.

Look, the world knows you has a little problem. 'Fess up, now. You has a bulgarity problem, an' we is goin' to have to hoperate hiff hit gets worserer.

1467. happyture4 December 2011, 12:24 GMT +01:00

Fourget it Mrs, i aint fessin up to nuffink , i is charming threw n threw , not fourgetting polite, and always courteous when in a pubic place

1468. xymonau4 December 2011, 12:45 GMT +01:00

Yers. You ALWAYS clears your froat an' spits jus' before you opens the raincoat.

1469. happyture4 December 2011, 14:18 GMT +01:00

Ha thats so funny,,,you knows i stopped doing that in September,,its just so cold here Brrrr, stroll on june....

1470. xymonau4 December 2011, 23:24 GMT +01:00

No you diddent. The judge said so. You jus' flashes your flanelette hundies hinstead.

1471. happyture5 December 2011, 7:21 GMT +01:00

Its 6.20am here in dull cold wet windy UKland too cold for a plastic raincoat and flannelette undies i tell ya, brrr freeze the dangley bits off a brass munky Brrrrrrr!!!

1472. xymonau5 December 2011, 9:30 GMT +01:00

April, come she will...

I think that is significant. I'm sorry you're cold. You dunna rain dance again, din'cha?

1473. happyture5 December 2011, 9:44 GMT +01:00

Na i is listening to this wonderful lady do wot she do best ...

1474. xymonau5 December 2011, 10:08 GMT +01:00

She has a nice voice.

1475. happyture5 December 2011, 10:18 GMT +01:00

X Factor star from 2010,,, think she's so sole full wonderful voice, her first album is out now,,,might splash out n buy it...

1476. xymonau5 December 2011, 11:09 GMT +01:00

There are a lot of hidden talents out there.

1477. happyture5 December 2011, 20:02 GMT +01:00

Tell me bout it, i seen this Cantonese women doing this trick with a ping pong ball, well you could have knocked me down with a feather,,mazing she was...

1478. xymonau9 December 2011, 8:56 GMT +01:00

See? There you go again!

1479. xymonau9 December 2011, 9:11 GMT +01:00

By the way, I was at another workshop for three nights, then had to come back in the wee small hours and attend a conference all day. After a four hour trip - I discovered I can drive quite well at 140kms per hour - not earth-shattering, but certainly illegal - I really didn't feel very much like anything. I'll be missing while I rest over the Sabbath, and be back tomorrow night. I am totally thunk out right now.

1480. happyture9 December 2011, 9:14 GMT +01:00

Bless you Dezzie, you work too hard gurl you do,,Now run along and make us a nice bowl of soop,,oh and a couple of slices of bread n butter,,oh and put the pot on,,,So pleased your back,,I,m starving :O)

1481. xymonau10 December 2011, 11:10 GMT +01:00

Here's your sammidge. It's tripe an' unions an' sweet chilli sauce. I wanted to give it a hinternashunal falvour. Yes, it's soggy. Well, I made it a while ago, so that's to be hexpected. When? Ummm...February.

1482. happyture10 December 2011, 12:36 GMT +01:00

Blooming Heck Dezzie a Animal wouldn't eat that never mind a Manimal!!!!

1483. xymonau10 December 2011, 12:51 GMT +01:00

Yeah, but I fought you woz 'ungry. I got bikskits. You like dry corn crispbread? I can wet it.

1484. happyture10 December 2011, 13:18 GMT +01:00

Dry Biscuits, tripe n onions,,,sweet chilli sause,,,,Tell you what, we'll go for a meal at that little Italian place on the corner, you know the one just past the car park on the right...Be saferer i knows!!

1485. xymonau10 December 2011, 13:40 GMT +01:00

Italian? You is rejectin' perfeckly good Australian food? Is you racially prejudiced or sunfin'?

1486. happyture10 December 2011, 15:04 GMT +01:00

Errr,,,No,,no ,,its just,,err ive had way way too much tripe n onions just lately, fancy a change OK...Hummmm,humm ,,,

1487. xymonau10 December 2011, 15:31 GMT +01:00

Who, in their right mind, ever decided that the lining of an animal's stomach looked good enough to eat?!

1488. happyture10 December 2011, 16:19 GMT +01:00

I Have seen people eat it with great relish, yet i have never liked the look of it really, Bit like the jellied Ell thing the Londoners eat....Na not for me thank you!

1489. xymonau10 December 2011, 16:24 GMT +01:00

My parents used to eat tripe in white sauce, brains (good grief!) and liver, etc. I can't think of anything more disgusting. And in these days of mad cow disease, etc, I think people are crazy to even contemplate eating internal organs of animals.

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