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woohoo Im on the front page and the shock has sent me funny,,,,er!

1. happyture18 February 2011, 9:34 GMT +01:00

Thanks, could of warned me though, as the shock has made me go all Funny-er than normal... :o)

1514. happyture16 December 2011, 11:55 GMT +01:00

Its blooming snowing here now, Im full of a man cold, which as you very well know is much worserer than a womens cold,,Sniff snort,,,errrrrrrrrrrrr,,,i need a nurse....nurse.......i,m fading away...

1515. xymonau17 December 2011, 10:45 GMT +01:00

I can see you perfeckly well. You is not at all faded. You got it wrong. Men are much worserer than wimmin. Their colds are merely very similar.

I'm sorry you're sick, but you must rejoice with me. I found an old and very good friend on Facebook today. This was not easy as she changed her first name and married since I last saw her fifteen years ago. I tracked her down via her daughter, who had also changed her name, but had her maiden name in brackets in her profile. I was so excited, and I sent her a message, but then looked in the white pages for her number. I ended up calling her mother in law, who had no hesitation in giving her phone numbers to a complete stranger! LOL I couldn't wait, and I phoned her. I burst into tears, and she was a bit emotional, but at work. She called me this afternoon, and we had a very long catch-up phone call. She lives about 150 miles north of here, but I'll try to see her some time next year. So much water under the bridge.

1516. happyture17 December 2011, 13:13 GMT +01:00

Yeah,,friends,,,real friends? when your young/in school friends come and go, as with most my best friend from school is just a faint memory, but was they really a friend or just a playtime buddy, i found that work friends also fade away if you swap jobs contact fails after a short while, while friends ive made later in life are what i call true friends, to me a friend is someone if you was falling off a mountain you could grab their hand and you'd know they wouldn't let go!!

1517. xymonau17 December 2011, 13:42 GMT +01:00

Well, I think she is like that. But I left for Brisbane, and though she visited me there, there were other things in both our lives and we just lost contact, and neither could find the other for a few years. Facebook to the rescue.

I have several good friends from work. She was someone I worked with for a while. And others have kept in touch with me over the years. I know if I was stuck and they could help, they would. I had several offers of help when I was out of work and needing to move. A couple of people invited me to live with them until I could sort something out. And these were people I had never really socialised with. I was really touched by their generosity. I've been lucky. They're the sort of people that you can be out of contact with them for years, but as soon as you're together again, it's as if you'd never been away.

I was seldom at a school long enough to make solid friends, but there are one or two. I always really liked my school friends, though.

1518. happyture17 December 2011, 19:03 GMT +01:00

I only got one or two good friend and their names are Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony......

1519. xymonau18 December 2011, 0:30 GMT +01:00

I'm also happy to befriend your Panasonic. But you are a jealous man.

1520. happyture18 December 2011, 10:19 GMT +01:00

No never have been, if you have to worry bout something coming back to you it wasn't worth worrying bout in the first place :O)

1521. xymonau18 December 2011, 10:21 GMT +01:00

Great! I'll send you my address and when can I expect to be receiving my - er - your new camera?

1522. happyture18 December 2011, 10:26 GMT +01:00

OH, ive come over all faint,,,its the thought of giving something away,,let me just sit for a week or two....

1523. xymonau18 December 2011, 10:31 GMT +01:00

It's that man flu again, innit? I nose the siptoms.

1524. happyture18 December 2011, 10:36 GMT +01:00

Got my 6 year old grandson pressing buttons oooooohhhhhh....COREY!!!!!

1525. xymonau18 December 2011, 10:41 GMT +01:00

The little boy next door is called Corey. He's about 4, but a real demon on his scooter. He's going to be a sportsman, you can see it in him. Fabulous balance and no fear.

1526. happyture18 December 2011, 10:45 GMT +01:00

Must be something about the name then, Corey is a live wire never still, its just my batteries that give up :O)

1527. xymonau18 December 2011, 10:47 GMT +01:00

It would be terrible if we had to live up to our names. Mine is unpronounceable.

1528. happyture18 December 2011, 10:56 GMT +01:00

Edaw Leahcim thats my name,,,,,oh sorry im looking at it in the mirror...

1529. xymonau18 December 2011, 11:06 GMT +01:00

Still sounded quite Welsh, though.

1530. happyture18 December 2011, 11:45 GMT +01:00

funny that init, :O)

1531. xymonau18 December 2011, 12:03 GMT +01:00

I believe in naming kids normal names like "Michael" and "Susan". None of this fancy nonsense. It's cruel to a child.

1532. happyture18 December 2011, 12:50 GMT +01:00

Yeah,,think its these show bizz types that started that rubbish,, just because the child was conceived in Paris they call her (Paris) good job i didn't do that with my daughter or her name would have been,,,,Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch...

1533. xymonau18 December 2011, 13:03 GMT +01:00

An' that woulda been the short version.

1534. happyture18 December 2011, 13:49 GMT +01:00

yeah, love the Welsh village names they just roll off the tongue..

1535. xymonau19 December 2011, 9:53 GMT +01:00

Like peanut butter.

1536. happyture20 December 2011, 8:07 GMT +01:00

wot? peanut butter,,,,how do you manage to roll peanut butter off your tongue...make a hell of a mess!!!

1537. xymonau20 December 2011, 9:02 GMT +01:00


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