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woohoo Im on the front page and the shock has sent me funny,,,,er!

1. happyture18 February 2011, 9:34 GMT +01:00

Thanks, could of warned me though, as the shock has made me go all Funny-er than normal... :o)

2114. happyture15 January 2013, 9:59 GMT +01:00

Well i believe fate was indeed pointing a finger giving him just a small clue, or he my even end up marrying conjoined twins,,Na just think, double the back chat he'd never survive that was cruel of me to even think it :O(

2115. xymonau16 January 2013, 7:52 GMT +01:00

Men thrive on backchat. How else would they remember they is hitched?

Hey, good news - I had a bone densitometry test today (x-ray_ and I have normal bone density except for a .1 less in one vertebra, and that's nothing. Certainly nowhere near osteoporosis. Still doesn't explain the fractures, but it makes me feel like I'm not walking around with a fragile skeleton. I think that's great. I should celebrate with a calcioum-depleting high protein meal! Fish and chips tomorrow night, I'll wager!

2116. happyture16 January 2013, 8:10 GMT +01:00

Never a truererer wurd spoken young lady, mine ears have been bashed more than any other part of my anatomy over the years, HEY!! i take it backchat dont wurk on a deaf man then,,where's the cotton buds ....

Well Good news Dezzie normal bones thats great, bet thats took a lot of weight offa your mind aint it, Im so pleased for you, I love fish, a fish meal rather than a red meat meal any day for me too, fish n Chips is a must Dezzie hope you enjoy it too :O)

2117. xymonau16 January 2013, 9:57 GMT +01:00

We'll see. I was just eating (a salad roll - no imagination) and a woman I worked with in Brisbane phoned. I haven't been in touch with her for a couple of years. it was lovely to catch up! Then my phone battery decided to go flat. Looks like I need a new one. but we talked for ages, and I'm so glad she phoned. Old friends are the best, aren't they?

2118. happyture17 January 2013, 6:44 GMT +01:00

Thats right you can't beat old salad rolls,,there the best :O)

2119. xymonau21 January 2013, 7:58 GMT +01:00

...and the next day I had to go to Brisbane to resolve a family crisis. *sigh*

I'm back and back to work tomorrow, in a mad rush to try to finish quarterly reports. Drama never takes timing into consideration, does it?

2120. happyture21 January 2013, 18:54 GMT +01:00

Your such a busy gurl i dunner now's how yoo fines the times to make your himages :O)

2121. xymonau21 January 2013, 23:28 GMT +01:00

I'm not so much busy as confused. Since I don't watch telly, I have a lot of time, really. And I have thousands of images already done. I just go back and mess with them or post them as is. I always forget what I've done and then stumble on something I rather like. I don't always post them. Some I keep.

2122. happyture22 January 2013, 11:01 GMT +01:00

I haven't been taking images just lately as my health has not been too clever, but thank God Im feeling better now so i shall start again...

2123. xymonau22 January 2013, 23:41 GMT +01:00

I hope you really are well, or getting there. And you take such beautiful photos, so I hope you get out there soon.

2124. happyture24 January 2013, 0:08 GMT +01:00

Yes, felling a little better now thanks Dezzie, this English weather does not suit me nor my camera, i much prefer the whiter light of the southern hemisphere and so would my camera :O)

2125. xymonau25 January 2013, 5:38 GMT +01:00

I'm not sure the light is exactly white. Yellow glare is more to the point. And certainly vivid. Although it's raining today (mercifully) and the temp has plummeted. So much for global warming. And so much for bright light. It looks like your typical British day out there. And my aching bones wish for a drought. (Not really, but I do ache so much in this weather.)

2126. happyture26 January 2013, 10:42 GMT +01:00

Just no pleasing some people,,"its too hot" "Now its raining" and you say us pommies bladdy moan, you'd have summot to moan about if you was ere Mrs, Snow, freezing cold and thats the summer :O)

2127. xymonau26 January 2013, 10:55 GMT +01:00

Well, we is got Pomgolian genes so we carsn't help but moan, can we? I do not want your weather, but I don't want mine right now, either. We've gone almost overnight from drought conditions to floods! Flamin' country!

2128. happyture27 January 2013, 9:56 GMT +01:00

Ahhh you juss dunna know how lucky yoo iz gurl, My friends son is loving Oztralia he's been living there a month now, got a job, made some dollars, made some friends :O)

2129. xymonau27 January 2013, 10:16 GMT +01:00

Where is he? He can't be in these flamin' floods! Seriously, we've had tornadoes about 50 miles up the road! Since when do we get TORNADOES in Australia?! Well, Sydney does, but they ruin the environment an' it's nature fighting back. I was phoned in the wee small hours because a third worker can't get to work now. The roads are all cut off. One has the river lapping at her front door, and all her worldly goods up on tables. The sun actually broke out this afternoon, but the rivers haven't peaked yet from rain in other places. This one crept up on me. It shouldn't be as bad as the last one. However three people have already died.

I know I'm lucky. I wouldn't live anywhere else unless I had to. Although we're getting to be as Fascist as the US and England now, so there aren't many other places to run to when it gets bad. New Zealand is too small - although it's incredibly pretty.

2130. happyture28 January 2013, 11:23 GMT +01:00

He's in Perth, so he's well out of the floods, he really likes it there although its very expensive to live. I have been watching the news its done so much damage :O(

2131. xymonau28 January 2013, 11:48 GMT +01:00

One of my sisters lives in Perth, but I've never been there. So far away. But it certainly has a lot going for it. I think he'll find most of Australia is expensive. The small towns are most affordable.

The floods two years ago took many more lives and caused more damage over a longer period of time, but this recent lot is very widespread - all the way down to NSW - and some places are experiencing absolute record floods. It's so soon after the last that this may break some businesses. For example, the restaurant where we had our xmas lunch has gone under the river again, right up to the roof. (It's built on the riverbank.) And this is the second time iin two years. The last time, all their furniture floated away. Probably did again.

2132. happyture30 January 2013, 10:38 GMT +01:00

The planet is changing so fast now, the weather is so unpredictable, I just hope mother Earth can repair herself before its too late, this is what i believe she is trying to do now,the future truly frightens me, not for myself but for my children and grandchildren :O)

2133. xymonau30 January 2013, 13:38 GMT +01:00

Well, I have an apocalyptic view on it all. Not the trendy American TV Charismatic "born again" arm waving "Left Behind" version (sorry if I offend anyone, but I find those religions very superficial) - but what the bible says about all these things increasing towards the end of time. I believe there is no hope for the planet, but it will continue to feed us while the disasters multiply. The only reason for hunger is greed. Surplus food is fed to animals rather than humans, or dumped to inflate the prices at the supermarket. And although I'm not a Christian, I do believe God is our only help through these times.

Pastor Dez will now pronounce the benediction.

2134. happyture30 January 2013, 21:58 GMT +01:00

You dont air though's thoughts at party's do ya ha ha, I think i seen you on the telly the other night with your bill board :O)

2135. xymonau31 January 2013, 9:58 GMT +01:00

That was me. Long white robe and a beard to match.

Oddly enough, I'm seldom invited to parties. Do you think that could be the reason?

2136. happyture7 February 2013, 8:18 GMT +01:00

Well not being rude or anything, Yeah,, might have summot to do with it, well that and your habit of singing Oztralian rugby songs while drinkin a yard of ale :O)

2137. xymonau7 February 2013, 9:52 GMT +01:00

Are you sure it wasn't Rolf Harris? I mean, the facial hair matches, but I can't sing.

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