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1. jonfletch12 March 2011, 15:17 GMT +01:00


2. xymonau12 March 2011, 15:24 GMT +01:00

The Australian Taxation office wants $500 from me that they claim they overpaid me. Not...Happy!

3. micromoth12 March 2011, 21:07 GMT +01:00

People who stand in doorways. Or people who walk very slowly down the middle of a narrow passageway. (You can tell I'm a commuter!)

4. Groningen12 March 2011, 22:16 GMT +01:00

...people that are really stupid but think they know everything

5. crisderaud14 April 2011, 7:35 GMT +02:00

Allergies! It's that time of year again. I have the good prescription medicine (Allegra), nasal spray and an inhaler. I hope that's enough.

6. xymonau14 April 2011, 12:29 GMT +02:00

Rain. I hate it. It hates me. And it won't stop.

7. crisderaud14 April 2011, 18:39 GMT +02:00


"People who think they know everything really irritate us that do." (old saying)

8. crisderaud17 April 2011, 14:27 GMT +02:00

Jury duty in a week. They should know I can't see well enough to follow what is happening in court.

9. Groningen17 April 2011, 19:06 GMT +02:00

is it for minor or major crimes?
good that you are on the other side/ not the one that is going to be judged

10. crisderaud18 April 2011, 19:12 GMT +02:00

You never know until you get there.It's been four or five years since the last time and I got out early when I explained to them I was too blind to follow a hearing. I thought I was exempt from then on, but apparently not.

Eventually I will get a doctor's written excuse and get out of the system so I don't have to go. I can't drive either which makes it hard to get there or anywhere else!

11. happyture19 April 2011, 8:53 GMT +02:00

I,ll tell you what's Annoying, When someone says,, when i look at your image at 100X magnification i can see noise!!!! I say if you stand with your nose touching the canvas of the Mona Lisa it looks really Shit!!! Also i say look at things how they are meant to be viewed!!!

12. xymonau19 April 2011, 10:39 GMT +02:00

You've had your nose on the Mona Lisa? And you weren't shot by security?

13. happyture19 April 2011, 12:26 GMT +02:00

Its not what you know dezzie,,Its who!

14. Groningen19 April 2011, 22:57 GMT +02:00

yesterday my internet and telephone line went dead
luckily today everything is okay again

15. crisderaud27 April 2011, 6:24 GMT +02:00

Computer component failure. This time I had a 4 yr old Samsung monitor fail to come on.

Monitors have thin little fluorescent like tubes along the top and bottom. These tubes started flickering for a long time when you first turned the monitor on. After 20 minutes or so the monitor finally lit up fully.

Yesterday it failed to come on. I took it all apart and sure enough the 2 mm thin tubes just flickered and the light didn't go all the way to the ends of the tubes.

New monitor time. Luckily it's the monitor in the house that I don't use anymore. The family still needs a new one to replace it.

16. Groningen27 April 2011, 18:55 GMT +02:00

my left eye is inflamed since yesterday
I look like someone punched me in the face
have to go and see a doctor
just my favorite thing

17. happyture28 April 2011, 9:05 GMT +02:00

Hope it gets better soon,,,Is it your camera peeping eye!

18. xymonau28 April 2011, 12:58 GMT +02:00

Yes, I hope it is just a temporary thing, Christine. I hope it isn't too sore.

19. gesinek28 April 2011, 14:09 GMT +02:00

@ Get well soon.

20. Groningen28 April 2011, 22:11 GMT +02:00

thank you
but no it's not better yet and it hurts :-(
I'm grumpy (ask Oscar and Alfred)
tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my doctor

@17: I need both eyes for my vector illustrations LOL

I try to stress my eyes as less as possible
but I need my eyes for every hobby I have (reading, jigsaw-puzzles, mahjong on the computer)

21. Groningen28 April 2011, 23:07 GMT +02:00

extreme close-up of my left eye
click the link below at your own risk


22. crisderaud29 April 2011, 4:59 GMT +02:00

That looks really irritated Christine. I am hoping that the doctor has what it needs to heal it. I have had metal chips embedded in my eye which had to be surgically drilled out. My eye looked like that from the irritation.

Trying to see with one eye bandaged and closed is hard to do for even a short time. The open eye gets tired.

23. happyture29 April 2011, 12:53 GMT +02:00


24. Groningen29 April 2011, 20:12 GMT +02:00

thank you cris

happyture I did warn you

guess what Right Eye decided today to join his/her partner
so now I have two inflamed, scratchy, watering and out-of-focus eyes


my doctor gave me a creme to put in my eyes
if that doesn't work; come back after 5 days

25. happyture29 April 2011, 21:36 GMT +02:00

Nasty Nasty Nasty,,,I really hope you get better soon, it looks really painful,, But what a medical stock image :O)

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