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Inspiring images

1. mzacha18 August 2011, 13:50 GMT +02:00

There are some photos that make me "inspired". Sometimes they are just beautiful or surprising, other time creative or somehow important. Let's share them! ;-)

For example:


74. marmit10 July 2013, 22:26 GMT +02:00

These are maybe not the photos I would have selected but it is great to read the story behind some of the "photos that changed the world"

75. mzacha1 October 2013, 10:09 GMT +02:00


76. mzacha24 October 2013, 12:39 GMT +02:00

Some amazing NY subway shots from a long time ago


Wife's Cancer memoir


77. xymonau26 October 2013, 13:06 GMT +02:00


I posted these on Facebook as well. Just stunning.

78. ColinBrough3 December 2013, 12:07 GMT +01:00

I like these.....


79. xymonau4 December 2013, 10:46 GMT +01:00

Some of those are great. I like the "half tone" in particular.

80. ColinBrough23 December 2013, 17:44 GMT +01:00


Its the technique that makes the results so impressive!

81. xymonau28 December 2013, 4:28 GMT +01:00


I know there are a lot of these artists now, but I hadn't seen some of these. So clever.

Colin, those are beautiful.

82. mzacha31 December 2013, 14:47 GMT +01:00

Another set of 2013s best pictures


83. mzacha16 January 2014, 17:07 GMT +01:00

Mother and her children.


84. weirdvis17 January 2014, 10:51 GMT +01:00

Those pictures of the children with their pets are awesome, Michal. So enchanting. The mother has an excellent eye for capturing the moment. Lovely find!.

85. xymonau18 January 2014, 22:29 GMT +01:00

I looked at both of these, and ended up clicking on links and wasting half a day - thanks! LOL - and I agree about the mother's photos. I think I said on Facebook that the magic is in the light. The first set was also excellent.

86. TheLight21 January 2014, 18:15 GMT +01:00

Wow. Just found this sight. What great imagines. I have been looking for some nice Valentines backgrounds and everything is so over stated else where. Found many (most of which are xymonau's) that could for our Christian Radio station here on RGBstock. Thanks so much for sharing.

87. xymonau24 January 2014, 14:15 GMT +01:00

Glad you could use them.

88. weirdvis25 January 2014, 23:14 GMT +01:00

Another satisfied customer. :D

89. mzacha10 February 2014, 14:17 GMT +01:00

That one moment...


90. xymonau11 February 2014, 12:33 GMT +01:00

Some of those are excellent.

91. jazza14 February 2014, 9:28 GMT +01:00

I cant stop lookin at those photos: "VINTAGE PHOTOS FROM THE PUBLIC ARCHIVES"


92. xymonau23 February 2014, 12:44 GMT +01:00

I love the atmosphere in these.


93. mzacha1 March 2014, 9:45 GMT +01:00

Even more old Russian photos. They are 100 years old and were made in colour!

94. mzacha14 March 2014, 11:37 GMT +01:00

40 amazing old photos.


95. mzacha11 April 2014, 15:36 GMT +02:00

Another bunch of shots!


96. mzacha14 May 2014, 9:24 GMT +02:00

Weird shots from paid stocks.


97. xymonau15 May 2014, 10:05 GMT +02:00

@93 I've seen those on another site. Amazing, aren't they?
@95 Fabulous.
@94 Excellent.
@96 Youri Arcurs said that there are enough "normal" stock photos and that microstock in the future would see most sales success in unusual photos. These would have to lead the field!

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