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Like nature UK, you'll love this!

1. happyture8 November 2011, 10:08 GMT +01:00


386. happyture16 February 2012, 22:13 GMT +01:00

OK OK OK! you juss kan't take a jowke can yoo...flippin heck woman.....

387. xymonau18 February 2012, 9:51 GMT +01:00

Well, I still might tell 'er. But you looks suitably fearful, an' I hates to see a growed man cry.

No, wait - I LIKES to see a growed man cry! Hey, Mikey's Ma! C'mere. I got sunfin' to tells you.

388. happyture18 February 2012, 10:25 GMT +01:00

DONT LISTEN MAAAAA, SHE'S TALKING GARBAGE I TELLIN YA!! see now i got a sore shouting valve an its all your fault,,hope your happy now :O(

389. xymonau18 February 2012, 12:23 GMT +01:00

Are you cryin' yet? Cause I haint' happy if you hain't cryin'.

390. happyture19 February 2012, 11:27 GMT +01:00

Cant cry me tear ducks have dried up :O( hup set though....

391. xymonau19 February 2012, 12:51 GMT +01:00

Hupset? HUPSET? Hupset is for wooses! Send them ducks over 'ere an' I'll give 'em what for. We'll see if they stays dried up or not. I'll have 'em stamp out a few bushfires.

392. happyture19 February 2012, 15:02 GMT +01:00

Juss nasty you is, mocking the hinflickted like that, me ducks dried up cuz me giggle valve overworks, and all you can do is mock,,mock,,,mock...

393. xymonau20 February 2012, 12:36 GMT +01:00

You sound like a chook wot laid a hegg! You diddent, did yew? Corze iff you did, Hye will phone the telly an' makes you famous.

Your giggle valve woz chewed up by the rat, an' you knows it! It woz never a classy giggle valve, hennyway. Hit oney larfed at rude jokes.

394. happyture21 February 2012, 9:57 GMT +01:00

My dear women what on earth are you implying, is it that i have,,oh dare i say it ,,A dirty mind,,tut tut tut,,My i just take this opportunity to state that my mind is as freshly washed linen, as freshly laid snow,,pure as the whitest of white, Now where did i leave my playboy???

395. xymonau21 February 2012, 13:03 GMT +01:00

You've gone gay? You have a toyboy?

396. happyture21 February 2012, 20:00 GMT +01:00

Im not Gay ? heavens above gurl :O)

397. xymonau22 February 2012, 9:23 GMT +01:00

Well, you're the one torkin' about toyboys - playboys, that sort of stuff.

398. happyture22 February 2012, 9:47 GMT +01:00

Playboy is a gurlie mag full of nakedness and things,,,not sweaty hairy mens oh no, not liking them at all...

399. xymonau22 February 2012, 11:53 GMT +01:00

For shame, an' wash your mind out wif carbolic, you ruffian! Does you want your muvver or dorter to pose like that?

400. happyture22 February 2012, 12:40 GMT +01:00

Well i sends her out to the paper shop to get me monthly mag, i treat her to a 250gram bag of sticky toffee and she's as happy as a pig in truffle oil,,,,mmmm mmm mmm,,,yes sir'e

401. xymonau22 February 2012, 12:57 GMT +01:00


402. happyture23 February 2012, 9:32 GMT +01:00

Well lookie you here, its a nice day here on the England/Wales border, Think that once i have finished doing the washing hoovering dusting and polishing i shall go take some photo's yes,,,,thats what im gonna do today..

403. xymonau23 February 2012, 12:58 GMT +01:00

I hope you get some nice shots, Mike. You live in a beautiful place!

404. happyture23 February 2012, 14:53 GMT +01:00

Never got to go,,,too busy busy busy!!!

405. xymonau25 February 2012, 10:07 GMT +01:00

Well, it's been a miserable, rainy week. A hard one at work. And I am feeling the strain a bit. I slept for a few hours today, so that was good. But now I'll be up until next Wednesday.

406. happyture25 February 2012, 17:28 GMT +01:00

Thats awful all work no play makes dezzie a dull gurl :O(

407. xymonau25 February 2012, 17:59 GMT +01:00

I had to take some extra blood pressure meds this evening, and now my heart rate is so slow (36) and I am too nervous to lie down and sleep. I've filled up on caffeine and chocolate, and I hope they have enough of an effect to increase my heart rate. It's so annoying. The meds didn't lower my blood pressure much, but they slowed my heart profoundly. It's 3am and I don't want to sleep until my pulse gets above 40. Get me angry, Mikey. Maybe I'll get my heart racing then. Go on! Insult my soop!

408. happyture25 February 2012, 21:49 GMT +01:00

SOOP, How can you call it Soop when it tastes like Yack piss, I have reported you for dishing it out you know, health n safety are very interested in it, told me the would confiscate your one and only saucepan, and it serves you dam right too..

That some stupid med you got there dezzie, anyways dont just sit there, put the kettle on 1 sugar, nice butty too while your there....

409. xymonau26 February 2012, 3:12 GMT +01:00

You dinnet make me hangry. You made me sneer! Sneerin' don't work. Tha's why you izzent a dockter.

I finally crawled into bed at about 4am. I got up at about 10 - although I was awake a lot because if you drinks caffeine an' hot chocolate in the middel of the night, you has a wee problem, if you gets my drift.

I feel like I've been run over by a bus, but I imagine I'll live. I hate medications. They all have side effects. But I know if I sleep my heart rate will drop even lower, and it just worries me.

Still, I probably kept my rowdy neighbours guessing. They are always awake at all hours. If they saw my lights and became aware that I was ingesting hot chocolate, they might have phoned the police. A close call, that!

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