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Like nature UK, you'll love this!

1. happyture8 November 2011, 10:08 GMT +01:00


482. xymonau22 March 2012, 12:29 GMT +01:00

Good. I hates to see a growed man cry.

483. happyture23 March 2012, 23:40 GMT +01:00

Dezzie,,,the way i see things is it takes just as much energy to be happy as it does to be miserable, and i like happy :O)

484. xymonau24 March 2012, 9:52 GMT +01:00

Oh, it takes no energy to be miserable. No effort is needed at all. But it drains what's left of your energy, so happy is a long way off. I prefer happy, but I am by nature the biggest misery-guts on the planet.

485. happyture26 March 2012, 8:20 GMT +02:00

Oh,,,oh,,misery-guts,,,oh,,,errrr,,,,maybe you'll grow out of that,,,yeah thats it,,its juss a stage your going through,,i thinks you'll turn happy very soon, i can feel it in my water :O)

486. xymonau26 March 2012, 10:45 GMT +02:00

There you go torkin' haboutchoor water again! Juss azlongaz I can't feel it in yore water, I won't hurchoo.

487. happyture26 March 2012, 20:12 GMT +02:00

Do the lotto Dezzie,,Ive got good vibes for ya...

488. xymonau26 March 2012, 22:05 GMT +02:00

I don't really gamble, Mikey. And I don't get the chance. I work long hours, and in this awful town everything closes when the birds roost.

489. happyture27 March 2012, 6:47 GMT +02:00

You can doit online Dezzie,,,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...i can see them@@

490. xymonau27 March 2012, 11:39 GMT +02:00

Yeah, you see and hear many things wot izzent reely there, yer Ma tells me.

491. happyture27 March 2012, 16:11 GMT +02:00

Tellin yoo Dezzmerellda,,I see you,,,,an i see muny,,,lucky dip on the lotto ? one wont hurt :O)

492. xymonau28 March 2012, 11:56 GMT +02:00

wye are yew pushin' me to do it?

493. happyture28 March 2012, 23:49 GMT +02:00

Oh alright then dont do it,, an it had nothin to do with me having international lottery shares at all,,,

494. xymonau29 March 2012, 8:05 GMT +02:00

I haven't had the time. Had yet another medical procedure, and they want to give me an anaesthetic, but are not sure if the local anaesthetist can keep me alive during the procedure! I may have to go to Brisbane. i think I'd prefer to! I'm not feeling very confident about it all. I'll buy a lotto ticket and I might be able to afford to pick and choose my doctors.

495. happyture29 March 2012, 10:29 GMT +02:00

I am thinking of you Dezzie, i really hope things go well for you, you deserve some good luck with your health n everythin, you could al ways try my Doc,,,he's cheap as chips :O)

496. xymonau29 March 2012, 11:20 GMT +02:00

This would be the doctor that treats yer Ma??

497. happyture29 March 2012, 14:17 GMT +02:00

Yeah? why...do you want his number,,?

498. xymonau29 March 2012, 15:01 GMT +02:00

He has a phone?

499. happyture29 March 2012, 16:31 GMT +02:00

Yeah, a mobile one, he advertises in local papers under Have stethoscope will travel,,so Oztralia aint that far izit..

500. xymonau31 March 2012, 10:44 GMT +02:00

That stethoscope - it wouldn't be mad of pink plastic, would it? Only one of my granddaughters lost hers, an you Pomgolians will take anythin' if it ain't nailed down.

501. happyture2 April 2012, 10:41 GMT +02:00

Im not saying untill ive spoken to a solicitor,,,lots are made from pink plasick just B'cuz this one is dont meen its,,,,,,,im talking too munch again.....

502. xymonau2 April 2012, 12:15 GMT +02:00

AHA! And wot does 'e do in 'is spare time? Rob graves?

503. happyture2 April 2012, 14:47 GMT +02:00

No,,he fixes hosses and cows n things very jolly fellow he is :O)

504. xymonau2 April 2012, 15:41 GMT +02:00

Like a clown.

505. happyture3 April 2012, 10:31 GMT +02:00

NOOOOO! I'll have you know he's a very headucated man,,well i say man in a loose kindly way, self sex change, a graft,, Elephants trunk,,,you should see the trick he can do with an Apple.....

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