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JT Koffenberger is an information technology executive with over 20 years of applied Information Technology business experience. He applies advanced technologies and techniques to bring strategic advantage to businesses. He is the Founder and General Manager of The Delmarva Group LLC, a managed IT services firm based in Wilmington, Delaware. Under his leadership, Delmarva Group provides all IT-related services to small- and medium-sized businesses.

As the consulting CIO in several nationally recognized organizations (Innovation America, NASVF), Mr. Koffenberger helps build and align Information Technology strategies along with client business initiatives. He unites the agendas of business leadership and IT organizations into a single, cohesive IT strategy plan. This ability to provide oversight into both the business and IT objectives of a company makes Mr. Koffenberger an invaluable asset.

Mr. Koffenberger and The Delmarva Group have been instrumental in helping businesses align IT strategy and departments to a strategic advantage. Under his leadership, DMVG provides clients with a full range of services from website development to hosting to custom software development to higher-level functions, such as strategic and tactical leadership.

Prior to founding Delmarva Group, Mr. Koffenberger served as Consulting Practice Director for United Messaging (UMI), a firm specializing in outsourced IT services such as email, calendaring and instant messaging. His UMI clients included American President’s Line (APL), Morgan Lewis & Bockius, American Financial Group (AFG) and McDonalds. Projects included large-scale user migrations, often with client communities with over 5,000 people. Under his leadership, development and implementation teams successfully moved thousands of client email accounts to UMI hosting services, raising UMI revenue. He was also instrumental in development standard migration methodologies.

Mr Koffenberger spent 10 years at Day and Zimmermann, Inc. in various roles, including CTO for Day and Zimmermann Information Solutions and Director of Information Technology Architecture. During his tenure at D&Z he performed external services for a number of clients, including Johnson and Johnson, Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and the one of the largest mutual fund firms in the world. Mr. Koffenberger was instrumental in the creation and growth of a groupware development practice for D&Z, as well as overall corporate IT strategy.

When not focused on the job, Mr. Koffenberger enjoys playing golf, cycling (both mountain and road) and photography.

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