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The price of rejection.

1. Gramps15 June 2012, 9:31 GMT +02:00

I just had another couple of rejections, this one with a couple of flowers reflected over water with some Chinese symbols in a bubble / sphere. The reasons given?

"File seems over filtered. Please remove the Chinese character since we do not know what the translation is and it look more like a watermark stamp. Thank you. "

Over filtered, darn right, water and reflections added, orange red filter, slight blur or 'glamour glow' , bubble and Chinese added.

'Please remove the Chinese character since we do not know what the translation is?' The title and description said the Chinese symbols for serenity (would I lie to you? ) that was the whole point of the picture !

All of that I can live with, but !!! the twisted knife in the soul !!!

'it look more like a watermark stamp.'

I took ages working on the reflections, refraction etc. only to have it described as 'a watermark stamp'

The pain !!!!!!

2. micromoth15 June 2012, 10:45 GMT +02:00

Oh dear! Commiserations, Phil. The artist always suffers for his work. But I say this as someone who is not one of the moderators - please try again. I very much like your work. And this is no implied criticism of the moderators, who I think do a splendid job. BTW, I've just had an image rejected today too...

3. happyture15 June 2012, 11:58 GMT +02:00

My favourite saying is,,If in doubt leave it out, works for me anyway :O)

4. Gramps15 June 2012, 13:42 GMT +02:00

LOL. It's not a genuine complaint, otherwise I'd have put it in the General chat area. I just thought it funny that the whole point of the picture was the part that needed removing and also the part that looked like a water mark :0)

I'm quite used to getting work rejected, most the time I'm quite thankful when I look at what might have gone up and how embarrased I would have been.

Ay oop Happy lad, ow's yer parts? still fit and in working order?

5. xymonau16 June 2012, 9:52 GMT +02:00

Oi! A man shooden't be arskin' another man about 'is parts! Even if you is a reject.

6. Gramps16 June 2012, 10:36 GMT +02:00

Just your mind lass, no 'arm in asking a bloke if he can still walk and get around OK.

7. happyture16 June 2012, 11:36 GMT +02:00

Im up and getting around like a good un Thank you very much Grampsey :O)

8. micromoth16 June 2012, 12:44 GMT +02:00

Glad to hear it Mikey. Now try tellin' Dez that you is a gooder un. It really winds 'er up. ;-)

9. xymonau16 June 2012, 13:41 GMT +02:00

I stand corrected and insulted. I'll go away now.

10. xymonau16 June 2012, 13:41 GMT +02:00

11. happyture18 June 2012, 7:16 GMT +02:00

OMG she's a moody madam aint she bless her cotton socks,,gone she has see:O)

12. Gramps18 June 2012, 8:17 GMT +02:00

Oh no! Do come back Dez, all is forgiven. Well, not all, that would be asking too much, what with the pointy stick and soup stuff.

13. micromoth18 June 2012, 13:15 GMT +02:00

Dear me, this could be serious! Or is she just having blank thoughts?

14. happyture20 June 2012, 17:24 GMT +02:00

No its not serious, Dezzie is just resting her brain cuz its only small an overheats if she uses it too much,, bless her :O)

15. xymonau22 June 2012, 5:11 GMT +02:00

I'll have you know I have been on a bed of pain and suffering. I had my op, didn't die, but I'm not yet well enough to drive home. I won't know the results for a couple of weeks. I'm using my daughter-in-law's laptop - and I'll have it for only a few minutes. Behave and tidy up for when I get back, please. I hate coming home to a mess.

16. happyture22 June 2012, 13:15 GMT +02:00

Aww bless you Dezzie, The dried beans down the side of the unit belongs to grampy, The burnt on fried egg in the frying pan was micromoffs,,,And the dog dood well dont ask,,,hurry home Dezzie we miss you sink fulls xxxxx

17. micromoth22 June 2012, 18:18 GMT +02:00

Mikey!!! You *said* you wouldn't let on about the fried egg - now look what you've done!

Dez, really glad to hear that you've survived. Mikey was very worried about the temperature of your brain. Glad to hear it's still functioning. Er... yes!


18. happyture23 June 2012, 12:48 GMT +02:00

Sorry Moffy but it juss slipped out, anyway i hope our Dezzie is back before long cuz its juss too darn quite here init M8 :o)

19. micromoth23 June 2012, 22:37 GMT +02:00

Yeah, it's been so peaceful...er, I mean, quiet.


20. xymonau24 June 2012, 11:47 GMT +02:00

Fried egg an' dried beans? Get the dog to lick it off. See, it takes a woman's touch, don't it?

My brain only overheats 'cause it's so flippin' 'telligent.

21. happyture25 June 2012, 0:20 GMT +02:00

Corse yoo iz Telligent,,,juss agree because she'll overheat again..

22. Gramps25 June 2012, 8:21 GMT +02:00

I only dropped the beanz coz the spoon wot I woz usein came out ov that soup Dez ' ad simmerin on the side and woz arf eaten away!

Seriously though Dez, do get well soon our lass.

23. xymonau25 June 2012, 10:02 GMT +02:00

Thanks, Phil. I'm back at work, if a bit tired. I'm fine. There was a poor woman next to me with kidney cancer, about to have surgery to remove the kidney and other bits. She was in tears on the phone to her family. I have nothing to complain about.

An' stop blamin' my cutlery for yor clumsiness!

Donchoo patronise me, Mikey! I nose wen I is bein patronised, I duz. Gimme respeck, like Granfarver!

24. happyture26 June 2012, 8:29 GMT +02:00

Thats sad dezzie,,,,poor women, its about time they found a cure for that disease ,,,an juss yoo listen ere Missy busybody naggydraws, i does give ya respeck its juss yoo dont sea it :O)

25. xymonau26 June 2012, 9:34 GMT +02:00

An, ennyways - I duzzent overeat. I'm big boned.

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