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Thanks for your comments!

1. sailinjohn10 November 2012, 18:11 GMT +01:00

I wanted to give a heartfelt Thank You for your comments and downloads. I sometimes miss the old SXC days when I was learning that the big thing on front of the camera was 'not' the viewfinder, and critiques were given on images (and wars with Trolls). Alas and alack, time moves on, new position, 6 day work week, weird time zone, different country. Just not enough time in the day to do all I would like, which includes admiring and appreciating everyone's labors.
SO, continue your good works, refining your styles! I may not get a chance to comment, but there are so many wonderful images on here, now! Bless, John

2. xymonau11 November 2012, 11:05 GMT +01:00

Well, I always like to see your new photos. And when I comment, I don't expect anything in return. But thank you for your wishes, and I'm sure others will thank you, too.

Ah, yes - troll wars. It's nice to have some peace here and not be annoyed by anyone, but I have to admit I used to enjoy reading some of the exchanges at times. We shouldn't talk too soon. This site will grow steadily and one day be pretty formidable. Build it, and the trolls will come! LOL

3. gesinek11 November 2012, 18:26 GMT +01:00

Nice words. As Dez, I like to watch new photos and sometimes I only watch downloads and sometimes I see pictures, I like to comment spontanious - without expecting a return.

But again very nice written. :)

4. micromoth14 November 2012, 14:02 GMT +01:00

@1 Thanks for your encouragement, John, and I might add that I very much admire your images even if I don't often find time to comment. It's great to see so many new contributors on the site now too. It won't be very long before we top 100,000 users!

5. Abyla14 November 2012, 20:54 GMT +01:00

I agree. Thanks John for your wonderful photos. You deserve a lot of nice comments for your work.

6. weirdvis15 November 2012, 17:01 GMT +01:00

John, you are the kind of contributor that makes this site (not forgetting the Old Place) worthwhile. Thank you for sharing your wonderful view of the world. :0)

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