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1. johnnyberg29 July 2013, 20:14 GMT +02:00

Since I can't react on rejection directly I have to write to you here. And this time I really have to.

My two latest images (of an DC-3) has been rejected twice now and with the same reason: Logo or band etc.

But there are none in the images: I have now even taken away the danish flag (which normally isn't a problem here) from the plane. I have also taken away the aviation symbol for Denmark (red circle with white dot in the midle). The planes name has been gone all the time.

But still the images are rejected, and I simply havn't got a clue to why. If I should become better to avoid this, I need to know what logo/brand etc. you believe to find in the images. I simply don't understand it.

2. Zela31 July 2013, 20:06 GMT +02:00

Hi John,

You did a nice job on cloning out the identification numbers and logos but I did not realize the rejection line does not mention title and description/keywords issues.

Please do not use copyrighted or brand names in the file data. Sure it is interesting info but Dakota is a copyright issue and we don't want to risk any troubles if this could be avoided.

Please reupload the planes and call them classics or something neutral. They do will be found that way.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


3. ColinBrough31 December 2013, 22:50 GMT +01:00

I've just had some sailing dinghy images rejected: "Image contains legal issues such as logos, company names or brand nameslogo grounds"

Happy to defer to the reviewers judgement, just wanting to check what the logo is - is it the numbers on the sails? I thought they were just competitor numbers, for identification of a particular boat in a race, rather than something to do with the brand or manufacturer of the boat.... I already took out the logo I thought would be an issue:

http://www.colinbrough.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Sailing00.jpg (small, original)
http://www.colinbrough.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Sailing03.jpg (small, submitted/rejected)

Thanks for any clarification.

4. gesinek1 January 2014, 15:31 GMT +01:00

Hi Colin,
I'm not sailing but I did a lot of surfing. I think the two blue waves in the top of the could be a logo from the sail maker. It is on surf sails.

On the other hand I think it is the class symbol for Finn dinghis

5. weirdvis1 January 2014, 23:04 GMT +01:00

Hi Colin, you rightly assumed it was the identity numbers on the sails. It makes the boat identifiable as a particular owner's property, like a car registration number. I should have expanded the reason for rejection.

I apologise for confusing you.

6. ColinBrough1 January 2014, 23:24 GMT +01:00

Fair enough - thanks for clarifying. Will have a wee play and see how easy they are to remove - the logos at the bottom of the sail were easier than I'd feared they would be, so....

7. weirdvis2 January 2014, 9:22 GMT +01:00

If you use Photoshop or similar software the judicious use of the cloning tool works wonders. I find it easier to enlarge the image to about 400% (or whatever works best for you) so you can apply a smallish brush for more precise strokes. With a large expanse of white canvas to work with it should be easy to clone out the numbers.

I look forward to seeing the images back in the queue because other than the identity numbers problem they were fine.

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