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Image usage table?

1. debsch3 August 2013, 6:08 GMT +02:00

After my stuff-up this week (see post: how to get a competition going) I've been thinking...

I am probably not the only creative person in the world who wouldn't (and clearly didn't) read RGB's legal 'mumbo jumbo' properly. Many people, because they are in a rush, or because they are primarily visual people, would quickly skim over the license text and potentially misunderstand it.

So I thought, how about including an 'image usage table' at the end/beginning of the license page that gives examples of *some* acceptable uses versus non-acceptable uses?

Here is a mock-up using just a few examples (that are probably incorrect) and using the photo of my green shoes:

The image usage examples include:

- Home user prints unaltered image on canvas via snapfish and puts the canvas up for sale for $120 at the local market. (NOT allowed, correct?)

- Amateur artist prints unaltered image on canvas via snapfish, then over the next 3 weeks embroiders the white areas with lace, and puts the canvas up for sale for $120 at the local gallery. (Possibly allowed???)

- Professional artist prints unaltered image on canvas via snapfish, then over the next 3 weeks embroiders the white areas with lace, and puts the canvas into national art competition with $12,000 price tag. (Not allowed??)

- Small independent company incorporates slightly modified image into their company logo. (Allowed with permission?)

- Junior designer for a large multi-national company uses image as shown to promote company in a global campaign. (Not allowed???)

Anyway, I thought something like this might help clarify the license restrictions to some people.

Any thoughts?

2. xymonau3 August 2013, 12:25 GMT +02:00

The problem with that is there are so many variables and you can't cover them all. By the way, number 2 is not allowed. Logos definitely require permission. I haven't got the licence open right now, but I'm sure there are some examples already (not set out like your suggestions).

I have wanted to re-word the licence for ages, but I have not had the time or energy. Because everyone is a volunteer, we all have real life issues - and there have been lots of those lately.

I agree it would be helpful to have things spelled out clearly, but until the major re-write (and it is never going to be crystal clear to some), I think perhaps offering a forum or topic where people can ask about how they want to use the images would be easier, as well as sending a message on the contact button. This is just my thought, and I'm not a proper admin.

Think "illustration" rather than using an object or page as a canvas, and ask if the reason people will purchase is largely or significantly to do with the pictures - in which case they need permission. I understand a graphic artist under time pressure might need permission quickly - in which case they can pay a dollar for microstock.

While we do our best to fulfil a stock role, we have our limits. I put it in terms of where I work. Sometimes I have to decline help because we simply can't help everybody and we have our boundaries for a reason. I think RGBStock is like that. We offer an incredible deal for use within our boundaries, but it is just too bad if we can't work within other people's timeframes for a response. It is up to the copyright holder whether they respond, and I'm sure you would be upset if someone just went ahead and used one of your images for a large profit because they didn't want to wait for a response from you. I know I would.

Anyway, change is on the cards, but the planets might have to align first. I'm moving and this will take somewhere around three weeks, plus I'll be off the air while I get the internet churned, or change providers. Other people have holidays and health issues. But we'll get there. :o)

One thing you could o is read the terms yourself and try to improve the language. It's a big job, but you could do it in pieces. Send what you do to me and I'm happy to go over it. I'm good at improving things - if I'm in the right frame of mind. That's only if you are inspired, of course.

We'll get there. We are amazing to still be around and growing. And you're part of that, along with everyone who has photos on here.

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