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Uploads problem

1. micromoth16 August 2013, 13:17 GMT +02:00

Hi Jay,
I'm getting a persistent problem with the image uploader. It's supposed to handle up to 10 images uploaded at once. If I upload one or two images it works absolutely fine, but if I try to upload three or more I get an I/O problem error message. Is this because of the size of my images? (averaging 10-12Mb each). I'm using the latest version of Firefox.

2. jazza17 August 2013, 19:55 GMT +02:00

Hi Kevin, I have to look into this problem; maybe it is some timeout. I dont think is is browser related. Bu again I have to look into it, and I will report later on this issue.

3. jazza19 August 2013, 14:59 GMT +02:00

Uploading should work better now.
Kevin is it possible you test this please?

4. micromoth21 August 2013, 21:32 GMT +02:00

Hi Jay,
I've just tested it by attempting to upload four images at once, but unfortunately I'm still getting the same problem - two of the uploads failed with I/O error messages. The four images in total were about 40Mb. I can send you a screendump image if that helps.

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