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2013 RGBStock Christmas Competition

1. xymonau10 November 2013, 11:53 GMT +01:00

Warm up your cameras and fire up that graphic software, because you are about to compete in the 2013 RGBstock Christmas Competition!

We will have a first prize for the photographic section and another for the winning graphic. And once more, we will have a lucky door prize, which means the name of everyone who enters will be placed in a draw. So every person who enters the competition has a chance of winning.

Not only will the winners receive their prizes, but the winning entries in both the photographic and the graphic sections will be posted on the front page of RGBstock.

Who can enter? You can! Anyone who registers at RGBstock, even if they currently have no images displayed here, may enter this competition.

Opening date : Saturday November 16 2013
Closing date : Saturday December 21 2013

Here are the rules:

1. Minimum image size - the shortest side of your image should be no less than 1200 pixels. Maximum image size is our standard limit of 30mb.

2. Your entries are to be uploaded as normal images, but they must contain one of the following keywords:

for photographs – xmasphoto2013
for graphics – xmasgraphic2013

This is important, as it is the only way we can locate your entry. Images lacking this keyword will be presumed to not be entries in the competition. If you discover the competition after you have uploaded images, as long as they have been uploaded between the starting and finishing dates, you may add the above keywords.

3. The theme is Christmas and New Year or other end of year celebrations like Kwanzaa and Hanukkah – for those who don’t celebrate Christmas - and everything that relates to them. Cultural variations on the theme are welcome. There are no limits on the number of entries, content or colour. Just remember that the image still has to be useful for stock, and of a quality that is normally accepted here.

4. Be creative. Come up with something new and different, and start a trend. Be traditional. Traditional images are always popular. Look at pay stock sites and see which images there are the most popular, and try your own variation. Winning is nice, but it’s lots of fun to get those creative juices flowing.

4. You may post as many entries as you wish. They can be all photos, all graphics, or a mix of both. Please note - all images must be new. You may not enter any images that are already posted here or on other sites, even your personal blogs or Facebook.

5. Voting - Every member of RGBstock (uploader or downloader) is able to vote via hitting the "Like" button next to their favourite images. At the end of the competition, the photo and the graphic with the highest number of likes will be declared the winners.

The winners will be announced in the General Chat Forum before Christmas Day. In the event of a tie for the number of likes, we will look at the number of downloads and the image with the most downloads will win. If there is still a tie, both will receive a prize.

Winners will be contacted by admin for their postage details. Because we are a global site, it may take some time for your prize to arrive, and it will be mailed to you in the New Year.

One person could win both categories. But only one prize will be awarded to that person, in the category in which they received the most downloads. The runner up from the second category will receive the other prize.

And what are the prizes? Well, we are still working on that, so watch this space!

Because the winner will be chosen by likes, admins may enter, too! What are you waiting for?

Now, go back and carefully re-read the rules. The most common errors are images that are too small, images displayed elsewhere, and images uploaded too early or too late.

You have almost a week before the competition begins, so get your creative juices flowing, and good luck!

26. gesinek24 November 2013, 16:21 GMT +01:00

I agree with John. There are a lot of pictures in xmasphot section which are winter pictures but not xmas pictures. Only because there is snow on the picture it isn't automatically a xmas picture.

27. xymonau24 November 2013, 22:14 GMT +01:00

coolhewitt: Text is fine as long as you use a public domain font.

Gesine, I know what you're saying but I feel differently. I think the winter scenes reflect the season and as stock images are meant to be used by designers as well, then those give a perfect backdrop for a Christmas image. This is from my Southern hemisphere perspective. Here, all the snowy images and anything shiny - tinsel, foil, etc, are all used or related to the time of the year around Christmas. Never mind that we're sweltering hot and lying on the beach or hiding in the air conditioning at the time.

The contest is open to all things celebrated at that time of year, so I think the seasonal things are relevant. If I posted a sunny beach, which is a perfect Christmas day image here, a lot of people would think I was a bit crazy. But we have some xmas cards depicting beaches here. They are usually reserved for sending overseas, I might add! LOL

And although this isn't about the competition, I often put conceptual words in my keywords. I try to think of what I might be searching for if I was looking for that exact image. So that is a bit subjective.

28. Gramps26 November 2013, 0:16 GMT +01:00

Listing by downloads is not the best way to see who is in the running for the prizes as downloads do not always equate to Likes. Unfortunately there is not a list by likes :0)

29. xymonau26 November 2013, 8:51 GMT +01:00

They are being counted under the images now, though. However, it just takes a bit of time for the likes to catch up. We can count them up to the end of the competition time, though, so the result will be accurate.

30. johnnyberg3 December 2013, 2:05 GMT +01:00

Sorry If I keep sounding like I'm an old man (as I am), but: Why is it "likes" that will be counted and not downloads?

Surely downloads would be a more natural goal for a stocksite.

31. gesinek3 December 2013, 17:15 GMT +01:00

You are right with the downloads, but....

Pictures which will be approved short before competition end can have a lot of likes, but maybe the count of downloads is low. I think it has some charme.

32. lusi3 December 2013, 17:53 GMT +01:00

The problem is that people mostly do not bother with "likes". Thay see an image, they like it and need it, they download it and that's it. They do not click "like" afterwards. Also I noticed that many photos with "likes" haven't been downloaded at all. I never put a "like" without downloading because the quality of an image is equally important, and without download you can't judge that. So, I'd agree that a numer of downloads is more relevant but perhaps there is more space for manipulations with downloads (you create another account and you can download an image as many times as you want or you ask a friend to do that) - and this year prizes are so attractive that people would be tempted to cheat :)
Therefore, I'd prefer the old way of voting for three best images in each category, after closure of the competition.

33. xymonau3 December 2013, 21:28 GMT +01:00

I guess the one vote per like was the thing we were looking at. One person can download the same image several times, but every like requires another account. Also, we were looking at people intentionally voting, not just the casual likes, which are scarce. This also draws attention to the like button, which needs more use.

I agree with Sanja about the three votes. It is a lot of work to count, but it does give a balanced vote. I was thinking about that in the last few days and thought next time we need to do that again.

We live and learn, but this is the competition this year, and I think the results will be close. I am liking a few images, but I wanted to save my choices until the last minute. If we all "like" every good image, then there won't be a clear winner. After the competition, there will be a lot more likes from me. There are some excellent pics so far.

34. jazza19 December 2013, 9:00 GMT +01:00

The Christmas competition will end on Saturday December 21 this year (2013). Closing time will be 24:00 Pacific Central Time.
If you still want to like one ore more photos, don't wait too long!


35. gesinek21 December 2013, 9:16 GMT +01:00

Which is 16.00 h Greenwich Mean Time (UTC-8) right???

36. jazza21 December 2013, 16:53 GMT +01:00

I dont think so? It is 09.00 central European time. For us, (western Europe) it is 09.00 hrs on sunday morning December 22.

37. gesinek21 December 2013, 16:57 GMT +01:00

Ah, thank you :-)

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