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missing xmas photos

1. lusi11 December 2013, 14:32 GMT +01:00

When I serach under xmasphoto2013 no images of TouTouke appear. They are there when I go into Agnes's gallery, but not in the competition. Just my computer or what?

2. weirdvis11 December 2013, 16:43 GMT +01:00

It's not just you, Sanja. I can't see them on the competition page either.

3. tinneketin11 December 2013, 18:52 GMT +01:00

I see the pictures of TouTouke in the competition, go 2 the last pages

4. jazza11 December 2013, 21:23 GMT +01:00

The TouTouke photos are on page 2 indeed. The reason that they are 'ranked' so low is a little trick of our search engine.

The 'most relevant' pictures are shown first. The more keywords you add, the less relevant one single keyword becomes. And TouTouke did add a lot of keywords.

On the other hand, adding a lot of keywords is good, because the chance someone typing in that keyword becomes bigger.

5. weirdvis12 December 2013, 17:25 GMT +01:00

Oops! :D

6. xymonau12 December 2013, 21:33 GMT +01:00

The keyword thing is a worry. It is the primary way for people to search, but putting enough pushes you further away from the front page? Can that be changed? I often wondered why many of my pics were in the last pages. I thought it was because I signed up in the very early days. Is there a way to cycle the images at all?

7. TouTouke15 December 2013, 23:23 GMT +01:00

Thanks for your consern about my pictures but they have always been there

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