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Hello :) newbie here with a few questions.

1. Stardust722 March 2014, 19:40 GMT +01:00

Hi there, I found this site recommended by someone on Youtube.
I am planning to publish a book on Amazon Kindle, and I was hoping to do the Cover of the book myself and perhaps use one or two images in the book, for example if a chapter is about lipstick then perhaps an image of lipstick.

I believe this site is allows you to use the photos free of charge for books, magazines etc as mentioned on your home page.

If i were to use one of your images, for example a picture of a butterfly, and perhaps incorporating that image in a image I will create in Photoshop, even changing the colours adding a drop shadow etc, would that be possible? I just wanted to double check before I get some law suit going, as the person recommending this site on Youtube mentioned and according to your home page images are allowed to be used for all these purposes, please would you kindly confirm?

Please let me know if there are any hidden costs involved in the use of these images that is not mentioned on your homepage, I just wanted to double check to be absolutely sure before downloading any images and editing them in Photoshop to go with the cover of my Ebook that I might possibly have printed in book form in the future.

Thank you so much

2. xymonau23 March 2014, 1:00 GMT +01:00

Hi, Stella, and welcome. You may use the images free of charge as illustrations. You may edit them as well. However, you are not allowed to use the images on book covers without permission from the owner of the gallery. If you alter an image, and there are parts that are still recognisable, you are still only allowed to use the image within the image licence boundaries. You may not claim copyright or redistribute your modified images either for free or for sale.

The images may not be used in a book if the primary reason for the book is the images. For example, you can't sell a book which is made up of photos of roses, but if you are writing a book about growing roses, you may use the images as illustrations.

If you use the images outside RGBStock's image licence, then the copyright holder has the right to charge you for that use. What they charge is up to them.

Since it is expected and good manners on sites like this to let people know where their images are being used, I suggest you contact the image owner to give them this information. If you are unsure of permissions, or if you wish to use an image for part of or the whole cover, then you are obliged to contact them, and there will also be no misunderstandings. It is also good to send them a link to the site where your book is listed, or even send them a copy.

Good luck with your venture!

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