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Unattainable Beauty

1. crisderaud7 February 2010, 16:39 GMT +01:00

The stars don't even look like the photos on the covers of the magazines.

This interactive gallery of magazine photos that were overly retouched is a true testament that the famous people on magazines are works of art.

Hover over the photos to see what was changed.


2. lennie7 February 2010, 17:21 GMT +01:00

I sometimes point people at this part of a documentary "Dawn gets naked" by Dawn Porter for the BBC to give them an idea of what goes on. I think it much better illustrates what is going on than the article:


An other before and after from the same documentary:



Or a few stills:

3. crisderaud7 February 2010, 17:30 GMT +01:00

Dove campaign for real beauty

Most popular one I know of:


4. xymonau7 February 2010, 23:09 GMT +01:00

No wonder women can't possibly live up to expectations. Are they doing anything to make the men more desirable?

5. lennie7 February 2010, 23:18 GMT +01:00

They just wait a few minutes. Older men are considered more attractive. ;-)

To be honest, very probable.

6. dragonariaes8 February 2010, 2:49 GMT +01:00

Some of those retouchers get out of hand. It's bad enough they try to create a perfected image, but sometimes they go so far as to reduce the size of certain bone structures to make them more attractive.

7. crisderaud8 February 2010, 4:11 GMT +01:00

This program, Portait Professional, changes the bone structure of the face to ideal proportions. Then it smooths the skin, removes blemishes and highlights the hair. Using it on a picture of my niece made her sad because she doesn't look like the ideal picture. Its a fine piece of software, but it ruins women's self image.



8. dragonariaes9 February 2010, 21:39 GMT +01:00

That is HORRIBLE. I just went and played with it. It alters bone structure, alignment of the features of the face , on top of airbrushing ALL "imperfections". I used it on a picture of myself and was horrified at the way they said I should look.

9. crisderaud1 March 2010, 17:11 GMT +01:00

"If Browsers were women" A pictorial forum entry #42


10. GerbenVanErkelens1 March 2010, 23:42 GMT +01:00

Lol, Nice link Chris! Damn I'm using chrome, switching to Opera and FireFox asap ;)

11. xymonau3 March 2010, 10:00 GMT +01:00

Lennie, I just came back to this topic and saw your response. Let me say that while it is true that men do not age in looks as fast as women, they do in all the other ways. Nothing sadder than a man with a woman young enough to be his daughter. That embarrasses me, to be honest. What on earth do they talk about when the passion fades? Men who settle for looks live to regret it. There has to be more. Age difference might be less important in older people. But even though I'm well past my use by date, the thought of some creepy old man mauling me does nothing to excite.

12. lennie3 March 2010, 21:55 GMT +01:00

I actually meant it in an other way.

They say when men get older they get more character, while (they say !) women when they get older, don't look any younger.

Again not my words. :-)

I fully agree on your point about old men and younger women.

13. xymonau4 March 2010, 1:12 GMT +01:00

Oh, I knew you weren't necessarily expressing an opinion. I was just conversing, not arguing. :o)

But if Matt Damon is reading this, I am willing to become a cougar - well, maybe a cow-gar is more to the point - and eat my words. Matt, you can contact me on the form in my profile. *sigh*

14. krayker8 March 2010, 16:34 GMT +01:00

"Nothing sadder than a man with a woman young enough to be his daughter. "

you can see a lot of that in bollywood movies :D

15. crisderaud8 March 2010, 17:30 GMT +01:00

If you marry a woman from a younger generation you'll find yourself doing little talking to her and more explaining things to her to try to catch her up to your generation.

That doesn't work well for long and in the end the age gap becomes an issue, especially when her young friends come to visit and and you are treated like her dad or uncle.

(No, I am not speaking from experience)

16. krayker9 March 2010, 7:29 GMT +01:00

"(No, I am not speaking from experience)"


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