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1. jonfletch7 February 2010, 17:20 GMT +01:00

Just defected, thought I'd say hi!

2. crisderaud7 February 2010, 17:44 GMT +01:00

Hi Jon! Good to see you. Just make yourself at home.

3. jonfletch7 February 2010, 18:28 GMT +01:00

It was lovely to have my images reviewed so quickly. When I was uploading the fifth, the first four had already been assessed. I realise it might not always be like that, but excellent none the less.

4. xymonau8 February 2010, 11:41 GMT +01:00

Hello, Jon, and you are very welcome. Yes, our reviewers care! :)

5. woodsy9 February 2010, 18:18 GMT +01:00

Welcome Jon - we try to be as quick as possible with the reviews but there's never been a better time to upload :)

6. jonfletch10 February 2010, 1:34 GMT +01:00

Thanks for the welcome. With the last comment from Woodsy in mind, I have 50 or so images that I was considering uploading but wasn't sure how much use they would be for stock. I also didn't want to drive the reviewers mad! As it is quiet during the early days should I go ahead and load them?

7. crisderaud10 February 2010, 16:54 GMT +01:00

I just checked the backlog. There are 5 pictures awaiting approval and closing in on 400 approved today.

Now is a great time to load the up.

8. weirdvis10 February 2010, 17:11 GMT +01:00

Upload away, Jon. :0)

9. jonfletch16 February 2010, 18:32 GMT +01:00

Thanks for the replies. Have been uploading; more accepted than I thought! Thank you to the patience of the reviewers. Few more left to go...

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