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1. xymonau14 November 2014, 16:47 GMT +01:00

I haven't been able to access Facebook for a week or so now. Just keeps loading forever, or freezes. I've read posts on other sites from Australians who can't access it right now. Is it working elsewhere?

2. micromoth14 November 2014, 22:10 GMT +01:00

No problems at all here in the UK.

Are you sure this isn't a phone line problem? A slightly cracked cable can greatly reduce signal transmission speeds.

3. xymonau15 November 2014, 2:56 GMT +01:00

I can get everything else, Kevin. As I said, I've looked for other people having problems here and on other forums it seems to be happening to others. The G20 is on in Brisbane. I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. The lengths of madness security has reached already leads me to believe this could be the problem.

I am now getting RGB but there is a virus associated with it - adware and spyware - that I simply can't get rid of. I found a page that seems to have a solution, but it's long winded and I will have to do it when I'm in the right frame of mind to concentrate and have patience.

4. ColinBrough15 November 2014, 3:16 GMT +01:00

I was in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) earlier this year, when the African Union was in town, and major chunks of bandwidth were being diverted to the delegations - but it was having a universal (all connectivity) effect, rather than limited to one site or service, which sounds more like what you are seeing... puzzling!

5. xymonau15 November 2014, 4:13 GMT +01:00

I do post a lot of (and I resent the word) "conspiracy" things, so it wouldn't surprise me in this age of creeping totalitarianism if individuals were targeted. I also would not be surprised if it was something else. LOL Although I haven't looked into the noisy line, I think it ought to cause general problems rather than with one site only.

6. coolhewitt2315 November 2014, 14:33 GMT +01:00

RGB face book is working in Asia.

7. xymonau15 November 2014, 23:30 GMT +01:00

My son connected with Facebook on his phone yesterday, so it's my computer. I've done all the anti-virus scans I can, and will do one more thing. Otherwise, I guess I'll be looking at wiping the hard drive as a final fix.

8. micromoth17 November 2014, 10:56 GMT +01:00

It looks like your current anti-virus may have failed to spot something - though I guess any anti-virus could miss a zero-day exploit. However, in the circumstances you might want to consider changing your anti-virus supplier. I always recommend Emsisoft's products. They're not so well known (at least, not here in the UK) but they are extremely good. See http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/internetsecurity/ (I have no relation to or financial interest in this company).

9. xymonau17 November 2014, 11:57 GMT +01:00

Well, I will certainly look at that site to deal with the current issues, Kevin. And thank you. However, tonight - after trying several times a day for the last however long - I have connected to Facebook. Go figure.

10. micromoth17 November 2014, 16:30 GMT +01:00

Very strange! But welcome back on board.

11. Jannatul_Shumi20 November 2014, 10:05 GMT +01:00

There is no problem in using Facebook in Bangladesh as well.

12. xymonau20 November 2014, 13:13 GMT +01:00

It seems to have been local. Possibly my ISP, but they are so hard to get on the phone it's not worth trying to ask them.

13. Jannatul_Shumi13 December 2014, 10:23 GMT +01:00

Still are you having the same problem? Then you should check to others condition in your country to be confirm about your own problem.

14. xymonau13 December 2014, 13:19 GMT +01:00

Thanks for asking. No, I did eventually contact the ISP, and there was a problem with my connection on their side. They took a couple of tries to fix it, but it all seems to be working okay now. Thank goodness.

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