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Life of a Camera

1. coolhewitt2329 April 2016, 6:14 GMT +02:00

In the last 8 years, I have purchased over 6 camera's. My camera collect includes Canon g15,g16,g5x, Nikon d300s and d7100. All of my camera's are still working. I'm kind of curious if anyone knows the life of camera. I thought the average life of a camera is about 3 years. Its always tempting to buy a new camera because of the constant upgrades. How long have you had your camera?

2. ColinBrough29 April 2016, 12:26 GMT +02:00

I suspect the life of a camera depends, at least somewhat, on the size of the pockets of the owner! Though I've added some lenses since I bought it, my Canon EOS 450D is coming on 7 years old now (bought June 2009). I'd love to upgrade, but the cost currently prevents...

3. micromoth30 April 2016, 7:44 GMT +02:00

@1 - It all depends on how much you use it, as the most likely part to wear out is the shutter. I used my previous camera (a Canon 600D) so much that the frame counter surpassed 9999, so reset itself to zero, five times. By then I was noticing slight signs of potential problems, so decided it was time for a new camera.

4. coolhewitt231 May 2016, 3:00 GMT +02:00

Hi Micromoth,

I might pay to repair of my D300s rather than upgrading it.. I guess it depends on the cost of the repair. I know Nikon charges a lot of money for minor repairs. My friend dropped his camera. He paid about 30% of the cost of his camera to repair it. It was still cheaper to repair it than buy a new one. I guess it all depends on the problem. I love viewing Micromoths of the countryside. The picture remind me a lot of Japan. Japan is a very green country.

Thanks for the replies guys

5. xymonau1 May 2016, 13:29 GMT +02:00

I usually stay out of these discussions as I'm not good with technical things. I have a really old Panasonic - about ten years old - that is still working. However, it's a bit slower these days.

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