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Adobe illustrator designers

1. coolhewitt231 September 2016, 17:27 GMT +02:00

I'm kind of surprised to see no AI designers posting content on RGB. I'm curious if the cost of Adobe software has anything to do with it.

2. xymonau2 September 2016, 15:37 GMT +02:00

I have never used Adobe. The cost factor alone prevented that. There are a couple of people who have posted images using it, though. I believe weirdvis has some. And tinneketin, fangol, maybe some by Zela - in fact, if you scroll through the most popular, I think there are several likely users.

Sadly, most sell their images. Also, because of the rise in public domain sites, RGB has less traffic than it used to, so people don't upload as often. It's a shame, as there is room for all kinds of licences in the free image arena.

3. coolhewitt233 September 2016, 4:30 GMT +02:00

Unfortunately adobe software is expensive because you have to pay every month. I noticed traffic as slowed down a little bit. I like seeing artwork from weirdvis. I haven't uploaded much lately because I'm moving house and working so you don't have a lot of time to contribute. A good free website recently started switching to paid content. There is a market for vector art work. Nice too see you again Xmonau.

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