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2016 RGBstock Christmas Competition

1. xymonau3 December 2016, 16:38 GMT +01:00

Charge your batteries, and grab your cameras and graphics tablets, because the 2016 RGBstock Christmas Competition has begun!

There are two sections to enter, and four fabulous prizes. The winners of the photography and the graphics section will each win one of our exclusive RGBStock mugs – rare collector’s items that cannot be purchased! AND to encourage everyone to enter, there will be two “Lucky Door” prizes! We will draw the names of two people who enter and they will also receive an RGBStock mug. So everyone has the chance to win. This year, for every entry, your name will be entered once into the draw. So if you post ten photos or graphics, you have ten opportunities to win. So make sure you post lots of images to give yourself a greater chance of winning. For a series of the same image in different colours, we will allow a maximum of two entries to the draw. So if you post ten different colours of the same photo or graphic, you will still only be allowed two entries for the draw.

Not only will the winners receive their prizes, but the winning entries in both the photographic and the graphic sections will be posted on the front page of RGBstock for a period of time.

Who can enter? You can! Anyone who registers at RGBstock, even if they currently have no images online, may enter this competition.

Opening date : December 05, 2016
Closing date : December 24, 2016

Here are the rules:

1. Minimum image size - the shortest side of your image should be no less than 1200 pixels. Maximum image size is our standard limit of 30mb.

2. Your entries are to be uploaded as normal images, but they must contain one of the following keywords:

for photographs – xmasphoto2016
for graphics – xmasgraphic2016

This is important, as it is the only way we can locate your entry. Images lacking this keyword will be presumed to not be entries in the competition. If you discover the competition after you have uploaded images, as long as they have been uploaded between the starting and finishing dates, you may add the above keywords.

3. The theme is Christmas and New Year or other end of year celebrations like Kwanzaa and Hanukkah – for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, and everything that relates to them. Cultural variations on the theme are welcome. There are no limits on content or colour. Just remember that the image still has to be useful for stock, and of a quality that is normally accepted here.

4. Be creative. Come up with something new and different, and start a trend. Be traditional. Traditional images are always popular. Look at pay stock sites and see which images there are the most popular, and try your own variation. Winning is nice, but it’s lots of fun to get those creative juices flowing. Remember that your entry must be an original photo or graphic, and not an edited public domain or purchased image.

4. You may post as many entries as you wish. They can be all photos, all graphics, or a mix of both. Please note - all images must be new. You may not enter any images that are already posted here OR ON OTHER SITES.

5. This year, the RGBStock admins will select the winning entries (therefore they and their families can not enter). The features they will be looking for are suitability for stock, appropriate subjects, creativity, quality (e.g., composition and clarity in photos), impact, and images that are pleasing to the eye. Images that do not comply with the above rules will not be included in the judging.

The winners will be announced in the General Chat Forum before New Year's Day. Winners will be contacted by admin for their postage details. Because we are a global site, it may take some time for your prize to arrive, and it will be posted in the New Year.

Only one prize will be awarded to an individual, so you can not win both the photography and graphics section. Winners' names will not be included in the lucky draw.

Good luck, everyone!

2. ChIandra4U3 December 2016, 20:51 GMT +01:00

Great news :-)

3. Jannatul_Shumi5 December 2016, 11:48 GMT +01:00

Its looking interesting!

4. weirdvis17 December 2016, 15:46 GMT +01:00

C.mon, people! In order to have a competition we need entrants. The more the merrier. It's lots of fun and, who knows, you might be a winner!


5. charrstarr2217 December 2016, 18:08 GMT +01:00

i think i did it correct :) good luck to everyone!

6. Shonna18 December 2016, 23:15 GMT +01:00

I did enter one today all in the fun not really good at this but it's all in the fun...

7. xymonau19 December 2016, 4:03 GMT +01:00

Shonna, it was great, and the more times you enter, the more chances you have of winning the lucky draw.

8. StariSob24 December 2016, 15:03 GMT +01:00

I have just uploaded two photos for competition, but I am not sure whether they qualify or not - since it is 24th December, competition closing date.
If I am to late, please just inform me - i will remove keywords from photos. :)

9. xymonau28 December 2016, 3:09 GMT +01:00

The dates for the competition are inclusive, so they qualify.

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