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Uploading Photo's

1. coolhewitt234 July 2017, 3:04 GMT +02:00

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been able to upload photo's to the website for awhile. The website doesn't allow me to add keywords and save my photo's. Is anyone having the same trouble.

have a great week

2. xymonau5 July 2017, 15:03 GMT +02:00

Thanks, Daniel. Others seem able to. Have you done all the clearing of your cache and rebooting. Tried another browser? I'll make sure Jay sees this, but I haven't seen anyone else having the same problems. That doesn't mean it's not a problem here, by the way.

3. jazza6 July 2017, 22:19 GMT +02:00

Hello Daniel, We receive every day new photos, so it must be something else.
Is it possible to try a different browser, or maybe a different computer?
Do you see any errors?
Do you see the small thumbnail preview(s) after uploading?

Is it possible to try uploading one photo for testing and not throw it away when you have the problem? And then post a message here in the forum, with date and time (and timezone) you did the action? Then I can take a look to see what is going wrong.

4. coolhewitt237 July 2017, 2:31 GMT +02:00

Thanks for responding Jazza.

I did a YouTube video to show you the problem. Please click the link below.


I will delete the video once you have watched it so let me now.

5. xymonau7 July 2017, 8:14 GMT +02:00

One thing I noticed is that your image is a png. Do pngs upload here? I thought they had to be jpegs. Jay may know. Try a jpeg?

6. jazza7 July 2017, 11:03 GMT +02:00

Ok Daniel, I watched the video. Dez is right: We only do JPG and JPEG images. That could be the problem. I tried to upload a PNG file and got the same problem.

I think I need to do two things now:
- better error messages
- look into the png issue; maybe we should support png too.

Thanks for reporting this problem Daniel.

7. jazza8 July 2017, 20:44 GMT +02:00

I managed to show some error messages. I think that will do for now.

8. xymonau10 July 2017, 7:54 GMT +02:00

I look forward to seeing some of your new pics, Daniel.

9. xymonau10 July 2017, 7:54 GMT +02:00

I look forward to seeing some of your new pics, Daniel.

10. coolhewitt2317 July 2017, 16:23 GMT +02:00

Hi Xymonau and Jazza,

I finally have some time to check stuff now. You are right about the .PNG format. I will be have to be careful when saving now.

I noticed this website doesn't like internet explorer now. Internet explorer won't allow me to add messages in the forum. It also has problems with uploading photos to your site. Google chrome appears to be compatible with your websites.

Thanks for checking out my problem. I just uploaded a photo now. I will upload more when I go on summer vacation.

Take care

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