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Hi there all

1. GerbenVanErkelens22 February 2010, 12:26 GMT +01:00

Hi there,

As of today I uploaded / tranferred the SXC gallery to here. To much inspiring people left there and it gave me a somewhat sore feeling about the future of SXC, which I think is getting worse every week.

Thanks to an email by xymonau I made te decision today to go and look what's over here. And I like it a lot! It's clean and simple.

Hope my photo's are good enough to be on this website :)


Gerben van Erkelens (xaio)

2. crisderaud22 February 2010, 14:56 GMT +01:00

Good to see you! I'm glad you made the switch.

The approval process here is challenging but consistent. And it is quick!

We have an import tool you can use to copy your entire gallery from sxc to here with titles, descriptions and keywords. It's simple and effective to use. You can only see it when you are logged on. It's at the top of the right hand column.

Lots of familiar faces in the forum too!

3. xymonau23 February 2010, 2:33 GMT +01:00

Welcome, Gerben! We are still in our infancy, but this site will be the best eventually. I hope more good people join us.

4. GerbenVanErkelens23 February 2010, 8:13 GMT +01:00

I hope they will to! And they probably will, from the minute this website will start to gain some popularity on Google for example :D

5. lennie23 February 2010, 10:56 GMT +01:00

It's climbing:



6. GerbenVanErkelens23 February 2010, 11:36 GMT +01:00

Wow that's really nice! Keep in mind the first months Google gives you an advantage. It's possib;e that the rating will drop a bit after 2 months.

By the way, I always search for "Free Stock Photo" and such things. Can't find RGB there yet. Isn't wise to SEO on that to?

7. crisderaud23 February 2010, 12:56 GMT +01:00

The search string of "free stock photo" is dominated by the well established sites like sxc. They have had years of growth history and building a base of incoming links.

"Free stock photos" is the target search term and will be difficult for this site (which is independent and non-affiliated with paid sites) to get a page rank for that search string. When we put the term "quality" into the search, we start showing up on first and second pages of the search engines.

Our traffic from search engines (organic) is right at 10%.

8. GerbenVanErkelens23 February 2010, 13:32 GMT +01:00

That will only grow bigger and bigger :-). Wise choice to go for the quality part in the search results.

Meanwhile if the RGB site content features "free stock" a lot as text then the search engines will find that information to :D

9. crisderaud23 February 2010, 13:58 GMT +01:00

The "free stock" search results are dominated at the top by sites that are "royalty free" which complicates separating us from paid stock sites that are not really free but royalty free instead.

Another thing too is if you have the term stock without being attached to photos or images, your search results end up with a lot of links to the stock market.

10. GerbenVanErkelens23 February 2010, 14:32 GMT +01:00

Yes that's true. It's better to use more specific keywords then. The amount of people searching for that is smaller, but you'll reach the right people immediately

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