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1. jazza11 January 2010, 21:23 GMT +00:00

welcome to the rgbstock.com forum

26. ilviale19 January 2010, 13:25 GMT +01:00


i say to everybody: Hi!


27. Zela31 January 2010, 17:11 GMT +01:00

I have seen some great portfolios from well known fellow artists passing by in the uploads lately.

Welcome and thank you all for joining. It is good to see you here ;-)

28. bies31 January 2010, 17:52 GMT +01:00

Hello! Nice to be here, and to see so much people I 'know' already! I've imported my portfolio from the other site, it was really easy, thanks.

29. jazza1 February 2010, 9:53 GMT +01:00

Hey Bianca, welcome, good to see you here.

30. weirdvis1 February 2010, 11:08 GMT +01:00

With so many recognisable faces signing up this site is beginning to feel like home. Welcome to you all! :D

31. xymonau1 February 2010, 11:42 GMT +01:00

The old faces are great, and so are the new! It's wonderful to see so many people, and with such interesting galleries, too!

32. ronnibobs1 February 2010, 14:35 GMT +01:00

hello everone,and thanks chris for the link,nice to be back with the people that care, great idea importing from sxc and so easy,couple got rejected but not to worry,i will be spending the next few days uploading all my new images so please be kind to me

33. xymonau1 February 2010, 14:40 GMT +01:00

Welcome, Ron! Great to see you here.

34. Undy3 February 2010, 3:57 GMT +01:00

hi all - the site is looking great

35. xymonau3 February 2010, 5:49 GMT +01:00

Undy! How are you?

36. igord28 February 2010, 15:26 GMT +01:00

ex sxp&sxc user here, hello all ! :)

37. crisderaud8 February 2010, 16:36 GMT +01:00

@36 Good to have you here! You'll find lots of people you know from the other sites. Make yourself at home. There's no pressure here and approval times are the fastest on the internet.

38. weirdvis8 February 2010, 16:43 GMT +01:00

Hi Igor! Pleased you accepted the invitation. Welcome to RGB. :D

39. decar6610 February 2010, 0:25 GMT +01:00

Lusi is in da house... rgbstock has grown in 1546 images in a blinking

40. weirdvis10 February 2010, 9:07 GMT +01:00

Sanja owned the download stats at the other place with impressive style. I see no reason she won't repeat the feat here. :D

41. iikozen10 February 2010, 12:04 GMT +01:00

Lusi ruuuuuuuuules!

A big Thank You!!!

42. ciscopa16 February 2010, 7:33 GMT +01:00

Hi, and thanks for the invitation to this site, I was wondering where were all of you going. I uploaded my sxc images here yesterday and, some rejected, some approved... but in 1 hour ;)

43. weirdvis16 February 2010, 9:33 GMT +01:00

Welcome aboard! :D

44. melodi219 February 2010, 12:29 GMT +01:00

Awesome! things have been happening..for the better.
Nice to see familiar names.
I just came back from a "holiday" and even before that I was dormant at sxc.

I'm looking forward to new vistas.

45. xymonau20 February 2010, 10:05 GMT +01:00

Welcome, Lee! Plenty of new vistas here! :)

46. pitabox98722 February 2010, 5:01 GMT +01:00


Finally I have all my stock online!


47. weirdvis22 February 2010, 8:47 GMT +01:00

Hiya Munkey Man!

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