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SXC strikes again!

1. jimdaly981 March 2010, 16:15 GMT +01:00

Presumably because of a complaint from one of the users/uploaders, some of the topics in the SXC general chat forum have been locked with something like

"As this has long deviated from the original intent:


or more...

or less..."

it is being closed."

Remind me, someone, just what harm these threads were doing. I'm afraid it's slipped my mind.

2. GerbenVanErkelens1 March 2010, 17:05 GMT +01:00

probably to much off topic. Not that I care if something goes off topic :)

3. weirdvis1 March 2010, 17:15 GMT +01:00

No forum police here. Have as much innocent fun as you like...

4. crisderaud1 March 2010, 17:26 GMT +01:00

Appears a certain somebody was granted their wish.

5. weirdvis1 March 2010, 18:15 GMT +01:00

Couldn't care less. They wanna kill their forum stone dead to appease a pet then that's their problem, not ours.

They also have a first on the main forum. Three different months showing on the first page. Once upon a time that would be two or three says, usually less.

6. jimdaly981 March 2010, 18:37 GMT +01:00

posted this on the SXC 'Where did all the fun people go?'

"I don't think it's the locks as such - it's more the mindset that they represent.

That's the one where 'they' know what's best and everyone else has to fall in line. Unfortunately, 'they' seem incapable of realising that this is the case and that 'they' are,in fact, putting peoples backs up.

Over the past few months, we've seen quite a few people leave who contributed greatly to the site. Anyone who suggests otherwise is talking through their backside."

I thought I'd repeat it here. I have this strange feeling about it's permanence elsewhere.

7. weirdvis1 March 2010, 20:07 GMT +01:00

Well you got a reaction. I don't think a certain person liked the cut of your jib...

8. xymonau2 March 2010, 0:26 GMT +01:00

Is this what Getty passes off for public relations these days?

All the more reason for good people to leave.

I will stay around just to annoy them, but they have made it clear that come hell or high water those they hate - and I am a thorn in the flesh to rsylvan because I've been good - they will get rid of under any guise. Who ever on a normal board would cancel the only good clean fun that's happening? Screamingly funny, and I know our friend is reading this forum, too.

9. xymonau2 March 2010, 0:44 GMT +01:00

And I have started another thread there. I'm sure it will be my death knell, even though I've done nothing wrong. I am being careful to note in everything I write that we must stick to the topic. So I've made a topic for pure drivel.

10. xymonau2 March 2010, 3:25 GMT +01:00

My topic was deleted and my account has been deactivated. That means I have been banned. My only regret is that I can't redirect people to a nice site. Unbelieveable. I told you he reads this forum. Rob has a teensy-weensy temper problem.

11. crisderaud2 March 2010, 4:53 GMT +01:00

Well Dez, if it's any consolation your name will remain on the Top 20 stats charts.

12. xymonau2 March 2010, 6:48 GMT +01:00

No consolation. I did nothing worthy of banning. You can still open my images and I suspect they can be downloaded. So they are stealing now. I told them I'd send an account when it stopped. And I will. If I am not reinstated, I will do everything in my power to let people and sites on the net know the nature of the reich at sxc. And I'm fairly creative that way.

13. weirdvis2 March 2010, 8:35 GMT +01:00

I woke up this morning and found I'd sprouted horns and a tail overnight. How about that...

Evil laff.

14. weirdvis2 March 2010, 8:37 GMT +01:00

Dez, you have just joined an exclusive and distinguished club. I'll show you the secret handshake later on and administer the double mocha and apricot Danish of freedom.


15. xymonau2 March 2010, 8:43 GMT +01:00

Oh, I am not accepting it, even though the company is of the highest standard. This one can't be justified, no matter which way they twist it. I broke no rules. So I'm going to fight against their very public, world-wide insult to my reputation. They have a legal issue on their hands. And they are giving away my copyrighted images while I'm banned.

However, I'll take the food! LOL

16. xymonau2 March 2010, 8:47 GMT +01:00

And you really must stop leading rampant cliques.

17. weirdvis2 March 2010, 8:47 GMT +01:00

Well if he IS reading this then I guess I'll have to thank him for sending more people our way because of his display of thread locking petulence and dummy throwing. Oh and for spurring us on to greater success. Yes, thanks for the determination boost.

18. weirdvis2 March 2010, 8:48 GMT +01:00

Rampant cliques. Ya know that term sounds kinda familiar...

19. weirdvis2 March 2010, 8:52 GMT +01:00

Yeah the xymonau gallery thing; banning you and keeping it. What the hell's that about? Carpe jugulum, Dezzie. Carpe jugulum.

Bad form from the dark side but did we really expect anything else?

UPDATE: They have pulled the gallery. All I'm seeing is the "account cancelled" screen.

20. Abyla2 March 2010, 9:18 GMT +01:00

No, the dark side is that.

21. xymonau2 March 2010, 9:31 GMT +01:00

If you search, the larger thumbnails of images is showing, even if the page is refreshed. That's still available for redistribution. I can hear the dollars clicking over. :)

Hello, Javier!

22. weirdvis2 March 2010, 9:33 GMT +01:00

Sounds like you got them bang to rights. ;0)

23. Abyla2 March 2010, 9:34 GMT +01:00

They cancelled Dez account but you can download her images from, for example, the most downloaded section.

24. weirdvis2 March 2010, 9:40 GMT +01:00

Yah, they are still there...

25. saavem2 March 2010, 10:39 GMT +01:00

sxc is at the end, rgbstock at the begining!
Long life to the new RGB
I'm re-directing people who contact me in sxc to rgb. In the future I will delete my gallery in sxc. I will left a cross or a cemetery as the only one remaining in sxc.
I'm not surprised about sxc behaviour about forums and so on.
I just forgot sxc forums, I'm not interested to know about Lobot reich and so on.... I'm really bored. Anyway I can't agree Dez account cancellation. Maybe i reopen a thread in sxc forum. brbbbbbbbbbb

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