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Funny photos

1. mzacha3 March 2010, 15:56 GMT +01:00

Such as this dog:


50. xymonau8 August 2010, 1:00 GMT +02:00

Love it!

There was an ad in the local paper here about a dentist whose surname is "Pullen". I wish I had the photo.

51. crisderaud9 August 2010, 18:59 GMT +02:00

We know of:

Pastor Mary N. Barry

Doctor Gene Pool

Lawyer Candy Cane

All real people...cross my heart and hope to die.

52. micromoth9 August 2010, 22:34 GMT +02:00

A friend of mine has the surname Light. His son married a lady whose first name is Amber, so she has become Amber Light! (And no, it wasn't a stop-go relationship.)

Also, for many years the secretary of the British Tarantula Society was Mrs Webb - particularly ironic as tarantula spiders don't spin webs!

53. crisderaud16 August 2010, 19:18 GMT +02:00

If you saw the movie "The Blind Side" and liked that story, then here is a new chapter to the story only this guy is bigger!!


54. crisderaud29 August 2010, 16:45 GMT +02:00

You just realized that all ducks are actually wearing dog masks.


55. crisderaud29 August 2010, 17:50 GMT +02:00

Help!...I'm stuck!


56. crisderaud4 September 2010, 16:11 GMT +02:00

Kitten eyeballing a string


57. crisderaud15 September 2010, 15:04 GMT +02:00

Here are the finalists from this past week of “Funny” photo.


58. pitabox9872 October 2010, 4:58 GMT +02:00

Throw it back! It's still a tiddler!


59. crisderaud2 October 2010, 20:28 GMT +02:00

My friend Mark attending a circumcision ceremony in South Africa.


60. pitabox9874 October 2010, 4:13 GMT +02:00

What happens when cult movements mix with the fashion industry...


Cool to a certain degree, likewise terrible to a certain degree.

61. crisderaud4 October 2010, 6:09 GMT +02:00

@60 What is it supposed to be?

Why is she wearing it in front of people?

62. pitabox9877 October 2010, 16:07 GMT +02:00

Never heard of Domo-Kun? tut-tut!


63. crisderaud10 November 2010, 17:15 GMT +01:00

Hey Mom, I think I totaled your car...


64. lennie11 November 2010, 23:58 GMT +01:00

Recently I had seen how someone pointed out a performance artist who used carrots for his art:

I know the image isn't very clear, but it gets the point across.

65. xymonau13 November 2010, 3:25 GMT +01:00

@63 - That's pretty poor quality guard rail to do that! But what a feat, anyway! LOL Thank goodness he was okay.

Lennie, I laughed out loud on this one! How clever and funny!

66. crisderaud22 December 2010, 2:06 GMT +01:00

Hilarious British animal voiceovers


67. krayker2 January 2011, 17:39 GMT +01:00

@66. ROTFL

68. xymonau2 January 2011, 23:58 GMT +01:00

That's so cute, Cris!

69. Groningen28 January 2011, 10:59 GMT +01:00

@60 my thinks that sweet!

70. crisderaud26 April 2011, 2:28 GMT +02:00

Inadvertent advertising little billboard.


71. happyture27 April 2011, 16:34 GMT +02:00

I gave my Grandson a toy that made a loud SQWEAEEEK, when you took the top off, you can see by his face just how amused he was with it,,was so funny, he threw it miles after it Squeaked! :o)


72. Groningen27 April 2011, 18:46 GMT +02:00

sweet grandson
nasty grandpa

73. happyture27 April 2011, 18:49 GMT +02:00

@72 Ha, ha, look at his eye's!!

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