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1. mzacha3 March 2010, 15:56 GMT +01:00

Such as this dog:


74. xymonau28 April 2011, 10:21 GMT +02:00

ROFL! How gorgeous! But it looks more like you've got him in thumbscrews.

75. happyture29 April 2011, 13:02 GMT +02:00

Eeeerrrrr, that dog has got sly eyes, dont like it!

76. xymonau2 May 2011, 10:06 GMT +02:00

Whose face have they mixed that with? Anyone recognise it?

77. happyture2 May 2011, 10:43 GMT +02:00

Well its not mine cuz i got kind big sea blue eye's both of um?

78. xymonau2 May 2011, 11:10 GMT +02:00

Wot? You have matching eyes? Well, I never!

79. happyture2 May 2011, 11:13 GMT +02:00

Tell ya, cept for the turn in one and a squint in the other they match yes :O)

80. xymonau2 May 2011, 11:17 GMT +02:00

An' jus' why is one bruised?

81. happyture2 May 2011, 14:29 GMT +02:00

Yoo's nose the answer to that one too,,,dont you Tyson...

82. xymonau3 May 2011, 10:40 GMT +02:00

Hmmm...oh, that's right. I forgetted. Well, the drink does that, don't it? At least I diddunt bite off yer ear. Have you seen behind them ears?!

83. happyture3 May 2011, 12:49 GMT +02:00

My ears are clean, i spit on a hankie and rub behind um once a month as regular as clockwork ill have you know!

84. xymonau3 May 2011, 13:04 GMT +02:00

Well, Lah-dee-DAH! Spose you fink you is fancy.

85. happyture3 May 2011, 14:23 GMT +02:00

Well not one to boast but, it is a hankie i stole from harrods.. only the best for my ears..

86. xymonau4 May 2011, 10:15 GMT +02:00

I gives up! You is posh, an no bones about it.

87. happyture4 May 2011, 13:40 GMT +02:00

Told ya so Mrs,,Ya din believe me didya hay!!

88. Groningen4 May 2011, 17:48 GMT +02:00

and what did the trip to London cost you?

no money left for the shopping I guess?

89. happyture4 May 2011, 23:03 GMT +02:00

Muny is just so hard to come by, I feel bilious if i part with any, I likes saving it for a rainy day :O)

90. Groningen5 May 2011, 1:03 GMT +02:00

well we once had a (Dutch) bishop who declared that if you were hungry and if you didn't have the money to buy a bread, you were allowed to steal one (mind you only one!) and the Lord would forgive you

91. happyture5 May 2011, 8:39 GMT +02:00

Oh the lord acts in mysterious ways, I know this for sure :O)

92. xymonau5 May 2011, 10:29 GMT +02:00

Conversely, he could have said to trust in God to provide. He does. Or to ask someone for bread. No stealing involved. I think that's a bit awful, really. And what if the person you steal from needs the bread?

93. happyture5 May 2011, 20:25 GMT +02:00

Well Dezzie, they hungry,,and you ain't "Simples"

94. Groningen5 May 2011, 21:53 GMT +02:00

@92: the Dutch are atheistic, all of them, even the bishops


95. happyture5 May 2011, 22:48 GMT +02:00

Oh dear,,well im turretsic bloody dam sure i am head am!!

96. xymonau6 May 2011, 7:55 GMT +02:00

Que? And in English?

97. happyture6 May 2011, 9:47 GMT +02:00

Snooker? Pool? which cue do you want Mrs :O)

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