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1. fishmonk3 March 2010, 22:10 GMT +01:00

Might be easier to add all wishes to this thread so they are easier for Jazza & Lennie to keep tabs of...

2. fishmonk3 March 2010, 22:11 GMT +01:00

Sort by: no of keywords, date accepted, alphabet, no of comments, no of downloads?

3. ciscopa4 March 2010, 7:49 GMT +01:00

Yes, I miss that kind of sorting, too. May it be...?

4. mzacha4 March 2010, 8:23 GMT +01:00

Me too. Of course, the sorting should work both in the private gallery and the search results!

5. jonfletch5 March 2010, 1:01 GMT +01:00

deleted cos I'm an idiot

6. jonfletch5 March 2010, 2:11 GMT +01:00

And also, perhaps a fish category under food?

7. Ayla875 March 2010, 8:38 GMT +01:00

I'd like the categories of each photo to show up on the individual photo page. Might help to search for similar photos.

8. GerbenVanErkelens5 March 2010, 12:29 GMT +01:00

I'd like to request a feature for the forums. When something new is posted A label NEW is added in front. Would be nice that after a visite to the forum these labels get reset on user level. No I see NEW on a lot of forums, but I've allready read them

9. melodi213 March 2010, 11:00 GMT +01:00

In the World section, there is Australia, but nothing for the Pacific....
there are a host of areas in the Pacific, and limiting the World to Australia is.... limiting.
I am sure people wanting to categorise Tahiti, Fiji, etc are not too clear on the best option, because, Australia it is not!

10. melodi213 March 2010, 11:00 GMT +01:00

Oh sorry,
I am talking about the categories when you upload

and could they be in alphabetical order? including everything in subcategories?

11. krayker26 March 2010, 3:58 GMT +01:00

Bulk edit/ addition of tags please ? would make life so much easier!

12. xymonau28 March 2010, 11:07 GMT +02:00

If we have too many specifics in the categories, it gets silly. I think there does need to be a re-think of these, but they are low priority at present, because there is still a lot of work to do in getting our search functioning reliably, as well as more pressing things like pagination of galleries. We are making inroads, but with only two volunteer techs, it all takes time.

I wouldn't worry too much about the Australia thing. I'd just put anything that doesn't really apply under "world". We could eventually change it to Australasia/Pacific or similar. And we could do alphabetical lists, but it won't happen in the short term. I get really frustrated trying to work out categories when none exist, too. But I'd rather have every page accessible from one point first.

Even if your categories aren't great, the most important thing is keywords. I can't stress that enough. Hardly anyone searches the categories, and nearly everyone searches by keywords. I see searches for things sometimes and I know we have lots of images for that search, but it has returned a zero. I go and look (and this has happened with my images, too) and the most obvious keyword is missing. I make a point of trying to match the new keywords I see with my images (if I have time), and then adding that keyword, and thinking about others while I'm doing it. I have so many pics I'm not making much headway, but if I keep going, I'll get there.

Kray, by "tags", do you mean keywords? If so, what do you mean by "bulk edit"?

13. krayker28 March 2010, 11:12 GMT +02:00

yeah, I meant keywords. adding a same set of keywords to multiple images becomes less of a chore.

14. lennie28 March 2010, 13:58 GMT +02:00

The new searchengine we are working with now, does understand english a lot better. It understands if you are looking for cats, you might also want images with the keyword cat. Which should help prevent that you need to do bulk-keyword additions for plurals and so on.

15. Ayla874 April 2010, 9:20 GMT +02:00

"New"(?) idea: Would it be possible to automatically remove duplicate keywords which might have slipped in?

P.S.: just tested again - it seems we have this feature already. What a great site :)

16. mzacha8 April 2010, 16:24 GMT +02:00

Should be a tool or button that enables deleting the doubled comment...

17. lennie8 April 2010, 17:56 GMT +02:00

'soon' I'll create something to run on the server to clean up badly imported and double keywords. We regularly run checks on the database already, so adding more isn't such a big burden.

18. fishmonk8 April 2010, 19:26 GMT +02:00

How easy is it to reverse download & date order (like a toggle) when you click on the sort text? If not much programming this would be nice - if it's a complete rewrite then maybe sometime for the future... (?)

19. lennie8 April 2010, 22:52 GMT +02:00

I guess that should be possible. Can't be terrible complicated, right ? hmm...

UPDATE: it's done.

Would you like anything else with those toys ? ;-)

20. jonfletch9 April 2010, 0:50 GMT +02:00

He's quick!

21. lennie9 April 2010, 1:07 GMT +02:00

I've been wondering, what do you folks think is the most important thing we should do ?

So I'm not talking about what you would like to see, but what advances do we need, what big parts are missing.

I do want to add, this is not promise we'll implement it. :-)

22. fishmonk9 April 2010, 1:47 GMT +02:00

Beautifully working & quick too - Thanks so much...

23. Ayla879 April 2010, 6:49 GMT +02:00

This toggling of photo sortings works really nice. Thanks - and I thought easter-gift time was over now :)

As I have written before (http://www.rgbstock.com/forum/msg/208 ), I think it would also be helpful to order the photos by number of keywords so that we can quickly see which photos need more attention.
This would be a nice addition to the photo management page (not so interesting for "normal" gallery viewers).

My wish @7 (above) also still seems to me to be a nice idea.

For the categories selection - wouldn't it be helpful to start the categories list with an entry like -- please choose a category --, so that the first category (abstract) is not chosen as a default?

Some more ideas can be found here
http://www.rgbstock.com/forum/msg/47 @1

More stats, probably the number of views on each photo page, as has been discussed before, are always welcome, especially for competitive reasons.
Example: The number of users and guests online at the site would be a fine stat of common interest, I think.
I also like stats which show how many users come from every country.

This one would be interesting, too, to further our community:
http://www.rgbstock.com/forum/msg/177 (probably with an option in the user's profile, a tickbox to hide your online-status).

Another thing: Is it now possible to search for photos by a specific photographer, e.g. with a keyword "AND photographer=Ayla87"? I sometimes want to "jump" to a specific photo, mostly to copy keywords from there to a new photo...

If any of this brabbling is unclear - please ask, my English is not the best (perhaps I even write with an accent ;)

The question, which wishes have the greatest priority is not easy to answer when you don't know what is on the list already.


24. lennie9 April 2010, 10:19 GMT +02:00

Well, as we needed to improve the backend before we could put the new search engine online, we can now start adding more features again. So the speed of user-visible improvements is possible going to be higher then before.

I've now added a small text 'reverse' to make it more clear of what the link will do when you click on it.

Actually search by photographer is what I'm working on right now. Not sure when it will be online, hopefully in the next couple of days. I think it's going to be in the form of 'search this photographer gallery only'. But no promises yet. :-)

Catagories and 'keyword-management' definitly could use more work. Their is one smaller backend change I want to do before I can start on 'keyword-management'.

25. jazza9 April 2010, 10:26 GMT +02:00

@23 Michael : all valuable idea's. Thank you for that. I think community building is one of the next priorities. Communities are hot and a good way to tie people to a site.

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